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Hi Emma! Your studyblr and youtube channel have been very helpful, thank you so much for the inspiration. Just a quick question, I easily get stressed out for exams and assignments since I really want to achieve my goals. How do you usually deal with stress? Also, do you have any tips and tricks to be successful in our studies for uni students? Thanks (:

Hi! Thank you so much! I am so excited to be posting more on YouTube so it means a lot! Here are a few tips that I find help with stress:

  • sleep - getting enough sleep can make a whole world of difference! Try aiming for between 7-8 hours a night. Setting yourself a bedtime routine can help settle you down and get all that beauty sleep!
  • stay hydrated - another thing that is so simple but makes a difference. I think the suggested amount is 8 glasses a day. This will help keep you alert, refreshed and focused. I also find having a cup of tea great haha! Must be the Britishness!
  • take some time out for yourself - do something that you enjoy! Reward yourself for doing all your homework or finishing that tough assignment. You could maybe dedicate an hour each day to doing something relaxing like journalling, reading, meditating. Whatever you fancy. (Sims or Netflix is my go to haha!!)
  • keep up with a self-care routine - this can include things like washing your face in a morning and on a night (I started doing this maybe 2 months ago and my skin has been great!), moisturising regularly, properly removing your makeup before bed. Remember to pamper yourself as well!
  • do something active - it doesn’t even have to be a full workout if you’re like me and hate exercise! Maybe just a walk around the block on a night, a quick pilates session following a YouTube video or playing with a ball in your back garden. There is so much research backing exercise as a stress reliever so try it out!
  • make time for your hobbies - when we’re busy it is easy to forget our hobbies. Don’t let that happen! Schedule some time each week for have that down time. 
  • be sociable - studying can easily take over if you let it but try to keep some time for your friends and family. Maybe a quick coffee, dinner out or a movie night are some great ways to see friends. Try avoid talking about school work and just have fun!
  • ask for help - if your stress could be eased by asking a teacher or friend for some guidance, do it. More than likely they’ll be willing to help you and either explain it in a way that makes sense or provide some tips for getting it right! Don’t keep it to yourself!
  • have a flexible schedule - if you’re planning out your time, remember not to over plan. If you set up an overly packed schedule, you’ll end up feeling more stressed if you’re getting behind. Instead set yourself goals for getting things done before a time. Don’t get wrapped up in the time limits however, if this scheduling doesn’t help you, try other things!
  • keep tidy - I find having a clean and tidy bedroom, bathroom and study space weirdly relaxing. I weirdly enjoy cleaning and organising. It helps me feel settled, is that odd? I usually clean my room properly once a room but will tidy up (just like 5 minutes) every day or few days.

Some other links that might help include:

Hope this helps! Best of luck with everything x

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hey, i have a quick question for you! how/where did you get you wax seals? ive been looking to get one here for a while now but i cant find a good place to buy the stamp... any recommendations? thanks! (feel free to ignore this if you feel its too proprietary for you to answer btw! ^•^)

I wouldn’t recommend the place where I had mine made tbh, the handle broke pretty much immediately so I was just using the brass seal. there are a lot of companies that will make a custom seal though. I like looking at ebay for antique seals sometimes… they are usually way too expensive for me to justify buying though. I think I got my little mushroom seal on amazon

I buy my wax from letterseals.com , it’s handmade here in the US. they also sell seals 

oh look you can seal your letters with a velociraptor pulling a carriage 

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*Slides in with MCR's Dead in full blast* Quick question boss, do you prefer frame by frame animation or the pindoll animation (character/assets animated using the bone tool in adobe animate)?

I honestly haven’t used pindoll animation! I can definitely see how it would be very useful, but I’m such a fan of classic frame by frame. <3 It also has its own smoothness that some tools just can’t duplicate.

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Hey Maro, quick un-rules question: With Ach Hans Run and the new HOU gods, do we have to say "Ach Hans Run it's the The Scorpion God" or does the spirit of the rule allow us to omit one of the "The"s?

🐑 must 🗣 “The”. 🐑 have to use the 🕳 name and “The” counts.

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hey there! since you're from quebec i have a quick question for you, but no worries if you can't answer! i've just been curious about how big the difference is between canadian french and france french? I'm going to be moving to quebec next year so i'm trying to work on my french but i'm having trouble finding good french canadian resources and i was kinda scared that i wouldn't be able to understand it if i learned using non-canadian french :)

hey there!! :)

quebec french and france french are the same in terms of grammar but are very different in terms of vocabulary and idioms. i mean the basics are the same, like “apple” is “pomme” and “bed” is “lit”, but for example no one in quebec ever uses “si” to say yes to a negative question, while it is very common in france. to help you learn, you can try this website, they explain our vocab and our idioms. this list here could also help you. also this and this.

our accents also sound completely different and i’d be lying to you if i said you’ll find it easy to understand us. it’ll be rough at first, but don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it and don’t ever feel bad about asking someone to repeat something they said. if there’s one thing we like as québécois, it’s people learning french, so we will be glad to help you :) here’s an accent tag i made a couple of weeks ago to give you an idea of how we sound. if you want to get used to our accent i’d suggest watching quebec youtubers, like pl cloutier or lysandre nadeau (they’re the only ones i really know sorry)

but really don’t worry, you might find it a bit hard when you get here, but you’ll be fine after a while :) if you ever want to ask me specific questions, don’t be shy and message me i’ll be happy to help!

** if anyone has other resources to learn quebec french, feel free to help because i don’t actually know that many!!

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hey quick question why the FUCK does the "progressive" homestuck fandom hate the only gay man in the comic so fucking much

dirk? im not sure how to answer this anon since i dont really hate him

actually im not even sure if ive ever seen anyone say they hate him expect for like, one person???

the only think ive seen hated was like dirkjake n shit

quick question, why is there like no merch with human Beatrice on it

don’t give me that “cuz it’s a spoiler” bullshit, because a) the show is three years old, b) it shows her as a human not even 15 seconds into the first episode, and c) there’s merch of the Beast and the Titans blindboxes have an edelwood Greg figure in them and those are way bigger spoilers than human Beatrice

there’s only ever been one piece of official “merch” with human Beatrice on it and it was a variant cover for one of the comics, which is now discontinued

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Quick question, how do you make speedpaint videos?? (Sorry if you get this ask a lot)

record myself drawing with obs, then make the recording faster in windows movie maker and add music :o its rly easy

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Airmom! I haven't talked to you in forever! How are you? And quick question, what asteroids are linked to musical ability?

Hiiii, I hope you’re okay.
(62) Erato
(22) Calliope
(566) Sterroskopia
(80) Sappho
(60) Echo
(40) Harmonia
(33) Polyhymnia
(27) Euterpe
(1862) Apollo

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hey quick question, is there a certain day thats best to purchase bon voyage part deux or it doesn't really matter? bc ive read some things that if they bought so and so at a specific time they got coins(?) or other special stuff

It doesn’t really matter. For the first Bon Voyage, V LIVE gave free coins to those users who were at a specific level for BTS, but now they don’t have that. It will always be 800 coins~
- Kylie

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I have a quick question, are you taking any drawing requests currently? It's totally fine with me if it's closed! I also wanted to let you know that I just watched your animatic and I was in tears bc it was so good! Thanks!

not rn sry!!!