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The “pilot” to this potential series, let me know what you think!  If you have a colorblind friend, ask them if this is helpful, or just more of the same.  Any feedback would be great! (patreon)

Writing Characters That Make Your Story Come Alive

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Writing characters is tough. Writing the right character for your story is even tougher. Here’s a few quick tips to kick your characters into high gear: 

  • Don’t plan too much. Sure, it’s great if you know your character’s favorite color, but over-planning in my case has always lead to failing characters. In my experience, my most successful characters came about very organically. Once you get a taste of their personality, it spills out. You know as much about them as your reader does, you remember to write the important things. You will know them just well enough to know that you can figure out anything you don’t yet know about them. 
  • All characters want something. Don’t give them too many wants. You might write out a list of twenty five things they want, but it’s not worth it. Come up with one thing they want more than anything else. See ahead to what kind of conflicts they’ll have. It’s easy if their wants go along with their conflict, for instance, the girl with the self esteem problem wants only to feel appreciated. Remember: not all characters should have to want the same thing. Other smaller problems are subplot. 
  • Make memorable characters. A character does not have to be a total weirdo to be memorable. Sometimes, it’s just how normal and relatable they actually are that’s going to make readers like them. The rule to go by though: give them personalities. Give them opinions and habits, make them moody sometimes. No one is happy all the time. A character with personality is going to be memorable. Think about your favorite characters in published works of fiction or movies and think about their various habits to get you started. 
  • Let the characters be who they are. This may mean writing things the character wants instead of what you want. The character won’t always have their way, but be sure that they stay true to their persona and act accordingly. This means that if you are writing a character who is a total player, he won’t just be a player when it’s convenient for you, he’ll go out of his way to pick up hotties even when you don’t really want him to. It will effect the way most social situations play out. 

#Avocados have long been used in beauty treatments for their nourishing and hydrating properties. This homemade avocado #hairmask is perfect for those with dry hair, as the avocado contains moisturizing properties that revitalize dull, lifeless hair.

💚 How to Make the Creamy Avocado Hair Mask

💚 Ingredients:

1 small ripe avocado
1 tablespoon olive or almond oil
¼ cup milk
You will also need a plastic shower cap.

💚 Quick Tips:

* Choose a very ripe avocado to mash and blend very finely.
* Remember to rinse very thoroughly in order to remove all avocado remains.
* Add the milk a little at a time until the avocado mixture reaches a conditioner-like consistency. You may only need to add as little as ¼ cup. Don’t add too much unless you want a drippy hair session.
* After the rinse, you can leave without using a conditioner, as avocado acts as a natural hair conditioner.

💚 Directions:

1. Blend the avocado chunks until you get a very smooth avocado puree with absolutely no lumps.
2. Add the milk and your choice of oil, and mix very well.
3. Apply the mixture to your hair, from the roots to the very ends.
4. Cover with the plastic shower cap and wait for at least 15 minutes. Now would be an excellent time for a warm, cozy bubble bath.
5. Rinse well with warm water. Use your fingers to remove all avocado residue while rinsing.

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And another tutorial, quick art tip for canine paws!

I really only figured this out last week when I was sketching paws non-stop and found this to be very helpful.

I hope you guys enjoy, and all the likes and reblogs (especially the reblogs will be very much appreciated).

I hope this helps you, and feel free to make more suggestions for future posts! Thank you all!


Strawberry Leg Scrub - Body Care

Mix 7-8 strawberries depending on their size with 2 table spoons of olive oil and a tea spoon of sea salt. Massage the mixture into your legs and feet then rise with luke warm water. Apply moisturizer and voila! Beautiful healthy looking legs and feet in time for those spring sandles and flip flops! 

Fact: Strawberries contain alpha hydroxy acid which helps to get rid of dead skin cells along with the seeds for more exfoliation to reveal plump and glowing skin. 

pic credit modeldash.com


And here is another weekly Quick Art Tip Tutorial. This time for proportions. If you’re really a beginner in this, it will be only with daily practice that you’ll see results in the future.

We are no art gurus, but we are happy to share with you our techniques, hoping it will help you in your arts!

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Tumblr Quick Tip: GIFs

Those million moving pictures on your dashboard (wizard pictures for muggles!) are mesmerizing, and you want to make your own, not just reblog them or post reactions from a folder.

If you need GIF resources, we’ve got you covered: 

Got a resource we missed? Leave it in the comments. 

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And to answer the question about UV unwrapping earlier.  There is a standalone program called UVLayout which allows you to quickly cut seams in an object and interactively flatten them.  There’s also roadkill but iirc that hasn’t been updated in some time.

If you have maya, consider looking at the Bonus Tools.  

I am unsure on many other software applications, and how they unwrap objects, but this is my preferred method, defining a seam, and then unfolding / relaxing the mesh.  Then I lay out the shells manually, grouping generally by material type, and scaling to keep a similar texel density throughout the mesh.

When using powder eyeshadows ALWAYS apply translucent powder before application, even if you're using an eyeshadow primer. Powders cling to moisture so if you apply eyeshadow straight away the colour may apply unevenly and be hard to blend.

Quick Tip of the Day:

Get your chargers mixed up with your friends’ chargers? Quick and easy way to customize yours. Get a small cheap paintbrush and paint Modge Podge onto the white plastic areas of your charger. Then sprinkle glitter all over it. Let it dry and it will look pretty much like this :)
Don’t have modge podge? Just use nail polish!

(picture uncredited)