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Wait are you seriously out of the fandom? Like as in not writing anymore? Please don't let the negativity of others make you stop writing for all of your fans. I'm sorry I didn't know how to put it but I love your writing !

#7 - Dennis

Anon(s) - Thank you for requesting, and thank you for telling me this.😊 To answer your question: Fuck no, I won’t stop writing as long as there are people who read and like what I do. 👏 Hope you all enjoy 💕

Pairing: You x Kevin/Dennis
Warnings: Fluff & Smut ahead.
Drabble challenge: #7 “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

Loud moans and soft gasps filled the dimly lit bedroom. The bed rocked with each thrust of Kevin’s hips as he pounded into you. You clawed at his back when he bent down and sealed your lips with his. The kiss was sloppy and passionate; all teeth and tongue while his thrusts got softer, more deliberate.

You mewled beneath him as his lips left your mouth, and he started kissing and biting the skin along your neck and collarbone while he tried to keep a steady pace. Your legs started to shake as the pressure in your lower abdomen grew.

Your brain could not grasp a solid thought; everything was overshadowed by lust. Your senses were occupied by the man that lay between your quivering legs. All you did was see, taste, hear and feel him.

“Kevin…”, you breathed softly and watched a bead of sweat trickle down his temple. A cold shiver ran down his spine, despite the warm temperature inside the room, as soon as his name passed your lips. Kevin knew exactly what you asked for; knew the small plea behind your words.

Swiftly, he grabbed the back of your knee for leverage and increased the speed of his thrust. Hard and quick, and with little to no chance for you to gasp for air in between, before you climaxed with a moan of his name.

Your whole body jerked with bliss as you kept whispering sweet nothings into his ear while his strokes became erratic. “Come for me.”, you purred just as a low groan escaped his lips when he finally came.

You stayed in place, with him on top of you, as both of you caught your breaths.

“You’re getting all the hot water! I’m freezing!”

You laughed when Kevin suddenly pulled you into his arms. “Let me help you get wet then.”

A shiver ran down your spine as the water finally hit you skin. His hand slid along the curves of your body and you felt your nipples harden as your breasts were pressed against his naked chest.

“Kevin Crumb, we got into the shower to get clean, nothing else.”

His chest rumbled as he laughed and glided the soft yellow sponge over your back. “I just can’t help myself.”

You grinned up at him. The idea of shower sex was appealing, but the shower was barely big enough for both of you to fit in and your legs were still wobbly from the love-making before. “But I don’t think this is the place to do it again.”

“Does this mean you wanna do it again, love?”

You scattered quick kisses along his collarbone after you nodded, and you gasped when he suddenly grabbed your ass with both hands. “Let us not waste time then.”, Kevin muttered into your ear and when he bent down, you instantly wrapped your arms around his neck before your lips connected, – and the small bathroom slowly steamed up as the temperature rose.

You had ushered your boyfriend out of the shower to finish washing your hair without him constantly teasing you. So, you quickly finished up before you stepped out of the shower and wrapped yourself in a warm towel. You decided against putting on clothes. Kevin had already aroused you enough to skip the part where you take your clothes off this time and immediately get to the foreplay instead.  

You stepped out of the bathroom and watched as the steam around you dissolved into the air. Goosebumps formed on your skin due to the change of temperature, and you quickly toddled to your bedroom, barefooted.

You swiftly opened the door as soon as you reached it. “I hope you didn’t take care of yourself –“ You stopped mid-sentence as you spotted your boyfriend frantically picking up your clothes off the floor and folding it neatly. He was standing with his back to you and you were sure you could hear him mutter under his breath.


He froze and stopped moving.

“Is it you?”, you asked carefully and started to take a few steps towards him as he slowly turned around to you.

You knew it was not Kevin, nor any of the alters you had already met. The glasses, the stern look on his face, his whole posture gave him away.

“What are you doing? Dennis? Are you Dennis?”

You noticed how his hands gripped the fabric of the jacket he was holding a little tighter. His jaw was clenched as he eyed you up and down intensely. You crossed your arms in front of your chest and suddenly, you regretted your decision to only wrap a towel around your body. For all you knew from hearsay, Dennis was – different than the others. Troubled, and unstable.

The fact that he had not said a word since you entered the room did not make anything less awkward.

You cleared your throat. “Err, I – uh, I just got out the shower.” You mentally smacked yourself. You’re pathetic., you thought.

Another quick moment passed, before you heard him snort. “I can see that, (Y/N).” He averted his gaze from you and proceeded folding your jacket and the rest of your clothes while you stood offside, shifting from one foot to another while you watched him.

“You should” He peered at you curiously. “ – put on some clothes.”

You shivered and it only underlined his suggestion, but then again you were too intimidated to move and grab something to cover yourself with. After months of being in a relationship with Kevin, this was the first time meeting Dennis.

“No need to be afraid of me, and no matter what – they have told you about me, I won’t touch you without your permission.”, Dennis said all of a sudden as he noticed your hesitation.

“Hm” You walked over to him; your interest was roused and the tension between the both of you only helped challenging you. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” You could visibly see how his body stiffened and his frown deepened.

“But – I don’t think that’s true.”

You were not afraid of him and you relaxed again. In fact, the thought of him touching you now filled your body with excitement. You bit your lip appraisingly, before an idea popped into your mind.  

“What would happen, if I indeed give you the permission to touch me?”

His eyes fixated on you, and for a quick moment you could see a look of bewilderment on his handsome face.

And before he could give you an answer, you let your towel slip and fall to the floor, agonizingly slow.

He exhaled the long breath he had been holding and rubbed his hand over his shaved scalp while his eyes roamed over your naked body. Somehow, he seemed to suppress his urges; the urges that you already knew about.

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SU spoiler:

Zircon makes it sound like there aren’t very many gems around that REMEMBER the shattering of PD, or the rebellion. She doesn’t even mention the war. That just proves to what extent the diamonds will lie to their people. They literally hid it so well, there are barely any gems around from 5000 years ago. That’s my theory anyway ;) also, what if the Gems in the kindergarten were just like Amethyst, defective gems left behind, but have been there a really long time. Maybe even experienced their own kind of war. (Why does it remind me of the cartoon movie Robots). AND ONE MORE THING. Rose figured out she could bring the dead back to life with her healing ability, and because of that, she figured out how to give up all of her being to create life. :)


Summary: Alexander and Laurens admit LAMS is real. 

*Lauren’s POV*

A girl catches your eye, and suddenly she looks all too familiar. You tug on Alexander’s cardigan, “Isn’t that the girl who broke your heart?” You nod in the direction to the brunette wearing the navy sweater.

Alexander glances at her, then shakes his head. “I broke her heart. At least that’s how I tell it.”

