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Quick question: If Chapter 3 does a bunch of reveal stuff that clashes with what backstory you have already put together, are you all going to continue with your original version as an AU, or are you going to retcon for canon continuity? Cause I really love where you have taken this already, and I'd be sad to see everything be rewritten just cause the canon turned out more different than is/was workable.

(im not sure about an AU if it does happen. we will probably throw in any more canon info about the characters if some is revealed in ch 3, but we’ll most likely continue with our usual shenanigans about the studio! we never ACTUALLY were in the time era of the story/game (30 years prior is what we were always going for, yet things like old henry, ink sammy, monster bendy, and the searchers are still relevant on this blog) bc we want the blog to be mostly fun and silly for everyone to enjoy!)

  • My DM for D&D: Alright, I think I about finished making the start of this campaign. Just a quick question. Which one of you is the closest to being "human"?
  • Me: I'm a halfling/lightfoot if that's what you mean.
  • DM: I thought it would be you! I just needed to see what would qualify as "cannibalism" here...
  • Me: ಠ_ಠ

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*Slides in with MCR's Dead in full blast* Quick question boss, do you prefer frame by frame animation or the pindoll animation (character/assets animated using the bone tool in adobe animate)?

I honestly haven’t used pindoll animation! I can definitely see how it would be very useful, but I’m such a fan of classic frame by frame. <3 It also has its own smoothness that some tools just can’t duplicate.

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Hey Maro, quick un-rules question: With Ach Hans Run and the new HOU gods, do we have to say "Ach Hans Run it's the The Scorpion God" or does the spirit of the rule allow us to omit one of the "The"s?

🐑 must 🗣 “The”. 🐑 have to use the 🕳 name and “The” counts.

Wait, What? | Dean x Reader

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 646 Words

Warnings: Plot twist, swearing, fluff.

A/N: This piece is for Fif’s Milestone Challenge by @thevioletthourr I chose the prompt, “You can’t do it.” “Yes, I can!” “No, you can’t” “Okay, you’re right.” This is my first time doing a challenge so sorry if it’s not that great!

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Heyy :) quick question have you chosen an heir yet?... i bet i know who it is ;P

I haven’t and I don’t know if I will lol. I can’t just imagine picking one of the girls and forgetting the other two. I don’t have a plan at all!! Someone help because I can’t handle controlling all of them + the families they’ll create in one household lol. 

Who do you think it is? xD

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quick question if it isn't bothering you. what's your favorite cartoon? also, how did you create your old bad boy au and why did you stop drawing them? thank you for your time :) love your art! keep up the good work!!

Thank you so much!!

Well currently I love Star vs probably the most! But overall? That’s a little tougher. Danny Phantom, Avatar, Kim Possible–even going further back like Hey Arnold and Darkwing Duck were my favorites. It’s really hard to say! There’s honestly so many I enjoy. 

There was really no how, I kinda just doodled a ‘what if’ scenario and it just kinda took off from there lol. Like an ‘opposites’ kind of thing! At this point I just kind of moved on from it but I’ve thought of maybe doing a couple of doodles for old time’s sake.

Just a quick question everybody:

Those who I tag regularly (I try to tag you in your favorite character stuff and things I think you will like) are you guys cool with it all? I don’t want you guys to be like “Gah, Jin tagged me in something yet again…don’t wanna.”

Or whatever…

I’m going to compile a actual list of who to tag for what content and character because I don’t want anyone to be tagged in something that might offend/trigger/make uncomfortable/etc.

So if you could just let me know in a reply or ask that would be nice.

And also if I don’t normally tag you and you want to be tagged let me know too. :D

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So I don't know if you do requests or not, but if you do, could you please write a part two for "and how does that make you feel?" Where Will wants to propose to Nico, but wants Hades approval so he goes to the Mannor all casually and some gaurd answers the door and he goes yeah. I just want to ask Hades a question real quick, you think he got a second? (Love your writing by the way, read through the whole solangelo fics and the fireworks series last night 🖤💕🖤)

Okay so I don’t usually do this so please don’t all try flooding my inbox with continuation requests. But just as I was about to sorry but no! The cutest and most brilliant mental image came into my head of wide-eyed innocence Will Solace staring down bodyguard #12 and #13 pretending like he didn’t just sneak back several forms of high-tech security (bc Will has definitely got a past) just bc he’s a traditional sort of guy and Hades won’t respond to his texts for a meet-up.


“For the last time, how did you get in here.”

Will Solace stared up wide-eyed at the big, burly man, his chin trembling with forced effort. “I - I don’t know what you’re talking about! I just walked in!”

“Oh? Past thirteen different forms of the best security systems in the world? You just walked in?”

Twelve Will mentally corrected him, if you don’t count the online system he disabled from home.

Will only shrugged, keeping his expression open. “Maybe you guy’s should invest in better systems.” He added helpfully. “I hear Walmart has some pretty good ones!”

“That’s it.” The bodyguard spat, his hand clenching and unclenching. From his shifting, angry energy, Will could only guess he had been given specific orders not to resort to violence. That was always nice. He turned to bark at the other guard. “Go get the boss, he’ll decide what he wants to do with you.”

