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Obviously, I’m not the best with drawing hands. But that basic shape helped me with drawing hands best. (Circle works for me too but not as good as that ‘fan shape’ my professor taught our class).

Don’t forget to keep practicing and using real life references–It’s the best way to draw good hands! Take your time drawing them! Don’t rush (unless you really wanna) It’s not a competition.

Got questions? Feel free to ask!

These are just some modern,kinda weird ways to do quick witchcraft and keep it hidden.

-enchant bandaids with positive energies(protection,confidence,peace) and keep them on you if you’re feeling sad,angry,etc. Visualize your emotions as a cut somewhere and put the bandaid over it to try and heal it.

-make your entire room your altar. you don’t have to have one specific place for tools if it’ll look suspicious.

-use hygiene magic such as different hairstyles,bath products,colored hair ties,scented perfumes,flavored toothpaste

-if you’re an artist,clean your brushes on your by painting sigils on your skin when you’re painting

-if your phone is being watched,or your parents are really strict/Christians,use👏your👏school👏library👏check out books on astrology,history of witchcraft,divination,dreams. Also use the computers to search up spells and copy them onto paper/your BoS

-keep tarot cards under your pillow or in the case. this is not only a good hiding spot but good bonding with them. they can also be moonlight charged if your bed is by a window.

-your BoS can be notes scribbled in a regular book,whether on small pieces of different paper or blank space. Careful not to lose the pieces or let anyone else read it!

-create bookmarks of correspondences or whatever you want to memorize and put them in the book you’re reading

-regularly go for walks. unless your parents/people you’re living with are super strict,this is an easy way to bond with nature. bring your pets along for the journey too! talk to the animals,plants and sun/moon/stars. they love you💞

-create a playlist for a spell and as you’re listening,dance or hum along to charge it.

-paint your nails with your intent! green= money,red= courage and so forth

-if your pet is your familiar,play with them and get to know them more

-if asked about sigils ,say it’s for a writing project and they’re a made up language.

Feel free to add on more!

Quick Grammar: Lie vs Lay

I had to look this one up the other day, so I figured some other people might have problems with it, so here’s a quick grammar tip on when to use which one.

Lie: “to rest or recline” i.e. I lie on my bed, thinking of how much I need to write, but end up drifting off to sleep.

Lay: “to place an object down” “I lay down my laptop on my desk every day and spend all of it on this god forsaken website instead of writing.

Now, here’s where things get tricky: the past tense version of lie is lay…English is hard. So here’s a “chart” type thing about what to use for each word and tense.

Infinitive        Present Tense     Past Tense     Past Participle     Present Participle

to lie               lie(s)                       lay                    lain                        lying

to lay             lay(s)                     laid                    laid                        laying  

Hopefully this helps! :D As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will do my very best to answer them.


Not sure which red lipstick shade to use? Cool reds such as berry and mahogany tones are flattering on all skin tones and help make teeth appear whiter and brighter.
For a natural looking, flawless base start by massaging your foundation into the skin using your fingertips and then use a brush to “pat” more product over areas where more coverage is needed.
  1. Have a daily plan.
  2. Give each task a time limit.
  3. Use a planner.
  4. Learn to say “no”.
  5. Know your deadlines and other important dates.
  6. Target to be early (you’ll probably be on time).
  7. Have a clock on your desk.
  8. Set reminders on your phone.
  9. Get rid of time wasters (e.g. Facebook)
  10. Use blocking apps / extensions to improve your focus.
  11. Prioritise your tasks.
  12. Give yourself a break between tasks.
  13. Carry over the tasks you don’t finish to the next day.
  14. Reward yourself for finishing all of your tasks.
Quick Writing Tip

When attacking big issues, don’t take them head-on, but approach from the side

For example, instead of “the war killed many people, the majority of them children”, you could say, “the street was deserted save for a small stuffed bear, which lay there in dusty disrepair, one eye torn out. Its owner would not come back for it – the war had made sure of it.”

Hope this helps! - @authors-haven

If your campaign's story is beginning to take shape before you have even met your Player Characters - You NEED to step back a little.

I just made this mistake myself. 

I’m potentially trying to get a monthly game together in the near future - I don’t even know who I’d be playing with yet. I began seeding a few adventure ideas involving a town overrun by bandits… Which, in my excitement, turned all the way into an epic quest to retrieve the sword of the Dwarven King, and return it to it’s rightful owner to lead a revolution in the mountain kingdoms.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan on keeping these leads in my back pocket… but this is how boring railroaded gaming begins. 

I need to step back, and think about what stories will effect the characters most.