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Loved the newest chapter! Quick question though, at the very end of the fic, right before they get in bed (and not snuggle but I'll be patient), yuuri comes back from the bathroom all flustered. But I don't believe this scene is present in yuuri's pov. Why did yuuri return from the bathroom all blushy? Is it because he was thinking about wanting to sleep with victor?

I’ll first add these two quotes for a bit of context anon, both taken from umfb&mha chapter 11:

“Moving across the room he [Viktor] pulled his shirt off over his head and Yuuri shut his eyes again quickly, not wanting to violate Viktor’s privacy. Despite seeing Viktor wearing much less, it felt wrong to watch now uninvited and the glimpse of the smooth pale skin of Viktor’s chest had brought up feelings in him that were not at all helpful in his need for sleep.” - (during their first night together)

“For a few minutes Yuuri debated, wondering if maybe he should try and make the first move. Wondering if he should reach for Viktor, crawl across the couch and climb into his lap and pray that Viktor hadn’t decided he didn’t want Yuuri in that way anymore” - (this takes place just before the incident you mentioned)

So Yuuri has just been thinking about how he wants to sleep with Viktor again but doesn’t think that Viktor wants him. And he has already established that he’s embarrassed to see Viktor undressing because it feels like an invasion of Viktor’s privacy. 

And then you have this scene in obs&bh:

“He was almost fully dressed, with his shirt over his head as he pulled it down, when he heard a quick click and slam of the bathroom door opening and closing very quickly. Pulling his shirt down to free his eyes and cover the rest of his torso he looked over to the door curiously but it remained resolutely shut for almost a minute more before Yuuri finally walked out again, now dressed in his loose-fitting sleep clothing with his washbag tucked under his arm and a light flush on the very tips of his ears.” 

So essentially what happens is Viktor is in the middle of getting dressed and standing shirtless in the room when Yuuri walks out the bathroom. And Yuuri gets a simultaneous mix of ‘oh god he’s still super hot and I really really want to sleep with him again’ and a ‘oh my god you can’t stare at him with his shirt off while he’s getting changed like a creep!” And so he slams the bathroom door shut again, waits until Viktor is finished getting dressed and then walks out blushing because he’s really embarrassed about what just happened

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dude!!! you have Tourette's?? you just mentioned it on the stream and i was like "holy shit" because I do too. Quick question: have you ever been gotten into trouble teacher or family member or smth for them? my teachers never knew and always thought I was rolling my eyes at them. I got kicked outta class once.

Yes I do have Tourette’s! I have a couple different tics and unfortunately a good chunk of them are in my face so showing my face in video and stuff is a little uncomfy for me?? Like I just do a lot of heavy blinking and weird mouth movements. But hopefully I can get more used to it with streams and such!

And!!! I can’t think of any time that I actually got in trouble for my tics cause they’re pretty subtle most of the time, i just do a lot of tiny movements with my jaw then my blinking people just think has to do with my eyes being irritated or something. And then every other one just kinda involves scrunching up my toes or my hands in some way. But I’m sorry that people didn’t understand for you!! I’m glad that I can relate with this stuff!

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Quick question! May I use your edit, liquorice and bubblegum (the Wil and Dark split edit board), in an event that I'm doing on the Markiplier amino? You will be credited of course. I'm just trying to come up with ideas and your edit fits perfectly with what I was thinking of using. Thank you for your time! ^^

that’s totally fine by me! credit would be very much appreciated, thank you for asking beforehand!! 💖

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Just a quick question about the full UTM. Why was Xander's name changed for Flowey? I apologize ahead of time if you have already answered this question. I was just confused.

Technically it’s his name and wasn’t really changed : )

Two reasons -

1. To put it on a resume
2. We’re both named Alex. I think you can see the confusion of having two “Alex”s in a group : )

- Alex

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First of all, I love everything you write! Your pictures are just as amazing as your writing. Quick question: Why the switch from caption text posts? Just curious don't ever change ♥ ♥

Hey sweetie!! ❤ Thank you so much!! 🤗 The reason why I’m back to text posts is quite… down to earth? I spend eight hours in front of my PC at work, then I get home and spend another five in front of my PC. I have bad eyesight, I see nothing without my glasses 🙁 Spending so much time in from of PC screen hurts my eyes even more. Now I can write text posts on my tablet while laying on my bed, and my eyes and I are pretty comfortable with that 😁

trueculprit replied to your photo: Trying to get better at drawing more realistic…

quick question: did you have a reference image open? bc it’s hard to have success with realism if you’re just going off of your idea of what a “realistic” face looks like

I did! I did the thing where you draw what you think the thing looks like in your head without a reference. Then again with a reference

I still have a long ways to go but i’m getting somewhere

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Quick questions ! When do you think was mi&sa first time ? I can't figure it out! And did Sarah brought michael ´s grave when she came back to the US or he hard been buried there ? Thank you

i’m pretty sure the first time they have sex is in season four when they’re reunited.

before then, there had never been a scene that would’ve suggested otherwise, because when would they have had the time?  they were either separated or on the run up until then.

the one time they even really had a moment to themselves was on the train, and we see that end abruptly.

but in the season four premiere, we see them kiss, there’s a fade, and then you see michael putting on a shirt, and then we see sara in his underwear when they run out soon after.

and oh lord, the damn grave.  no part of that damn grave makes any sense what-so-ever.

if we’re to believe the epilogue, then they had a grave for him in costa rica (haha or panama, because the writers couldn’t even get that straight), but it was to be believed that his body wasn’t actually buried there.  how would it have been?  she was a fugitive, she wasn’t exactly letting people know where she was to send the body.  so michael’s body would’ve been buried in the states, presumably in florida, and the headstone would’ve been more symbolic than anything.

and then in the revival, the exact same headstone is now in ithaca, new york but with a different date (because they changed everything).  but like…again, why would he be buried in ithaca?  he had absolutely no ties to that place before sara randomly made that her home.

and you could argue, well, sara moved his grave to ithaca (from florida?) when she settled down.  but…wouldn’t someone have noticed there was no body when/if they moved the coffin?  and the newspaper that was his “head” when lincoln digs up the grave says ithaca on it, implying that the grave was always in new york.

 haha like i said, there is absolutely no logic.  there’s no explaining it.

just…don’t even dig into the prison break timeline, otherwise nothing will make sense.

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hi maddie quick question so do you say braveten like 'brave ten' or 'brah-vuh-teen' bc ive been saying the second one in my head but idk if its the right way

Brave Ten!!! I used to write fic for Doctor Who so it’s supposed to be, like, “the brave Tenth Doctor.” ^.^ BUT HEY pronounce it how you like pal,,, brahvuhten sounds fancy I like it actually

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A quick question: so like, this isn't a request, but I'm curious. How can someone be kin with the twin Ciel (the one that just showed up w/o the eyepatch) BEFORE they showed up in the plot? I'm not trying to be mean, I swear!! I'm just very curious.

i think it’s in a similar string in how some people are kin w/ fan made characters/ocs?

real!ciel had an established existence in fanfiction, headcanons, and aus, so that opened the door for people to discover that they’re kin with him and/or develop fictives of him before he was officially introduced in the manga!!!