I stare at Alexander, an eye of worry and astonishment. rises through both of us. He stares at the woman, longingly, while I look at him the same way. If only he were to know…

“Gentlemen!” A stern voice rings throughout the hall, and conversation falls flat. Mr. Washington continues, “Escort your ladies out into the lobby, we have some business of a new nation to discuss.” He bows his head and signs for us to begin moving. I watch the lady link arms and follow a kind looking man out of the room with the rest of the company, only to have my eyes stand still on Alexander’s meandering eyes and his nail in his mouth as he nervously chewed on it.

“Just admit I’m right,” I murmured to him, referencing how she ultimately dissected his heart and proceeded to weave it in his body again upside down.

“Laurens, please, not now.”

We shuffle to our seats, and begin the long process of reviewing the Bill of Rights. So many of us agree with it, however many other’s don’t… it’s a mess in the court. It didn’t really matter to me, but I had to keep my seat in Congress so I paid attention.

Every now and then I felt eyes looking at me, staring into my skull, and every time I turned around it was Alexander- his beautiful arched brows defining the way his eyes bent and molded with his sharp face.

“Looks like we’ll be stuck here a while”, I say, trying to break my own awkwardness of finding the beautiful man staring at me. Alexander just looked down and smirked, then resumed his focus on Madison’s lobbying and ranting of the proposal.

The meeting finally ends, and Alexander walk ourselves out not bothering to pick up a lady in the lobby. “Madison’s ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow,” Alex laughed as we were leaving the congress hall.

I didn’t have the time I wanted to respond when Jefferson cut in, “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

Alexander stopped himself, and met eyes with Jefferson, glowering his eyes at the man across the room. “Thomas, who are you? Why are you here? It’s not like you make decisions for yourself, much less the nation…”

“Excuse me?” Jefferson halted his prance and turned to Hamilton, pivoting himself to be eye to eye with him. “Hey Madison, come on over here.” Madison looked from across the hall of people.

Alexander rolled his eyes, and began mocking Jefferson. “Oh yeah?” Hamilton began, “You’re going to bring your unofficial slave over here now to defend you? Sounds like it, you can’ even make choices for yourself.”

Madison swiftly made his way to Hamilton, coming within centimeters of his face. I know it wasn’t the time, but I was kind of jealous. “Hamilton,” Madison began, “Watch yourself, you federalist.”

“Oh, was that supposed to offend me? Don’t pardon my beliefs, at least I actually fought for this country” Alexander grunted, refusing to back down. “Why are you here? You are a democratic republican who would rather the union be split into 13 nations divisible by rights.”

“And you’d rather put another king in charge!” Jefferson spat. “It’s not like you actually fought anyway, you led one order, other than that you were your Daddy’s aide to camp!”

Hamilton spun on his heels, fists balled and white. Through clenched teeth, Alexander insisted, “Don’t say a word against him.”

I could see it in Alexander’s eyes: his rage pouring through and about to shatter themselves against his opponents. I had to do something; I couldn’t just stand there. I fled to the double doors, swung them open, and hassled Mr. Washington to the lobby where I saw the three men now fully engaged in a fight. Hamilton was taking both Jefferson and Madison, and although Alexander did have more military experience, it sure wasn’t helping him win.

“Gentlemen!” Washington’s voice rang out. Immediately, the three men froze, and when they realized who was speaking to them, immediately dropped the fight and dusted themselves off. “Madison, Jefferson, I do not want to see you right now. Get out of my hall,” Washington sighed. Madison and Jefferson were quick to scatter off of the floor. “John, please, wait for your friend outside.” I nodded my head, then sullenly walked out before I was stopped. “John!” I spun on my hells, anxious for what he was going to say. “Before you leave, I’d like to thank you. Although it was startling for you to rip me from my desk, I don’t want to have thought of the blood that I might have found on my lobby floor when I left and locked up for the night. I think you saved your friend Hamilton from a terrible fate…” he trailed off. Alex and I met eyes, and we exchanged a mute signal of sorrow and anxiety.

I met eyes with Washington and we exchanged an awkward smile, then I proceeded to stoop out of the hall and sit on the stairs, waiting for Hamilton to be released from his lecture from Washington.

I began to think of Hamilton… Alexander Hamilton. What a beautiful name. A name that could be sung by angels, a name that could be paired with mine. With my mind on his mouth, I think what it’d be like to kiss him… to hold his strong competitive shoulders and brace him against me as our groins pressed against each other. I’d trail my lips off his and move down to where his jaw began to curve, then his neck, all as he begins to moan-

“John Laurens!” Hamilton was practically marching out of the hall. I didn’t know what to say to him, so I didn’t. “Why?”

“Why what?” I asked.

“Why did you have to go and get Washington?” he snapped.

I was stunned, and suddenly became defensive, “Excuse me? Alex, in case you didn’t see you were going to be killed!”

“I would have been fine! You just had to run to the boss and be a god damn tattle tale,”  he barked.

“Alexander listen to yourself! I didn’t want you to die! They practically called you a monster for your beliefs, I-“

“I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” he yelled.

“It does mean shit! It means shit because they’re your competitors and they made a fool of you!”

Alex ran his hands through his hair. “You don’t get it,“ he whispered, and then his voice raised,” You don’t fucking get it! You shouldn’t have even been there!”

I dropped my gaze from his eyes that had turn from the loving warm I knew to cold, strange ones. “Okay Alex. You win,” I sighed. “I’ll just be going.” I stood up, wrapped my scarf around my neck, and began strolling down the street. I walked about 30 feet, when I heard Alex call out-

“Where are you going?”

I didn’t respond. I kept walking.

“John! Please?”

*Hamilton’s POV*

I hadn’t moved from where Laurens left me, the beautiful bastard. I lost my cool with him, all in the sake of my name, when I’d much rather take his name to be my last name. I stand outside Congress’s hall until the sun starts to set, watching Lauren’s footsteps slowly be covered by more snow.

I begin to walk to a house, though it wasn’t mine. It was John’s. I knew that’s where he had gone, he had to have, it’s not like he was a drinker.

I stepped onto his porch, sliding off my hat. Should I do this? Should I go in? The arrogant part of me said no, and not to let him have the knowledge that you were weak and felt sympathy. Another side of me said I should go apologize. That’s what Washington says I need to work on, and what the majority of his private speech to me today was about.

I take a deep breath, slumping my shoulders. I knew that the lock on the door was broken so I just let myself in.

Immediately, I heard sniffles and the sound of someone who had just been crying. I follow the noise, and there Laurens was, in his desk.

“John?” I swear, he jumped 3 feet.

“Geez!” He screams, spinning around on his chair. “Fuck Alexander,” he spits at me, eyebrows furrowed. “First you yell at me, and then you just barge into my house?”

