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Just a quick tip…

If you want to make an anti-ship post try to include a slash or something when writing the ship name in the actual post (ex: anti person/A x person/B) otherwise it’ll show up in the ship’s main tag. Sadly, tagging it with the appropriate tags will no longer work if you still have the ship name somewhere in the post thanks to tumblr’s new search function.

This is just a tip so that you can save yourself from pro shippers commenting on your post. Unless of course you don’t really care if it shows up the main tags, then well, that’s you.

Also, for the shippers it’s annoying to see ship hate in their tag as people go there to enjoy their ship without seeing hate.


anonymous asked:

What's your best tip for taking the ACT?

1) familiarize with the test. For me the ACT was far for time consuming then the SAT and just knowing what the directions say and knowing home many questions you’ll be asked saves u a couple of minutes

2) practice tests. I bought the ACT brand book. But srsly this is the best way to familiarize urself and its just repetition ya kno? This is stuff u have supposed to be learning for yrs so taking practice tests lets u get an idea of which general topics it tends to cover. (If u can’t buy one u can google “practice ACT exams pdf” or on Reddit and I’m sure I’ll find one)

3) personalized study. Doing practice tests helps but u need to figure out ur weak points and then zero in on those.

4) look for quick tips. I don’t think u can pull a 30+ just by googling last min tips but paired with practice tests it’s what can help u from a good score to a great score. I don’t have any specific ones but if u google it ull get a bunch of hits

Good luck!


And another tutorial, quick art tip for canine paws!

I really only figured this out last week when I was sketching paws non-stop and found this to be very helpful.

I hope you guys enjoy, and all the likes and reblogs (especially the reblogs will be very much appreciated).

I hope this helps you, and feel free to make more suggestions for future posts! Thank you all!


Tumblr Quick Tip: GIFs

Those million moving pictures on your dashboard (wizard pictures for muggles!) are mesmerizing, and you want to make your own, not just reblog them or post reactions from a folder.

If you need GIF resources, we’ve got you covered: 

Got a resource we missed? Leave it in the comments. 

(Like this post? Stay tuned; we’ll have a Getting Started with Tumblr kit available soon.) 


And here is another weekly Quick Art Tip Tutorial. This time for proportions. If you’re really a beginner in this, it will be only with daily practice that you’ll see results in the future.

We are no art gurus, but we are happy to share with you our techniques, hoping it will help you in your arts!

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Quick Tip of the Day:

Get your chargers mixed up with your friends’ chargers? Quick and easy way to customize yours. Get a small cheap paintbrush and paint Modge Podge onto the white plastic areas of your charger. Then sprinkle glitter all over it. Let it dry and it will look pretty much like this :)
Don’t have modge podge? Just use nail polish!

(picture uncredited)


The Perfect Red Lip - Red Lip Tutorial 


The “pilot” to this potential series, let me know what you think!  If you have a colorblind friend, ask them if this is helpful, or just more of the same.  Any feedback would be great! (patreon)