Will perked up a bit, shifting in his handcuffs. They were kind of cheap, gave out after just a bit of tugging and adjusting, which was a tad big disappointing. Where was the challenge in that?

Will only had to wait a few moments. The second wall to the side clearly had a two-way mirror built in under the grime, and the older man had probably been observing the entire time.

Hades, the supreme overlord of evil in the modern world, glowered down at him. This was the part where Will was suppose to beg for mercy, he guessed. He probably would have, had Will had been hearing soft, slightly embarrassing stories from Nico for the past few years, involving pet shelters and poor orphanages. Will remembered how, just last night, Nico had turned his phone to him, laughing and showing him some photo Hazel had sent him. Hades cuddling a much too large, from all drooping fat and not muscle at all, that Hades had recently rescued. It’s name was fluffy, named by Hades himself.

That tended to make a man less intimidating. 

There was a crack in the tension, like Will had forgotten to say his line. He guessed he had, from his happy silence as he took in his hopefully-soon-father-in-law. Hades adjusted the lighting in the room, coming a bit closer. His expression was blank but his shoulders tense. “I know you. Who are you?” He said after a long moment, his voice deep.

“Will Solace, sir!” Will’s grin was much, much too sunny for such a dingy room. “And I’m here to talk to you about your son, Nico di Angelo.”

“Nico?” His blank expression was gone in a flash, something more angry in its place. “What about him?”

Will uncurled his hands then, making the guards flinch back and train their weapons on him. Hades didn’t react, probably knowing his guards would have Will down before he could do anything bad, but he did flash a note of surprise.

Will carefully, slowly, slide the small slip of shiny paper out of his front shirt pocket. The guards hadn’t bothered checking that one, for some odd reason.

It was the only small photo he had of them, printed. He couldn’t risk bringing along his phone, with Nico being the double, triple, constant texter he was.

He held out the photo, not really expecting Hades to take it. After a second, one of the scowling bodyguards stomped up and took it from him.

He frowned down at it, not really comprehending. It was a simple photo - one of those polaroids Hazel loved taking. It was just them, on a lazy day sharing a couch. They were grinning at each other - Nico had just made a cheesy joke - and neither of them were paying Hazel and Frank - on the other couch - any attention. Their feets and blankets were tangled together, and Nico was leaning into Will’s chest with a familiar air. It was a cute photo.

The guard handed it over to Hades after a moment, clearly deeming the photo safe or whatever, and Hades observed the photo for a long minute. His expression didn’t change.

“Will.” He muttered, staring down at the paper. His heavy gaze slid back up to Will’s awaiting one. “You’re the civilian he kidnapped, all those years ago.”

Will sighed. “I thought we agreed we weren’t going to tell everyone that story.” He muttered.

Hades cocked his head. “He seems very proud of it. You were his first, you know.”

There was a long, long moment of silence. One of the guards coughed awkwardly.

Hades cleared his throat. “Kidnapping, I mean. You were his first kidnapping victim.”

Will swallowed, “I know, he uh, told me. When he did it.”

Hades was nodding. “Good, good.” He glanced back to the guards behind him, both of them aware of their audience. Hades didn’t dismiss them, instead going back to business. “Now, what are you doing in my home in the middle of the day?”

Will took a quick breather second. 

He was so glad the guards had left his shoes alone. He could feel the ring adjusting into the leather every time he shifted his weight.

If he and Hades left this interaction acquaintances, he’d have to suggest better security. It was a bit sad, honestly.

“I”m here to talk about your son.” He repeated his words from earlier. “And I’d like your blessing.”


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Hey! Quick question. Do you think GG only made that post because people told him to and he didn't want the same thing to happened like last year ???

Do yall not understand the type of person GG seems to be lol he doesn’t do anything cause people on social media told him to unless he was already planning on doing it. It don’t seem like GG listens to anybody. 

I will say his birthday post last year was probably him being petty cause so many people were mad he didn’t wish her one. That’s why his ass got up so early and decided to flirt with her. His excuse made no sense. “Sorry I missed it you’re in Europe.” So is A LOT of people. Her internet worked fine. I do still think he wished her a HBD through text on her actual birthday and he was saying sorry I missed it because they couldn’t spend her birthday together.  

So to answer your question no I don’t think GG did a birthday post because people told him to. 

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Just a quick question, is it expensive young to different comic-cons and what ones would you recommend that are the the best also I love your vids and your displays you have inspired me and I'm even making my first comic-con outfit X3

Going to conventions can get very expensive depending on the convention.

For first time con goers we recommend looking into smaller conventions in your area. This way you can experience a convention,spend less, and not get too much culture shock. Big conventions are tons of fun, but can be very over whelming. 

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Hey quick question do u think Bob Morley is white passing? Like did u know he wasn't white when u first saw a pic of him or w/e?

i don’t think he’s white passing at all and i did know that he was south asian at the very least when i first saw him because (imo) it was pretty obvious between the hair and his skin and his eyes so i really wasn’t surprised when i found it he has half filipino