“I’m sorry, I-“

“Whatever,” he mumbles, burrowing his head into the bend of his elbow.

“John, I’m sorry to barge in with no warning, but, I had to see that you made it home safely.”

“I did,” he replied. “You can leave now.”

I refused to let him order me to do something he really didn’t want me to do… I could see the cracks in his lies and the true want of his desires.  I decided to go out on a limb, and asked, “John, are you crying?”

“I told you, I have seasonal allergies.”

“John, please. Please look at me,” I coaxed, but he didn’t. “John…” I stood there for a moment, looking at his hunched over body. It killed me to see him like this, and to think I contributed to this…

I leaned over him and began to run my hands soothingly up and down his back, curling some stray ends of his hair behind his ear. I began to pull at the collar of his jacket, cuing him to loosen his body so I could drag his heavy water cat away from him. He obliged, allowing me to gently set the clothing down. I pulled up a chair next to him, watching him in his agony.

After a little while, he cracked, “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

“It’s okay to cry…”

“No, Alexander, it’s not,” he sniffed. “I’m a man, I shouldn’t be-“

“John,” I started. “Crying is natural. I’d rather you do it in the privacy of your own home than in the hall.”

He rolled over to look at me, red cheeks and tears pigmenting his face. “You don’t have to stay here,” he said, almost cold. He was expressionless. 

“But I want to.”

“I just need to be alone right now,” he said, burying his face once again.

I sighed, hesitantly getting up. I wasn’t about to leave- oh no. I went to John’s bedroom to get him a pillow for his poor head that was currently trying to find comfort on a wooden desk and a skinny arm. I grabbed the first one I could reach, then headed right back to his office, but when I returned John Laurens wasn’t there. He couldn’t have gone far, so I was going to go find him to make sure he hadn’t done something stupid when a new piece of paper caught my eye. It hadn’t been there on his desk when I had left. Curious, I began reading it,

You confuse me
You exhilarate me
You confound me
You make me happy
You seem warm

The list of your went on and on, “You make me want to love again” and “You catch my eye everyday” catching my attention in particular. A part of me was glad that he had something to look forward to, seeing a girl and all. At the same time, my selfish desires felt betrayed by Laurens, but of course how could we be together? How would it be possible for Congress to ratify two people of the same gender to-

“Have you lost your fucking mind?” It was John, seeing me leaning over his desk reading the papers.

“Oh, so you’re back,” I respond, but it comes out a little more cold than I would have liked it to.

“I left to go get ink to write, I thought you left like I suggested,” John spat. It seemed the hostility was mutual.

I tried to soften the tension, “I thought you might want a pillow for your head, do you?” I offered it to him, holding it up in the air a bit.

“I’m fine,” he gritted. “Just let me write.” John pushed me to the side, still fuming from tears and his new found anger at me.

I walked to the door, but stopped midstep. I couldn’t just let this slide. I had to do something… so I tuned around. Hanging out in the door way, I asked, “Have I ever lied to you?”

John slammed down his pen and glared at me. “Alexander-“

“No, really, have I?” I asked. He continued to glare at me, obviously thinking about all the sticky situations I had gotten him in. “Look, I know I’ve gotten you in a couple of fights and accidentally have played you up with some businesses, but I’ve never actually lied to you.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I just-,” the thing is I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t think I’d get this far. He raised his eyebrows at me. “Okay, I just, I thought that you could use some company.”

“Some company?” he asked me as if I were speaking a different tongue.

“Yes, some company.”

“Look, Hamilton, if you don’t have anything to say, just leave,” he commanded.

I wasn’t going to fight him anymore. I had to leave. Reluctantly, I straightened up my shoulders, and began putting on my jacket. He must’ve heard the wrustle of the jacket lining, because he suddenly asked me, “Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”

“I’m sorry?”

John set his pen down once more, and actually turned to face me. “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking,” he said, and began to rub his hand across his forehead and into his hair.

I swear to God, my breath caught in my throat. Did he know? What the actual hell?

Laurens rose to his feet and began to meander his way to where I was locked in the doorframe, eventually taking one of my hands and placing the thumb of his other hand through one of my belt loops. “Say it,” he mumbled against my ear. “Say it and you can have what you want…“


“We all know that you try to protect the people you love by not showing them your argumentative side…” he trailed off, his gorgeous lips still dangerously close to my neck. “So why did you try to push me away from your fight this afternoon? And why haven’t you gotten in a fight with me yourself?”

I could feel myself blush… fuck. Why did he have to do this? But I gave in, and told him, “When I picture myself happy… It’s with you.”

He smirked, our eyes meeting. He came closer to me, and closer, until our lips eventually met. It was small, concealed and private at first, but when I realized he was actually kissing me like he wanted to, I pushed my bottom lip onto his with even more force, causing him to smile into the kiss.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me,” he said.

This time, I smirked, “I just might be.”

If You Think You Know Me

Genre: Chaptered (three parts). AU in which Phil is a police officer and Dan is an internet hacker

Summary: Fiction. Phil’s a police Sergeant. He’s been itching to get promoted to Inspector for ages, but to do so, he needs to crack his biggest case - famed internet hacker the Howler. Phil’s been after him for years, but he’d never managed to get even a hint towards his identity. When he meets a hot stranger in a bar one night, Phil thinks his luck might just be turning up. But maybe getting close to this particular stranger isn’t the best idea.

Warnings: mentions of alcohol, one night stand/mentions of sex (no explicit smut though), inaccurate technology stuff because I’m not actually a hacker, swearing

Word Count: around 30k in total

A/N: This one is very AU, so their characters might be a little different, but hey, I’m allowed to take liberties. Also it gets romantic and there are mentions of sex but no smut, I don’t write it. Also disclaimer: I don’t understand technology and I don’t know how to hack. There will be inaccuracies, I apologise, but they’ll only be tiny things and shouldn’t affect the plot. Also this was supposed to be angsty but apparently when I sit down to write angst, fluff comes out. Oops.

AO3 Link


Phil Lester had been a police officer for three years now, and he had a promising career. He’d already made Sergeant and there’s talk of Inspector for him if he continues his successful work. More criminals have been put behind bars due to his efforts, and the city of London is increasingly safer since he moved there from his hometown of Manchester. His immediate superior, Inspector Johnston, found Phil’s work impeccable and thorough, with Phil being his Sergeant of choice to work with on any new case. They’d been working together on an ongoing case for over a year now – trying to catch the infamous hacker known only as the Howler. Phil’s desk was always piled high with new leads, new papers, important trails to follow in the hunt for one of the most notorious criminals active in London at the moment.

Which was why Phil should definitely not be here at a bar on a Sunday night.

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christmas presents

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◇ In which Johnny gets the best Christmas present ever thanks to Winwin’s obsession with ice cream.

