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Quick massage sequence of abdomen ayurvedic massage

Slippery (Grayson)

ALWAYS • A Grayson Dolan one-shot series.


You laid back on your bed, the one you shared with your boyfriend, Grayson, and closed your eyes. It had been the longest day and you thought your work day would never come to an end. You had spent majority of your shift running errands for your snobby boss, even as far as grabbing her coffee. It was a job which you had sworn you had too much pride for but recently moving to L.A. you took whatever you could get. Needless to say you were absolutely exhausted. You thought the only way to ease your mind was to take a calm, relaxing, and steamy shower. Something you did when you were stressed and overwhelmed, much like today. Grayson wasn’t expected to be home from the warehouse for another hour or so and you contemplated waiting to shower with him but the grime you were starting to feel on your skin said otherwise.

You grabbed a towel out of the linen closet, silently cursing Grayson for the mountains of clothes you had to step over just to reach it. Living with an eighteen year old, well two eighteen year old boys, was not easy but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You didn’t regret dropping everything to live there, not even for a second. 

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dachshund1998  asked:

i just saw that post about disassociation and meditation, i disassociate regularly and now i know why i hate traditional meditation! do you have any ideas or suggestions for more touch/sensation based mindfulness practices?

Totally, I have a ton of resources! I have a dissociative disorder, so dissociation is like very very common for me. These types of grounding mindful practices are all I do. I’ll list some of my favorites, though basically anything that engages your bodily senses can work!

Dissociation-friendly mindfulness practices:

Yoga/Tai Chi/Qi Gong/etc: Any meditative and body-based exercise is a great way to stay in tune with your body, remain present and mindful, and not dissociated as well. Even just mindful stretching works. 

Conscious eating: Essentially, using the taste/smell/texture/etc of food to stay present! Great for healing body-based self esteem issues too. I have a blog on how to do this right here!

Walking meditation: If you walk slowly and presently, it can be a great way to stay mindful by in tune with your body (and therefore grounded) as well. You can also adapt this if you use a wheelchair and pay attention to the motions of moving in that, or the sensations of the breeze and sensory feelings. 

Grounding exercise: Go through each of your senses and list five things you sense with it! Like 5 things you taste, 5 you smell, etc. This is a short practice and great for quick grounding. 

Self massage: Whether gentle caressing, typical self-massage, or with a tennis ball (my fav!), if you stay present with the feeling of the massage this is a great way to stay grounded. I do this every night with two tennis balls side by side in a sock I tied off. Then I roll them up and down next to my spine against a wall. You can google lots of self massage techniques! 

Music meditation: This one is only using the sense of hearing, but it can be effective too. Play music (whatever you like) and listen to the highest pitch tone, then the lowest, then background rhythm, etc. Essentially, paying attention to the intricacies that you wouldn’t normally notice if you were just listening. This is a great distraction coping mechanism too. 

Body scans: You can google guided meditations of this! I’d recommend listening to one instead of just focusing on your own (it will help you stay concentrated). This can be intense if you have survived physical abuse or have body image issues, though. So proceed with caution! 

I also talk about some additional coping mechanisms in this video here (as well as how to design the perfect coping strategies for you)! 

Also, here are some mindfulness practices you’ll most likely want to stay away from if you experience a lot of dissociation:

Stillness meditation: Sitting still and meditating on your thoughts/clearing your mind. Too present and too intense, especially if dissociation is caused from past trauma. 

Astral projection: You need to be super super good at grounding to safely project. It’s super dissociating even for people who don’t chronically experience dissociation, so it’s a big thing to stay away from for those of us who do. 

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prompt? : "you need to stop"

from here

“You need to stop.”

Iwaizumi looked up from his homework and at Oikawa who was laying on his bed. “What?”

“You need to stop,” Oikawa repeated. “Take a break for a while, do whatever, just stop working.”

“Are you trying to talk to me about overworking?” Iwaizumi laughed, “Because you’re not the prime example yourself.”

“You’re stressed and you’re not gonna get anything done if you’re stressed about it,” Oikawa went on. He gestured to the small pile of torn up pieces of paper next to Iwaizumi. “You rip paper when you’re stressed. The smaller the pieces, the more stressed you are.”

