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Connor lives AU

So I haven’t updated many head canons or one shots, so here’s a quick post before I sleep. Also, a one shot should be up this weekend if I don’t procrastinate

mentions of suicide 

Alright so this starts the night after Connor kills himself

The night before Connor’s parents go to his school to talk to Evan

Evan is just doing his homework in his room when there is a knock at his window

Evan is fucking PETRIFIED 

He just watches as the window, that he never locks because he likes opening all the time, slowly open and a lanky figure dressed in black jumps through his window

The figure doesn’t look at him right away and Evan thinks he’s about to be murdered

“Damn Kleinman, why so many tree posters? Didn’t see you as a nature nerd.”

That’s when the figure turns and Evan is shocked to see Connor Murphy, who he hadn’t seen at school that day, standing in his room

“You’re not Kleinman”

thank you captain obvious

they basically stared at each other for like five minutes

Finally Connor asks “This is 285 Madison avenue, right?”

“N-no, th-this is 285, uh,  Monroe av-avenue.”

“Damn it”

Evan asks why Connor was looking for Jared’s house as he knows they hate each other 

Connor then proceeds to tell him that Jared owed him a favor because Connor got Jared his fake ID

Evan then, cautiously, asks what kind of favor

Connor is silent for a minute, and thinks, then he shrugs and says to himself that telling one person he hardly knows won’t matter

“Basically he’s gonna get me out of town, and help fake my suicide. We already did the suicide part, now he’s suppose to help me skip town. Says he has an uncle in New York that is willing to shelter me.”

Evan nods, knowing the uncle. He’s a cool dude, pretty well off as well. He directs musicals.

Connor then heads back over to the window and starts to leave when 


Evan has no idea why he says that

Neither did connor, but he still stops and turns 

“Y-you, uh, you can st-stay here tonight. If you want. you p-probably don’t w-want to. SorrynevermindforgetIevenasked.” Evan’s face is red with embarrassment 

Connor just looks at him weirdly and shrugs “why not”

Before they go to bed Evan apologizes for the letter and Connor shrugs it off saying he over reacted, which he does a lot, especially when high. Which he was. Very high.

The next day, Jared picks Connor up and brings him to the train station, sending him to New York

Three days later Evan gets a text from Connor 


jared gave me yr #

its connor btw

It took Evan three hours to respond as he was in such shock, he forgot about it

Oh! Hi! How’s New York?!

Connor loved the enthusiasm

They texted basically every day

Also Connor’s parents did ask Evan if he knew Connor and all that Jazz

The day after Connor first texted, Evan told Connor what happened and how he said they had a secret email account

To which Connor said they should create secret emails and actually write the emails

now the emails are actually more believable 

Evan doesn’t date Zoe cause he realizes he doesn’t like her that way anymore

After the Murphys find out that Evan wasn’t friends with Connor before he ‘died’ (They don’t find out he’s still alive) Evan tells Connor that he isn’t in contact with Connor’s family anymore

Connor says it was bound to happen soon

At the beginning of Freshman year of College Connor texts him

Watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight


just do it

Evan was still confused but turned on the TV at 8 anyways.

About ten minutes into the show, Jimmy brings on his guest

Evan is shocked to see fucking CONNOR MURPHY WHAT THE HELL

As Evan watches he learns that Connor got a part in a broadway musical, Newsies, and is doing an interview because he is new to broadway but still got a good role

fast forward like two months

Evan finds in the mail two tickets to next weeks show of Newsies on Saturday

Evan grins, he finally gets to see Connor in person again

Evan takes Jared to the show with him cause Jared is obsessed with musicals

Thanks to his uncle

After the show they go to the stage door 

After waiting for a few minutes, Connor is like the fourth person out

It takes two minutes but Connor finally notices Evan he grins

Connor looks a lot healthier

obviously he still gets angry at things, and still has depression, but he’s doing better and that is what matters

Connor finishes signing the playbill in his hands and just ducks under the rope that separates the actors from the fans

A lot of fans try and grab Connor but he ducks under them to and just runs to Evan

He stops in front of Evan and just keeps grinning

“You came, you actually came.”

“Of course I did, I’ve been wanting to see you in person again since we started texting”

Connor just basically says fuck it and grabs Evan and kisses him

Fans scream around them

“Well okay then, it’s nice to see you too Connor. But I better not get a kiss as well.”

“Shut up Jared.” Connor says after pulling back from Evan and wrapping his arm around Evan

“Now come on, you guys can come back stage with me.”

I’m sorry but broadway actor! Connor is what I live for. Also please add on if y'all want. I like people adding on. And if anyone wants to write something based on this, please do! Just tag me in it! Also if anyone knows someone that has a Connor fakes his suicide AU tell me. I love those.


Hello all! 

I was inspired to make this little Fantasy Character Generator by dogbomber’s Lady Knight Generator. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just really want to draw medieval fantasy-ish stuff, but thinking of characters can be difficult given all the possibilities! 

If you’re bored, looking for a warm up, or simply want to draw something you might not have thought to draw before, I encourage you to try this generator. Please tag anything you create with ‘medieval fantasy generator’ so I can see!

I decided to do a quick one before I go to sleep. I got Infant, Male, Fauna, Mace, Mage, and Plump. (I forewent the mage option because I had a bit of trouble thinking of what to do with it.

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