◇ Johnny x reader

◇ werewolf!au

◇ oh yeah a werewolf au B) also can you sense my desperation for christmas?? the request said nothing about chrismtas but im desperate and impatient so have some winter in august!!


Johnny was a sweet guy, really. He helped old ladies across the street, bought ice cream for a kid who just dropped their cone, didn’t punch Donghyuk after his last prank - all in all, Johnny Seo was a nice guy, and everyone knew it.

But if these grandmothers kept pestering him about finding his mate, he was going to lose it. “Why are you taking so long?” One frowned, leaning back in her chair, “I’ve lived for 300 years and I’ve had a mate for 287 of them.”

“You’re getting older now, Johnny,” another one chastises, shaking her head at him, “It’s time to settle down.”

Johnny bites his tongue, refraining from telling his elders that 1, he’s only twenty one, and that 2, he wants to find his mate as much as they want him to. Do they honestly think that he’s avoiding you on purpose? Hell no, Johnny would swim across the icy ocean right this minute to find you, and once he did, he promised that he would pick you up and give you the best kiss you’d ever experienced.

Ten must see the irritable look in his eyes, because he’s quick to appear at Johnny’s side, an award winning smile on his face that quickly averts the elders attention from Johnny to Ten. Shooting Johnny a look that clearly says ‘get out of here’, he turns to older women, beginning a story from the top of his head. “Did I tell you about how Doyoung and I once-”

Johnny takes the hint well, and leaves. His blood is boiling and his frustration has reached the roof. Why can’t anybody see how hard he’s trying to search for his mate? Is he not looking hard enough? Is that why those grandmothers blamed him for not finding you?

He can only groan, leaning his head against the doorway of the kitchen. It was too bad that pack get-togethers were mandatory, because otherwise he’d be halfway home by now. He shuts his eyes, sighing deeply and hoping that it will shut out the chattering from the large living room.

A soft chuckle catches his attention - one eye peeking open, he can’t help but smile at the sight of his mother, a bowl of food in her hands and raised eyebrows. “What do you think you’re doing?” She asks, setting a hand on her hip.

Johnny shrugs, moving away from the doorway. “Nothing much. Not like there’s anything to do here.”

“All your friends are here,” she replies, as if that would completely solve his boredom.

“All my friends are here with their mates,” Johnny groans, throwing his head back and missing the pitiful look his mother throws him. “The next time I hear Hansol say something cheesy I’m gonna stab myself with a silver knife-”

“Hilarious,” his mother rolls her eyes sarcastically, holding out the bowl to him. “Well, make yourself useful and put this on the table, will you?” It sounds like a request but Johnny knows better - even at twenty one years old he doesn’t dare disobey his mother.

Reluctantly, but slightly glad for a distraction to his boredom, he takes the silver bowl, turning on his heels and setting off towards the kitchen table. As usual, Jaehyun is there, without his mate this time, critiquing the food and putting almost everything onto one plate. “If you eat so much, your fur will start to shed,” Johnny teases just for the fun of it, watching as Jaehyun narrows his eyes, a sarcastic laugh coming from him.

Johnny sets the bowl onto the table, before turning to talk to Jaehyun - only to see that his friend was back at his mate’s side, laughing brightly and looking at them lovingly. Johnny sighs, turning away from the sight. Was he cursed to be mateless forever?


It’s a few months later and Johnny has had no luck whatsoever with finding you. He’s tried to let destiny do it’s thing, to let everything play out, but he had quickly grown impatient. What would it take to find you?

“I’m telling you, hyung,” Mark declares one day, “It’s best that you get out of this slump and start dating. Your mate won’t be angry, promis-”

The idea of dating sounds almost… offensive. Imagine knowing that somewhere out there, there’s a person who’s destined to be the love of your life. A person who’s perfect for you. Now imagine completely disregarding that fact and dating random people anyway - getting involved with them, falling in love with them… Do you see the problem?

“I’m not dating,” Johnny says firmly, making the younger boy groan. “Shut up - why’s this such a big deal to you anyway?”

Mark looks sheepish for a second, biting his lip and lowering his face to sip at his hot chocolate, “Well… we’ve noticed that you’ve been kinda down in the dumps lately, and so we just though that… maybe, you’d be a bit happier if we-”

“Set me up?” Johnny concludes, unimpressed but at the same time glad that his friends cared so much about him. Mark stutters to find an answer, but Johnny stops him with a chuckle. “Whatever, it’s fine. Just don’t try it again, right? I’m not dating, and that’s final.”

Mark lets out another groan but he shuts up and goes back to drinking his hot drink. Sighing, Johnny leans back in his seat. The cafe was stiffling warm, and with the heat of a werewolf, he was definitely getting too warm. “When will Taeyong and Jaehyun be here?”

The younger shrugs, too focused on his drink to answer. “Yah, answer your elders,” Johnny chastises jokingly, pushing him on the shoulder gently.

Mark is about to retort, but the bell above the cafe’s door rings and the boy’s heads snap towards the sound. As expected, in stride Taeyong and Jaehyun, smiles on their faces, not bothered one bit by the fact that they were 10 minutes late. Letting out a sigh of relief, Mark downs the rest of his steaming drink - wincing in the process -, and scampers to meet his hyungs.

Johnny shakes his head with a fond laugh, but he follows him anyway. And so, the Christmas shopping begins.


“Winwin wants ice cream for Christmas?” Mark is asking incredulously from in front of Johnny. Taeyong nods distractedly, rifling through the presents he’s already bought and muttering under his breath. He only looks up, a glare on his face, when Mark chortles, “How has your mate not gotten fat already?”

“Shut up, please,” he replies dryly, before turning to Johnny. “Can you guys please get the ice cream Winwin wants? It’s from that little shop down the road, you know the really fancy one-”

“Shouldn’t you be getting your own mate’s presents?” Johnny comments, but he accepts the money Taeyong passes to him anyway. Taeyong is rolling his eyes now. “Jaehyun and I are gonna go to the jewelry store to shop for something.”

“Finally doing it, hm?” Johnny asks, raising his eyebrows. “I’m happy for you guys.” A blush actually spreads against Taeyong’s normally cool and calm face, and he quickly thanks Johnny in embarrassment, before he takes a deep breath to calm himself.

“There’s a wolf that works there, her name is ______ . I placed an order with her a few weeks ago-” Taeyong glances in annoyance at Mark, who’s made a comment about how serious Taeyong is about getting Winwin’s presents - “Just ask for her and give her the money. I’m counting on you to not mess this up, Johnny.”

“How low do you think of me?” Johnny asks cheekily, before he’s towing Mark along, through the snow covered bustling streets that are covered in a soft golden glow from the various street lights and shop displays.