Iwaizumi looked at the pile next to him. He hadn’t really consciously been tearing the corners off of his papers, but there was definitely enough to be called a pile next to him. He swiped the papers off his desk into the trash. “There, now I’m not stressed by your standards. I need to work.”

“Iwa-chan, no,” Oikawa whined. “That’s not how it works.”

“I’m gonna ignore you now. I have work to do, and you do too.”

Oikawa sighed and rolled over onto his stomach. “Ten minute break? And I won’t bother you after.”

Iwaizumi’s only response was to write something down on his paper. Oikawa got up and stood behind Iwaizumi. He wrapped his arms around him and set his chin on his head. “Five minutes?”

Iwaizumi ignored him and kept working. Oikawa tightened his arms so that Iwaizumi couldn’t move his own.


“Just five minutes, then you can come back,” Oikawa murmured.

“That’s it?” Iwaizumi asked skeptically.


“And you’ll let me come back to my work after,” Iwaizumi clarified.

“Absolutely,” Oikawa couldn’t keep the smile out of his voice, knowing he had won. “I won’t even bother you. Promise.”

Iwaizumi sighed and put his pencil down. “I guess five minutes wouldn’t hurt.”

Oikawa practically dragged him out of his chair and over to the bed. “Just lay down and relax. I’m gonna give you a quick massage because slouching like that for so long has to be uncomfortable.”

“Just tell me when five minutes is up,” Iwaizumi muttered, practically collapsing onto the bed. Oikawa smiled softly while he agreed. He started rubbing Iwaizumi’s shoulders, smiling even more when he could see Iwaizumi relax before him.

True to his word, five minutes later, Oikawa nudged Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “Iwa-chan, it’s been five minutes,” he called quietly. Iwaizumi rolled over to face him, eyes still closed. He wrapped his arms around Oikawa and buried his face in his chest.

Oikawa could just barely hear the words, “No it hasn’t,” muffled into his shirt.

“Iwa-chan, we said five minutes,” Oikawa said.

“I’ll let you know when it’s actually been five minutes,” Iwaizumi grumbled. He gripped on tighter and Oikawa smiled. He brought up a hand and started running his fingers through Iwaizumi’s hair. It took even less than five minutes for Oikawa to hear Iwaizumi’s breathing even out as he fell asleep.


Hi all. Slow and steady wins the race. I have been letting my son set the pace of anything that happens from this point. I am no longer being as active since the last massage as he appears to be coming to his own conclusions.

In saying that, opportunities were slim over the weekend as my hubby was home most of the time. He did go out to play golf on Saturday though, so as soon as he was out the door, on went my yoga gear.

I setup in the lounge and put on my music. My son soon came out of his room, he recognised the music and what it meant.

He was having a good look the whole time, I saw him get hard in his pants and not try to hide the fact

Once done he asked if I would like a massage. I jumped at the offer. He gave his usual massage to start with, its wonderful feeling his hands on me. He then asked me to turn over. I did what he asked and he massage the backs of my legs. His hands stopped moving for a second, I thought he was done, but then they moved over my behind. He gave a quick rub and massage with the excuse that it was an extension of my legs.

I told him that was perfect and felt wonderful and that he could massage me anywhere. I felt his cock stiffen under my legs. He thanked me for letting him massage me, then went to his room. I am certain he would be playing with his cock, but I needed to shower and change before hubby got home (and I needed to cum).

Till next time xx

“Living healthy” is not one big task - in fact it’s a lot of tiny, easily achievable steps! Take care of your body, mind and soul one step at a time and allow yourself to be proud of every tiny step! 

30 little healthy things you could do right now*: 

1. Drink a glass of water! 

2. Eat a piece of fruit.  

3. Dance to your favorite song. 

4. Walk up and down the stairs. 

5. Use spices instead of salt when you cook the next time. 

6. Set a reminder to go to sleep early enough to get 8 hours of sleep tonight. 

7. Make a list with 5 things you like about yourself. 

8. Clean your room for 5 minutes. 

9. Send a sweet message to a friend. 

10. Snack on some nuts. 

11. Plan a meal that includes some vegetables. 

12. Make a smoothie using fruits and water. 

13. Make a cup of herbal or green tea. 

14. Take a short walk outside. 

15. Walk around your room if you don’t feel like going outside. 

16. Do a 5 minute workout. 

17. Dry-brush your skin to improve circulation. 

18. Wash your face. 

19. Plan to include some healthy fat in the next meal (for example, coconut oil or avocado). 

20. Take a few deep breaths. 

21. Sit in the sunshine for a few minutes. 

22. Do something you enjoy, such as reading or painting! 

23. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for. 

