quick sketch series

so im really misguided right now. I dont really know what I’m doing and im in a huge block. Whenever I start a painting, I get sick of it and i dont know what else to do. 

Does this look like anyone? Whether in the acotar or tog world? Probably not. Ugh. Someone send me in requests. I have a few commissions to do but I need some help. So does anyone have any requests? anyone theyd like to see? only doing single portraits. 

This one is a sktech i did to illustrate how much i ship Andreil…..

Dedicated to my lovely friend @trishaxh!!!!!!!

Sorry for the delay!yesterday i had a very busy b-day!and til this weekend i have plans of celebrations…this b-day has became a celebration of a full week!YAY!!!so excited!so sorry if i’m not so active!

This drawing you can find it on my redbubble:

I Ship Andreil

Another commission, this one is the first i do of the nightrunner series for the lovely lady @etceterotic   

Is a quick sketch in a comic page format of an scene of the second book….and the last panel is animated

Commissions are still open!feel free to contact me to my mail (chiooink@gmail.com) or througth tumblr messenger