Heavenly Bites is a small shop located just off of the main street. It’s cked out in warm colours, like reds and golds and yellows, and it seems to be a popular place for people to buy gifts, judging by the large crowd that just exited the shop.

The moment Johnny and Mark set foot in the shop, they’re bombarded by numerous smells - sweet chocolates, delectable toffees and cold ice creams, among with the gentle chatter from outside. Apart from an old couple, Johnny and Mark are the only people in the shop - though Mark is quick to scatter off, babbling about getting some chocolate to share with Haechan and Jeno.

That leaves Johnny by himself. Heaving a sigh, he waltzes up to the cash register that’s currently empty. He leans against the wooden counter top, tapping his finger as he waits for someone to come from the back of the shop.

“Can I help you?” The voice is sweet and helpful, but Johnny barely looks up from where he’s staring at the menu when he answers.

“Uh, I’m looking for _____ - I’m picking up an order for Lee Taeyong…?” He finally looks up, and he can’t help but trail off and become speechless as he finally makes eye contact with you. Pupils dilating, he seems to be thrown into another world, scenes playing out before his eyes.

You, spinning around with a smile on your face, stumbling into his arms while he glances down at you lovingly. Him, kneeling down on one knee and watching as your eyes fill up with tears of happiness and elation. Him, standing behind you, a hand on your protruding stomach-

It’s gone before he can register it. He’s left back in reality, eyebrows furrowed and eyes completely fixated on you. He - you - you were his mate.

“Oh, my God,” he hears you whisper, a hand coming up to your mouth. Then, there’s a squeak of happiness, and you’re running around the cash register to hug him. Reacting quickly, he winds his arms around your waist, completely beaming as he feels you burrow your head in the crook of his neck.

“I’m ______ ,” you breathe, pulling back with such a cute smile on your face that Johnny finds it hard to breathe.

“Johnny,” he murmurs back, not being able to hold back the laugh bubbling in his chest. “I can’t believe I’ve finally found you.” Your laughs are disbelieving but you’re unbelievably happy.

“I’ve been looking for you for ages,” you explain. His arms are still around you but you honestly don’t want him to let go, so you say nothing - if anything, you bury yourself further into his embrace. “This is so surreal…”

Johnny’s so caught up with taking in you - your image, your voice, your smile, your laugh - everything, when he suddenly realises something. “I - I kinda have a promise to keep,” he bites his lip, a cheeky smile blooming on his face at the confusion painted over yours. “I only have on question - can I kiss you?”


And, as he promised himself earlier, he takes you in his arms and gives you the best kiss you’d ever had. The best Christmas present ever.

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Hi again! I'm the Jerza request anon. Sorry if I confused you XD. I meant the 5sos list of prompts. The same one the Gajevy request was for.

36. You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?

;The Little Things

The door creaked open. Jellal was vaguely aware of footsteps entering his room, but the pull of sleep lured him in deeper, turning the noise to a distant nagging, and then finally to an empty silence. Until the bed squeaked, that is.

Jellal’s eyes snapped open. A flash of scarlet hair tumbled over his face in the darkness. He saw her in his mind first, then his gaze adjusted to the shadows. She hovered above him, checking to see if he was asleep. When she noticed his eyes were open, Erza flopped down onto the bed and rolled bashfully away from him.

Jellal chuckled to himself. The mighty Titania was quick to embarrassment. He supposed it was improper for a fairy to climb into a human man’s bed in the early hours of the morning. She did it so often now that Jellal wondered why they bothered separating at all.

With Fairy Tail’s guild hall in shambles and Crime Sorciere recuperating from the battle with Alvarez, time had slowed to a dangerous normalcy. Where once his heart had raged in war, his mind accustomed to the longest stretches of time without sleep, food, or water, Jellal was now comfortable in normality. He craved the peace. Longed to keep it there as long as he possibly could.

His sins were a distant static in the comfort of this life. 

Time had always been in his grasp. He was a man of the stars. The universe. And the universe had given him Erza. Against all odds, against every chance at fate, he and Erza had been brought together. With her, all control seemed to be lost. Time was a scatter of quick and slow. The universe was distant and out of reach.

‘Nightmare?’ he asked, rolling towards her.

‘It’s too quiet,’ she whispered.

The hotel was indeed quiet. With Fairy Hills undergoing construction and plans for a new guild hall being made, the Fairies had once again found themselves scattered across Earthland. The separation was but a temporary hiatus from battle. A temporary hiatus from the bustle of quests and guild-like cheer. He understood why Erza missed it. Why she longed to hear the sounds of friendly banter and conversation in the guild. It was familiar. Safe.

‘You still haven’t decided on a new guild master?’ he asked.

Erza shook her head.

Jellal slipped an arm around her, pulling her close against his chest. Her back was shaking. He knew she was crying but refrained from pointing it out. Erza did her best to be strong. He didn’t want to ruin her efforts. 

‘You’re not ready to choose a new master,’ he said. ‘There is no rush, Erza. All of you, together, can take care of the guild until then. When the time comes, you’ll know.’

Erza rolled towards him and slid a hand across his back. Jellal’s cheeks flushed when she buried her face against his neck. Her lips were soft against his skin. 

‘I miss him,’ she said. ‘No one can ever take the master’s place.’

He understood her heartache. ‘But you didn’t come here to talk about the guild, did you?’

Again, Erza shook her head.

‘You just wanted to do this?’ he asked, squeezing her tight.

Erza nodded. ‘It’s so quiet…’

She was lonely without them. ‘It is.’

‘Maybe I should stay in here tomorrow, too,’ she said. ‘I mean, it’s sensible to split the cost of lodging by sharing a room, isn’t it?’

Jellal stifled a laugh. Erza Scarlet: the voice of reason. She used practicality to justify her emotions. It was part of what made her so special. ‘It is.’



‘I love you.’

Jellal’s face heated. ‘I…’

‘I-I’m sorry,’ she stammered. ‘I didn’t mean. That’s not what I meant to say. I just.’ Erza threw herself out of his arms. ‘I need to pee.’

Jellal had barely managed to sit up when he heard the door slam closed behind her. Footsteps echoed back and forth outside the room. He could hear her talking to herself.

I need to pee. He never thought there’d be a day when Erza Scarlet said something quite so crude. 

It truly was the little things that made life so very worth living.

Mercury in Gemini

“they tell you not to fear but you have seen yourself in the mirror”

You are the curiousity that killed the cat. you are the laugh of your own jokes. the proudness of ones self when winning an argument which requires who knows more. a deep hole of knowledge that is never full filled.