24. Smile at yourself in the mirror. 

25. Brush your teeth. 

26. Floss your teeth. 

27. Exercise your brain by learning a word in another language. 

28. Give yourself a quick hand or foot massage. 

29. Choose a positive affirmation (such as “I am enough”) and write it down. 

30. Wash your hands. 

 * This advice does not replace advice from medical professionals. These things are not meant as treatment for physical or mental illnesses. 

Watch Yourself- S.M. Imagine:

Anon asked: Smut fic prompts: Shawn Mendes B12 or F11 I don’t mind! Thank you 😊

And F11 is:
F is situation and 11 is in front of/by a mirror

Warnings: language, extensive oral and sexual content
Word Count: 686
Reader x Shawn Mendes

Wattpad: spikedcherrycola🍒

“You are lying.” I giggled as I pushed the pasta noodle around my plate
“Seriously it happened, I had to find another pair of pants.” Shawn laughs
“Could I interest you in another glass of wine?” I ask
“No I’m good babe.” he said
I walk to the sink to wash off the dishes before loading the dishwasher.
“I missed you so much y/n.” Shawn groaned in my neck
“I missed you too baby, but you have to wait and let me do this.” I giggle
“I know, but..” he says
His hand travels up my dress and his fingers dance along the band of my panties right by my thigh, popping it against the crease.
“Shawn.” I moan accidentally
His fingers slip in and pinch my folds and rub my slit.
“Baby, wait.” I say
“I know baby. Hurry up, I’ll be upstairs.” Shawn says
I finish the dishes and sigh deeply at how I should’ve let Shawn do what he wanted.
I walk up the stairs and into the bedroom.
“Let me give you a quick massage baby girl.” Shawn says
He unzips the satin dress from my body, revealing my braless breasts and my lacy panties.
Shawn wastes little time taking my right breast into his mouth and sucking as his his hand kneads my left breast.
“Shawn, fuck me.” I moan and stare at the ceiling where the mirror above our bed is
“Are you watching me pleasure you Princess?” he growls
“Yes baby.” I moan not denying
Shawn crawls down my body and keeps his hands on my breasts as his lips find the valleys of my body.
“You are so wet.” he moans
I watch as he buries his face between my legs and begins to eat me out. My hands find his brown locks and holding him deeper in my heat.
“Ohmigod.” I moan and watch myself in the mirror
His tongue dips in and out of my entrance as his lips suck at the sensitive endings. I’ve longed for this feeling so so much since he left for tour.
“Shawn, I’m gonna cum.” I moan
He lifts his head to take a breath.
“Relax for one more minute baby, I’m almost done.” he smirks with my arousal glossing his lips
I open my legs wider and relax, holding one of his hands on my breast and my face on the bend of my arm as I lose control.
“Shawn, I’m about to cum.” I moan into the bend of my arm
He lifts his head, wiping his mouth, and opens the nightstand drawer.
“Stay still baby.” he warns
I watch as his pearly whites open the silvery condom package and he slips it on his already hardened shaft.
“Are you ready Princess?” Shawn whispers and I nod
He slips in, inch by inch as I adjust to his size again.
“Keep your eyes open, watch yourself.” he says
I sigh as he begins to thrust slowly and deeply.
I moan quietly as my nails dig into his toned back as his thrust torture me.
“Darling, don’t close your eyes.” he moans
“I w-won’t.” I moan and struggle to keep them open
Our breathing becomes heavy as Shawn becomes more intense.
“Y/N, I’m not going to last.” Shawn moans
“Me either.” I watch myself in the mirror, biting my lips, scratching his back, feet against his bottom
“Watch yourself cum baby, watch me make you feel good.” he whispers
“I’m okay shit.” I moan unaware of what I’m trying to say
“Cum baby, it’s okay.” Shawn coos
I watch myself bite my lip, briefly closing my eyes then flying them back open to watch my body writhe under Shawn, clawing his back and wrapping my legs around him to feel the intense pressure an pleasure as I feel his release against the condom, he’s deep in my cervix I swear.
“Fuck.” Shawn pants as he pulls out and throwing the spent condom in the trash can
I close my eyes and reel myself back in from my high.
“You okay?” he pants
“Mhm.” I moan incoherently