You are very quick witted, and scattered with random knowledge. you love to know everything you can possibly get your hands on. although you may know alot about many different things, since you want to know EVERYTHING you can never really delve deep into one thing because youre easily bored as well. sometimes you might find yourself talking way too fast for anyone to understand. you talk alot but little to people know you also never shut up when youre alone. you will say anything to keep a conversation going even if its an embarrassing subject. common things for this placement to say: “i think..” “why?” 


becomings and never weres

Kakasaku Week 2016, Day 2: Fairy Tales/Legends

A/N: Guys. Guys! Why is this +6,000 words? I don’t know. I wrote this instead of sleeping. I think I’m starting to twitch. I don’t even know if most of this makes sense, it hasn’t been edited. I don’t even care. It’s trashy timetravel!fic. I’m so proud. It might be terrible. Please take it from me.

Kisses to the ks fam. You are all splendid and full of love. Feel free to come into my inbox and/or message me with feels and so on and so forth.

prologue. you knew since you were young that Fate was not your fan

Hatake Kakashi is run ragged from a brutal ANBU mission, all he wants to be is curled up in his own bed with his dogs and to not move for a century or two; so, of course, a man falls out of the sky and almost lands on him, not quite six kilometres out from Konoha.

“What,” he blankly demands of the Universe at large.

The man doesn’t move from where he’s crashed through several stories of branches to lay broken on the ground a few metres below the limb upon which Kakashi has slammed to a halt. The rest of his team is quick to scatter into a defensive formation, senses on high alert, ready for an attack.

“Taichou?” Itachi ventures from the rear point of their diamond.

“I don’t have a fucking clue.” He’s debating jumping down to poke at the insensate man since no attack appears to be forthcoming.

And then a second form crashes down from the heavens, except Kakashi unthinkingly snatches this one before they can hit the ground.

Tenzou snickers.

Kakashi looks down at the slight figure cradled in his arms, takes in her outrageous pink hair and her mask. Her unfamiliar pink hair and mask.

“What?” Hatake Kakashi demands again of the Universe, this time more forcefully.

The Universe doesn’t answer, and Tenzou’s snickers transform into giggles.

He really, really has no interest in dealing with this shit right now. Or ever.

But, because the universe hates him, apparently he’s not going to get to pour himself into bed at any point tonight.

Fuck. This.

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Lemonade || 6

featuring: Bruce Wayne x OFC

word count: 593

warnings: none.

author’s note: lol took a week off just to give you guys this short ass update. 

previously: Pray You Catch Me \ Hold Up \ Don’t Hurt Yourself \ Sorry \ 6 Inch

Originally posted by kane52630

Arielle opened her eyes in a start, her heart thumping in her chest. She sat up, pressing her back to the headboard, and pulled the thin sheet up with her. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, just a small sliver of light trickling in from between the velvet curtains. Arielle brought her knees up to her chest, resting her cheek on her folded hands. She took note of Bruce laying beside her, watching his chest rise and fall as he slept. 

Watching the hour turn over, she slipped out of the plush bed and into the bathroom. She closed her eyes as stood under the shower head, feeling the hot beads of water massage away some of the tension she held in her shoulders.

“So, Miss Daniels, we’ve got a lot we need to talk about.”

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Rise (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: you and Daryl wake up together after your first night of sharing a bed. (859 words)

based on this request from anonymous: not really a request, this is more of a concept for all our hearts after that finale. But imagine the reader and Daryl are cuddling in bed in Alexandria. They’re naked, the sun is rising and birds are chirping outside. The reader is playing with his hair and leaving light kisses all over his face and neck because she knows he likes it. They feel safe despite it all.

an: ahhh what a cute request. soz it’s short but i decided to keep it simple and fluffy! unfortunately fluffy daryl = out of character but oh welllll. also, i haven’t specified whether this is set before/after the finale so i’ll leave that for you to interpret :) enjoy! - georgia

Originally posted by a-pathetic-fangirl

The sound that awoke me was one that I couldn’t remember hearing in months; maybe I’d been too afraid to pay attention. My bedroom window was slightly ajar, tempting in a gentle breeze that was accompanied by soft birdsong. The noise drifted through, slowly drawing me out of the deepest sleep I’d had in a very long time. 

I sat up slowly, perching on the edge of the bed and reaching forwards to pull the curtains open. The weak morning sun filtered in through the glass and cast a glow upon everything it touched. I held my hand up, closing my eyes and breathing deeply as I appreciated the warmth against my skin. A quiet groan interrupted me from my moment of peaceful mediation and I turned, grinning, to observe Daryl as he stretched into consciousness.

“Morning,” I whispered before laughing at the gruffness of my voice. I cleared my throat before repeating myself.

“Mornin’,” Daryl mumbled in reply, hesitantly opening one eye and peeking over at me. I felt him run his gaze up and down my bare back and shook my head in amusement as he raised his eyebrows. “Nice.”

“You too,” I complimented, equally as obvious in my admiration of him. His arms were stretched up, his head resting on his hands, the thin sheet stopping just above his hips. Daryl grinned lazily as he simultaneously rubbed the sleep from his eyes and moved his dark hair out of them.

“I don’t usually sleep this late,” Daryl admitted. I smiled before facing the window once again, not wanting him to see the true extent of happiness that his statement brought me. 

“Neither do I. Coincidence?” I joked.

“Don’t think so,” he drawled and I heard him shuffling around in the bed. Suddenly, a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me down, making me squeal in surprise. Daryl chuckled at my immaturity. I adjusted myself so that I was comfortable and covered, eventually settling down on my side and facing Daryl, who mirrored my position.

“Don’t think I’ll invite you to stay again if you’re gonna pull shit like that,” I told him, smirking and reaching over to run a hand through his messy hair. He flinched a little but closed his eyes and sighed in contentment as I repeated the action.

“I wasn’t thinkin’ of stayin’ again anyway,” he eventually responded. The serious expression on his face almost drained me of my joy but fortunately, Daryl smiled back just in time. I nudged him playfully and rolled my eyes as he fell dramatically onto his back. He resumed his earlier pose and I couldn’t help but appreciate the way his arms tensed as he placed them behind his head. “Stop starin’.”

“Apologies,” I sighed, shuffling slightly closer to Daryl so that I could rest my head on his chest. I felt him tense up for the briefest of moments before he placed an arm loosely around my shoulder. We lay in comfortable silence for a few minutes, both looking out of the window and admiring the rising sun. Surprisingly, Daryl was the one to interrupt the quiet.

“I like it here.”

“”Here” as in Alexandria?” I asked, genuinely confused, not knowing that Daryl was any more fond of Alexandria than he was anywhere else.

“Nah,” he mumbled, a light blush tinting his cheeks. He chewed the inside of his lip before finally answering my question. “Here, with you.”

“Oh,” I breathed. His confession made my heart flutter and face burn. I slowly broke into a grin which he reciprocated. Aiming to lighten the mood a little, I leaned over and gently placed my lips to Daryl’s. Before he could respond, however, I began scattering quick kisses all over his face and neck, making him groan in a mixture of annoyance and amusement.

“Stop,” he huffed, swatting halfheartedly at me. “Get off.”

I reluctantly stopped and pouted at Daryl. “But I thought you liked that.” He shook his head grumpily, though I knew that secretly, he wouldn’t have minded if I continued. I sighed theatrically before flopping onto my side, facing away from Daryl. 

“You sulkin’?” he asked and I could almost hear the smirk in his voice.


The bed dipped up and down as Daryl re-positioned himself, lying on his side and facing the same way as me so that his chest was pressed against my back. This time, I was the one to become tense, shocked at Daryl initiating affection between us. He gently wrapped an arm around my waist and shuffled closer. Eventually, I forced myself to relax and enjoy the moment.

The sun was now almost fully risen. Unfortunately, the birds had ceased their singing but the memory of the sound was etched into my mind and I found myself looking forward to tomorrow’s sunrise already. I could feel Daryl’s breathing deepen against my neck as he fell into a light sleep and my heart swelled at the thought that he felt comfortable enough to do this with me. I slipped my hand into his and closed my eyes once again, finally allowing the feeling of safety to wash over me.

Queens of Darkness spinoff

half-hour web series that goes with Once. small town, big magical drama.

Maleficent gets some tedious taxes and paperwork job for the town, because Regina’s out of the office often saving the town, going to Camelot and the Underworld but governing still has to happen. It is mind-numbingly complicated and involves so many forms, mayoring used to be a full time job for Regina, after all, before the Snow Queen and Peter Pan and the Camelot invasion. 

She secretly loves it. It’s like being able to horde an entire town. She’s also very patient, and meetings take a distinctly different tone. 

Ursula returns from the far oceans because she misses the internet , and indoor plumbing. Her father and other merfolk visit, occasionally. She opens a bar. Hilariously, at first it’s just ‘the dive bar’ but it sticks. It has a strange sort of underwater and antique aesthetic and she performs several nights a week. 

Since Storybrooke has a housing shortage, Ursula and Maleficent live together in a big old Victorian house (like the Dark Swan house). Ursula takes forever in the shower, but she sings beautifully. Maleficent has a collection of various kinds of hot sauce that takes up a whole cupboard. 

Cruella discovers she can haunt them both, as she’s now queen of the underworld. (turns out it’s meant to be a ghastly place, and she’s really quite good at convincing people to move on in one way or another). She appears in mirrors, in glasses of water, anything reflective, and she can occasionally possess animals, to hilarious effect. (squirrels, rabbits, the neighbor’s cat). 

She jokes that she could possess Maleficent in dragon form, but they’re trying to get along. Cruella didn’t really abandon Lily in the woods, she brought her to a fire station and left her with some very attractive firefighters. How was she supposed to know that Lily wouldn’t stay there and grow up with them? She would have left herself there if she could have. 

Lily gets pissed off and accidentally destroys her apartment by turning into a dragon and has to move in with them because no one else will rent to her. Leading to the hilarious problem where everyone but Lily knows Regina is Lily’s other mother. (Cruella promises not to tell because she wants to see Lily’s face when Mal eventually has to tell her). 

Maleficent’s quietly unrequited love for the Evil Queen turned heroic Mayor of Storybrooke is hilarious to Cruella (She’s gone soft, how can you find that attractive, Mal, really?) and Ursula (Well, the chances of actually having a successful relationship are much better now that you’re both reformed, less curses, less heroes causing trouble.)

Kathryn returns from law school, now a real lawyer and sets up a magic friendly legal practice, as well as helping Maleficent with the town business when Regina’s away. She’s also their neighbor, who has a cat that Cruella keeps possessing.

They have over the fence style discussions and garden together (Ursula can uproot anything and Maleficent is very good at weed control). Kathryn helps them navigate.

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aries + other signs (celebrating aries season)

taurus - obstinate, proud, resistant
gemini - scattered, quick-witted, sociable
cancer - funny, helpless, self-absorbed
leo - flashy, feisty, demanding
virgo - desperate, bursting, uneasy
libra - pleaser, captivating, defiant
scorpio - controlling, reluctant, attached
sagittarius - short-tempered, tactless, liberal
aquarius - bohemian, dismissive, singular
capricorn - straightforward, melancholic, awkward
pisces - self-destructive, childish, messy

anonymous asked:

Hi, can you write a meta analysis about kazuma's flower earring form? Like the significance of it to his life or something? Because I think there's something important there (obv), but I'm not fluent enough to analyse this, so please help me m(_ _)m thanks (╥﹏╥)

This is actually a really interesting ask and I’m glad that someone asked this! Unfortunately, I feel like to do this topic justice I would need a lot more time to research, but as for a cursory response right now…

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain what your Mercury sign means??? mines in Aquarius

so basically, mercury signs dictate how you communicate with the world. it shows how we process information, and how we take and give it to the world

aries in mercury: impatient, quick thinkers, need for instant gratification, blunt, aggressive,  passionate

taurus in mercury: take time in making decisions, decisive, stubborn, will see tasks through, slow and measured, placid

gemini in mercury: quick witted, scattered, eclectic, intelligent, well-informed, optimistic   

cancer in mercury: sensitive, withdrawn, thoughtful, personal, good memories, gentle, sentimental

leo in mercury: authority-like, prideful, persuasive, idealistic, opinionated, creative, dramatic

virgo in mercury: intelligent, detail-oriented, high-strung, practical, organized, goal-oriented

libra in mercury: smooth-talkers, pleasing, intellectual, diplomatic, critical, perfectionist, indecisive

scorpio in mercury: observationalists, passionate, fearless, motivational, loyal

sagittarius in mercury: free-willed, optimistic, philosophical, inquisitive, passionate

capricorn in mercury: methodic, like structure and order, resourceful, practical, judgmental, good judgment 

aquarius in mercury: free-willed, intellectual, enjoys debating, alert, quick, insightful

pisces in mercury: gentle, poetic, good listeners, spiritual, emotional, dreamy, indecisive

you can find some more information here and here!! 

cqc--youinhell  asked:

🐦 yiss pls tell me about a birb

i’m so sorry that these are informal. i really am. i’m just excited it’s not often i get to scream constantly about birds and having people actually respond

  Okay okay okay, let’s disregard for the time being that parrots in general are kind of weird. We’ll put aside the fact that they can get into their 100s in age and that they’re about as smart as toddlers. Let’s just act like that isn’t real since it’s been said a lot, and in the meantime I’ll introduce you to the Black-Palm cockatoo (otherwise known as the Goliath and Great Black cockatoo). 