BTS Reaction to You Moaning During a Massage

None of this is smut or meant to be taken in a smut way. It is a light hearted situation. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat


Jin: He froze partway through the massage the moment he heard your long sigh. He didn’t expect that you would enjoy his massage that much, and it made him hesitate. He stared down at you with his mouth wide open, not really knowing exactly what to say. He took a deep breath and tried to get back to the massage, trying to not think about your moaning

Originally posted by jinful

Suga: The moaning that you let out during his massages made it clear to him that you were enjoying it. He wasn’t surprised though After all, he was Min Yoongi. You looked up at him with embarrassment in your eyes, feeling lightly ashamed that you were moaning during the massage. But he simply shrugged his shoulders, making it clear he was proud of himself.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

J-Hope: Everything was all fine and dandy while he was helping you relax after your long day at work. He was always happy to give you a quick back massage when you came home, but tonight you seemed extra stressed. As soon as he got to work at massaging your back, you let out a long sigh, almost sounding more like a moan. He looked at you with both disgust and shock when he heard the seductive sound.

Originally posted by jimentos

Rapmon: He was staring at you the moment he heard your moaning. He never stopped massaging you though, pleased to hear that you were enjoying it, as well as enjoying the mere sound of you moaning. He gave you a cheeky look. “If you love this that much, I am happy to continue.” He told you in a seductive voice as he nodded his head for you to follow him.

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Jimin: “Jimin, please! Just this once!” You begged your boyfriend as you pointed towards your back. You were always giving him messages, and this was the first time you were asking him for one. He let out a sigh, getting behind you and started to press his thumbs into your shoulder blades. You let out a long moan, causing Jimin to become completely flustered and break out into childish giggles. “Aish, this is why I don’t do these things.”

Originally posted by cloudjimin

V: You hated how good he was at massages. Every time he gave you one, you would end up getting embarrassed from moaning. “Come on jagi, let me give you a massage. I like to.” He whined as he wiggled his fingers in front of you; teasing you because he knew how badly it made you blush. He would just laugh and smile from ear to ear each time you moaned, taking it as a sign of his good job.

Originally posted by taekookie-bts

Jungkook: He rose his eyebrow, looking at you with a teasing seductive look when he heard the moan escape your lips. You punched him on the arm, annoyed at how cocky he was. “This is why I don’t let you do these kind of things.” You pointed out to him as you started to get up, but he pulled you back onto the couch. “I’m sorry. I promise I won’t tease you anymore. Just let me help you relax after so much dancing.” He apologized.

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vanessa-0188  asked:

I recently lost my best friend... & I've been alone for a lot of the grieving stuff bc yay adulthood, & I'm dealing w/MAJOR health stuff (trying to get a transplant & might not b approved; just had emergency surgery a week ago). Anxiety's been getting me bad lately & I was thinking like whether H was your bf or bff he'd be the kinda guy to just show up @ your door & make your ass get some sleep (something I've been bad @ bc anxietys not letting me) (plz expand)

@vanessa-found-a-boy Hi my sweetie! Im really sorry to hear about everything’s that’s been going on..sending one big, warm, loving hug to you..i realise what it’s like and the only thing i want is for you to be is strong and know it all will pass and be better!

I am being a bit inactive lately with the writing (time and chance are really lacking at the moment) but for you darling, here’s something - a small blurb but i hope it works! Take care and read on:


“What the-” she shook her head, jolting up from the mess she had been lying on on the sofa, opening her eyes to be met with a pair of soft green eyes, earnestly looking down at her.

“Hello to you to.” He smiles down at her, retracting his hand from her waist where he had tickled her to grab her attention.

She rises to her sitting position, running a rough hand through her tangled hair, wincing when her fingers tug at the split ends.

“Here, let me.” Harry urges, grabbing her shoulders to turn her to him.

“Hmm, thanks.” She says in a low tone, turning her back to him, and tilting her head slightly back, she allowed his fingers to get in her hair.

“Woman, when was the last time you decided to shower, huh?” He says in a motherly tone, kissing her side of the face before continuing back to tending her hair, slowly creeping his fingers to her scalp and giving a quick massage.

“Hmm.” She hums again, opening her eyes to look down at her week old clothes, stained with the bits of food she had had.

“Why are you here?” She asked in a low tone, fingers lacing together in her lap.

Harry’s fingers slide down her hair, on her shoulder and they give a little squeeze.

“Because i don’t feel like being anywhere else.” He admits in a soft tone, lips hovering at her ear. Her breath hitches in her mouth, her lips dry from a sudden loss of words.

“And..” Harry continued.

“And?” She whispers back, looking over her shoulder at him.

“And..” He gets up off the sofa, going around to stand in front of her, his hands rested on his hips, mouth pouted in a strict demeanor. “And because i know how spoilt of a child you are who cannot even sleep and eat until someone’s running after her.”

His eyes narrow. This brings a smile on her face. She looks down, and shyly hides her warming cheeks.

“C'mon now-”

“I don’t feel like.” She slumps back against the couch, rolling her head back on the headrest.

“Really?” Harry shakes his head. “I haven’t even said a thing yet.”

“Whatever it is, i don’t want to-”

“Oh, shud up!” He leans forward, scooping her body off of the sofa, and she squeals all the way as he carries her to the kitchen.

Setting her down on the counter, he finally gets her to stop whining. Rummaging through the cupboards, he brings out a cup, looking back at her.

“I don’t care if you’re in the mood or not, but i put my heart and soul into making this soup so you’re having it, whether you like it or not, understand?” He says sternly, lips turning up in a cheeky smile.

She makes gagging noises, ending up chuckling at her ownself. He grins at her, turning around to pour her the soup till the brim of the cup.

“So now you’re learning to make soup and stuff?” She teases him.

“Ah, well, i just actually put in all the vegetables i found in your refrigerator, so like..good luck with it?” He lifts the cup to her, making a soft face.

She laughs at him acting all innocent and defensive. “So like, what is in it that you feel might need a good luck?” She accepted the cup, bringing it to her nose.

“Um, i put in all sprouts and kale, so yeah..hope it works.” He shrugs, watching her take a sip.

“Mhmm.” She gulps down the thick broth, nodding at his appreciable attempt.

“You see, you’re having home made vegetable soup with a side of Harry Styles.” He winks cheekily, leaning against the counter to strike a pose.

She laughs heartedly at his comment. His presence itself is a lift to her mood, his talks are all the more pleasing.

“Drink up! Now! Now!” He scolds her, swatting her hips playfully.

She smiles, lifting the cup back to her lips and finishing off the rest of the soup that has her full to the brim.

She passes him the empty cup, and he takes it in his hand, wiping the mustache formed above her lips with the back of his hand.

“Ah, stop.” She whines, pushing his hand away from her mouth.

He smiles at her. “You ask for it.”

“I do not!”

“May i leave then?”

She rolls her eyes up in thought, hiding a smile. “Uh…no?”

“I wasn’t leaving anyway, so you aren’t getting rid of me too soon!”

His arms wrap around her as hers around his neck, as they chuckle into their necks, feeling the unnecessary thoughts subside and love and warmth take its place.

In a sudden pick, he lifts her off of the counter, holding her legs around his waist in tight grip, and he begins walking.

“Hold on, we are soaring high!” And he takes up on the first stair, rising high above to the second floor with each step. She laughs all the way.

In the bedroom, he sets her down, tugging at her clothes.

“Let’s clean up?”

She doesn’t leave her hold around his neck. “Nah, bed please?”

He grins at her. His hands tug her top up, and she herself pulls her shorts down till she’s only in her undergarments.

Harry does the same for himself, standing before her in just his boxers.

They lunge over to the bed, her lying on her back, while Harry leans on the side of his arms, hovering above her.

Suddenly, in the bed, she feels her mood take a dip, her eyes losing the gleam she encased before.

“What happened?” He notices.