As expected, they’re large. The largest parrots in Australia, actually. Atop that, they’re the only species in in the genus Probosciger, which is the earliest offshoot from the ancestors of what became the cockatoo family. This is sort of visible in the sense that they look very odd (their upper mandible is super thin/pointy and their eye is placed higher and further from the beak than most other psittacids) while simultaneously giving off the vibes of something that has crawled straight out of the depths of hell. They’re freaky birds. I love them.

Beyond looks, they also have some really eerie behaviours, the most surprising of which being the fact that their greeting noise sounds very similar to a “hello.”

Put into perspective, Goliath cockatoos are extremely people-shy. Most of them live deep in the Australian woodlands and they’re quick to scatter at the slightest sound. They did not learn that noise from humans, but the similarity is chilling.

What else do they do? Well, they show off their recommended nest site by doing an activity called “drumming.” Drumming is very, very interesting (and thus weird) in the sense that it involves the ‘too using tools! A male will chew a branch or twig off of a tree, then fly over to the nest and begin “drumming” the branch against the tree. This will go on with several other branches, too, each one by one. Some even argue that the males use rhythm and deliberately seek out certain-sounding branch-twigs as their continue their performance. As far as anybody currently knows, there’s absolutely no reason for this behaviour that we can tell, but it’s likely the female uses the display to figure something out about the male or the tree he’s selected. Here’s a video of the drumming performance, too, for the curious.


Summer’s at its end, no paths leading home,
memories haunt, hunger leads wherever he does roam.
The hazy starlight setting, the sun’s ready to rise.
A frightened little orphan wipes dreams from sleepy eyes.

Soon the bells will ring calling all’s return.
The timid sure to flounder, the hardy always earn.
Darting through the alleys, the bay comes in view.
Ships aplenty ply the piers promising something new.

Upon these docks seabirds feast,
sharing the waste with all other beast.
Flies swarm, rats persist and hungry dogs bark.
There are many unseen faces lurking in the dark.

Survivors all, as is he, sharing the spoils of a bountiful sea,
no masters’ switch or mothers’ screams when a life is free.
Two pockets and a mouth full will feed for a day.
Fancy cord or carved wood may even bring some pay.

Scavenging for a morsel, a meal comes in sight.
Tis crated fruits from afar, a taste of pure delight.
Brushing off the larvae and peeling rotted skin,
sweet sensations pass the lips, a smile grows within.

Then giggles gurgle from his blissful throat.
Till greed consumes and bellies bloat.
Euphoria swells and inhibitions subside.
The bustle begins there’s no need to hide.

While hunger had made his mind alert.
Gluttony now makes his body inert.
Guard lowered, feet slow to run,
this young boys’ journey’s now just begun.

Sailors seized the well fed thief.
Then shackled aboard to ease their grief,
a gift for the captain from his loyal crew.
A cabin boy’s needed, there’s much to do.

Soon underway and far from land,
the mate unlocks the orphans’ hand.
The boy then runs toward sun and air.
On deck he cries watching land disappear.

Formalities scant then forced to chores,
His long nights stowed behind locked doors.
They voyaged south where weather’s warm,
when the waters grew bumpy ahead of a storm.

The captain commanded his capable crew.
And the boy was forgotten with so much to do.
The bright sun fell with the dark rising sea.
Freedom escapes when nowhere to flee.

The howling winds and roaring waves,
called heroes and fools to watery graves.
The skipper stood bravely at his battered helm,
barking out orders to all in his realm.

He called for his servant to secure a line tight.
The boy climbed too high, falling into the night.
The bosons’ pipe blew and bells rang out,
muffling the sounds of the orphan’s last shout.

The boy sank fast with his final breath.
When suddenly snatched by the jaws of death.
In a cage of tooth and tongue for seat,
waiting was he to be something’s treat

Swimming as fast as ever she could,
the serpent’s intensions were soon understood.
Diving through darkness then leaps in the air.
A long journey had, till the weather was fair.

He awoke on a beach, the serpent close by.
Being baked in hot sand to be eaten and die.
Before he could run the beast came near.
She patted his head and said “Have no fear.”

She gazed into his scared little eyes.
Assuring him serpent myths were lies.
“We’re not all monsters or killers you see,
though maybe a few but certainly not me.”

“Serpents get angry when harpoons fly their way,
or when dragged ashore for a tasty fillet.
Bounties are had that pay by the pound,
riches await when a big serpents found.”

The new friends chatted the rest of the day.
They shared their pasts till no more to say.
Dozing they snuggled on a bed of soft leaf,
dreaming of a life without any grief.

Wakened to sunshine and breakfast pre-made.
The grinning pair feasted on greens in the shade.
Then time for a swim in their private lagoon.
They frolicked together till the rising full moon.

Days and weeks then years soon past,
the happy young boy was growing fast.
The pair traveled the oceans and faraway lands,
their life’s serene with no demands.

They ate and slept and played on a whim,
till the boy grew curious of others like him.
He asked many questions, to the serpent unknown,
her boy a young man, now twice grown.

His name, he had none, he could recall.
He was always called boy and that was all.
The serpent, a serpent, there’s no need for a name.
The boy called her mum just the same.

The wise serpent knew their time couldn’t last,
The boy soon a man and still growing fast.
Mum was ashamed of keeping the boy,
to coddle and cuddle and treat like a toy.

With lullabies beneath the moon,
the small boy slumbers, his serpent swoons.
Worlds apart the ocean divides.
A tiny island this pair must hide.

They played together, she watched him grow,
all the time knowing he’d eventually go.
A plan was hatched she couldn’t admit.
If her boy found out he’d have a fit.

She would swim close to shore then into the bay.
She’d crash on the beach for her boy’s big payday.
A hero he’d be and rewarded a bounty vast.
But she had to be quick for her nerve to last.

The day was perfect and the sky was clear.
Boy was napping when land came near.
The plan underway, Mum turned the last bend.
The town grew closer, her life soon to end.

Flapping her flippers as fast as she could,
splashes seen as she knew they would.
With one last thrust she lunged for the land.
The boy awakened when thrown to the sand.

The town folk scattered, guards quick to arrive.
None had seen a serpent alive.
Bruised and battered the boy came to.
Quickly he knew what he had to do.

He knew his friend would have a plan.
The boy’s time was now to be a man
Fearlessly facing his many foes,
standing with mum to shield their arrows.

He called for the general to make a deal.
“Spare your feasts now for many a meal.
Or a battle we will have with much to lose.
Life or death sir is for you now to choose.”

The general perplexed requested his king.
A long hour past, mum started to sing.
The crowds joined in and fears were eased.
The deal was sealed and all were pleased.

The general was spared potential bloodshed.
The serpent was spared her intelligent head.
The boy made an admiral though a scant crew,
with a fleet of just one and we all know who.

His beloved town prospered, called the boy Beau.
Replacing the name he didn’t know.
Beau got married had many a young.
The eldest had a band with a grand mum who sung.

The End