She blows a raspberry from her mouth, meeting his eyes with a deep sigh. “Are you sleepy?”

He feels a fight within as to what he should answer. “Uh-no?”

“Don’t lie.” He saw this coming.

“Okay, i am, and so are you, and now…” He slings his arms around her waist, snuggling into her neck. “..we two sleep.”

She pulls her hand under his head, lifting till he almost lay with his half body on her. The closeness was enough that she needed, but if he would sleep, she doesn’t know what she would do.

“Just stop you crying..” He hums softly against her skin. The hair on her neck rises with the warmth of his breath, and she is attentive as he sings.

“..it’s the sign of the times.”

Her lips curve in a smile, she feels her eyes water.

“Remember everything will be alright..”

He looks up at her, resting his head above her chest and sees her eyes pool with tears.

“Stop you crying, baby..”

He wipes her tears as they fall down the side of her face, kissing along with a soft touch.

“It’s the sign of the times..”

He feels his voice waver, welling up with emotions he has to hold back.

“We will get away, we will get away..”

“Oh, Harry.” She sobs, holding his body as she hides her face in his chest.

“We will, we will..”

He finishes, taking a shaky breath as he brings her closer to him, hugging like it was the only thing that mattered, the only thing that could cure.

“Harry, i love you.” She admits, pressing herself to his warmth, to the godliness he radiates from his body.

“I love you, i love you.” He whispers in her ears, kissing her cheek and neck and everywhere it would feel better at.

She lets go, she finally does. In his arms, she is like a little baby, unconcerned, fragile but protected, asleep now but peacefully. Nothing disturbs her, nothing crosses her mind as with the sound of his tune, she finds herself lure into the world of sleep, enclosed and protected only with him.

As for him, he’s there for her. Has been, and always will.

She can be strong now, she shouldn’t fear ever now, because there’s always someone there to hold her back.


Dear reader, I love you

My Musings: Headcanon: Ver: Daddy Yama-chan

Featuring: Shoes | The Text Conversation ie GPS Fiasco

–When you are far enough along that you can’t bend over comfortably–he will put your shoes on for you every single day. Sometimes it even comes with a quick foot massage and a few kisses to your legs and belly as he admires the lovely, round view. He becomes concerned about your comfort as you progress, and actually buys you new shoes that he’s researched and discovered are the best shoes for your health, condition, and well-being. It falls on deaf ears when you complain that they are hideous “Granny” shoes. 

–Nearly six months along he presents you with a lovely piece of jewelry, a bracelet–in a style you truly love–and it has interchangeable parts to match nearly every outfit you own. On the back of each of the stones it is inscribed with these words: “So I can be with you no matter where you are ~R”. You thought it was a precious token of affection, and understood it was very meaningful to him when he asked you to wear it all the time. You were willing to because it seemed to make him so happy. Of course you were lucky it matched everything, too! You’d even woken up a few times to discover Ryosuke had already attached it to your wrist when he had to leave before you. 

A few weeks had passed and you had met a friend for lunch. It was a nice time and it was good to not have to think about the baby, or nursery, or the future for a little while. You’d just finished eating and were getting ready to leave when your friend noticed your bracelet.

“Ah! That’s one of those amazing bracelets! Where did you get!? I saw it on TV!”

“Ryosuke got it for me a few weeks ago,” you smiled at the thought of how kind-hearted he truly was.

“Wow,” your friend nodded, “he’s really worried about you, huh?”

You were not sure what that meant, but nodded, because of course he was worried about you–this was your first pregnancy and neither of you were very confident. 

“I mean, it’s really amazing to be able to follow you on his GPS, after all, most men would love it if their wives would allow that kind of supervision.”

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Hangover Cure

Pairing: SamxReader

Word count: 653

Warnings: Smut, cursing, that about it there really is no plot it’s just smut (I mean what did you expect?)

A/N: This is my entry for @impala-dreamer and @idreamofhazel ‘s “Sammy Says” writing challenge. My quote was “Is it a kinky thing?” I changed it ever so slightly but it’s pretty much the same idea. I’m sorry it’s so short but with finals and everything I really didn’t have time. I’m surprised I got through this much lol. Also this was my first and probably only time writing Sam. It was weird. Also sorry this is so late I kept forgetting to post it. 


The world came crashing into your conscious as you woke. Your face was stuck to the pillow and the sheets were tangled in between your legs. It had been a long night, the pain throbbing in your forehead proved that. You were up late and had one too many drinks with Dean. Damn that man can drink. You thought you were heavy on the booze sometimes but you had nothing on him.

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Originally posted by yanghyunsuck

And this is another one I wanted to post on our precious kimbap’s birthday but I couldn’t finish it on time and now that I’m on a roll, tadaaa haha thanks for requesting and I hope you like it :-)

The squeaking of shoes against the well polished parquet floor of the YG practice room could be heard as the boys flaunted swift footwork and smooth gliding in their dance moves. You and Bobby had arranged to meet at the YG building on your way home from an entire day of studying in the library before heading home together.

“Alright let’s take five, run it through once more then call it a night!” Hanbin exclaimed and the guys dispersed to take a sip of water.

Bobby having spotted you halfway into the previous song didn’t hesitate to approach you with a smile, taking a seat beside you in the corner of the room, “Hey sunshine.”

“You looked really cool,” You giggled, wiping the sweat on his forehead with a towel.

“Yeah?” He chuckled, tucking lose strands of your hair behind your ear. “Man I swear I would be hugging you right now if I weren’t so sweaty.”

You laughed, giving him a peck on the cheek as you heard Hanbin calling for the boys again, “Later, then.”

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A Treat [Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 953 words

Genre: FLUFF

TW: Nada

A/N: I had to stop myself with this one, or else this was gonna end up as a smut fic! >< Hope you like it Haley~ 

“Sweetheart, are you alright?” you asked your husband, placing your hand on his arm.   

He sighed, his eyebrows have been permanently furrowed since he came to New York, and the dark circles under his eyes just won’t stop growing. You knew what was on his mind, and you took his face in your hands, bringing it closer to in front of you. As his face stood inches from yours, you peppered it with little kisses- on his forehead, his nose, his cheeks, his eyebrows, the corner of his lips, anywhere your lips could touch. It drew a tired smile from him.  

“Come, rest a bit while I play you something.” You took his hand your personal music room where a grand piano took up a little less than half the room. You gently guided him to the couch, giving him a quick massage on the shoulder until you saw his face had relaxed a bit, and you proceeded to gently push him down to lay himself down on the couch. You walked over to the piano, gently stroking the wood before sitting down, and playing some of your favourite pieces. A few minutes in, you turned around to see Thomas sleeping soundly on the couch, you smiled looking at your husband’s peaceful face. You continued playing a few more long pieces. It wasn’t long until Thomas stirred from behind you, you turned to him while continuously playing the piano. He immediately smiled seeing your face.   

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A Little Bit of Sexual Healing

Brock closed his textbook and sat back in his desk chair with a sigh. He was glad that he made it through the assigned reading without falling asleep. For once he didn’t have to ask Evan to pass him the notes!

Brock composed a text to send to Evan, his roommate and the guy that he had a small crush on, to bring some celebratory chocolate for his achievement. He didn’t get to send it because said roommate burst into the room and collapsed onto the bed with a groan.

“You okay buddy? You look kinda tired.” Brock smiled as the Asian man looked at him with a deadpan expression.

“Wow, really? I didn’t fucking notice, Captain Obvious.” Evan stretched out his limbs and his shirt rode up to reveal tan, smooth, and toned skin.

Brock glued his eyes to that small area of skin that he wished to be able to kiss. He only looked back at Evan’s face when he heard him say something.

“What was that?” he asked sheepishly, afraid of getting caught perving on his roomate.

“I said, that with all the stupid classes I’m taking and work added onto that, I never have time to just work out or go on a run to get some stress relief. My shoulders and back are killing me and I can’t go to the gym unless I skip out on doing homework.” Evan once again tried to stretch, only to give up and lay on his stomach.

Brock bit his lip. Evan had looked pretty tense this past week and it was true that he hadn’t been able to work out much due to his busy schedule. Maybe he could help him out, give him a quick massage and hope to God he didn’t think he was coming onto him.

Evan shifted on the bed and propped himself up on his elbows. “So what are you doing man? Do you want my notes on the reading? It’s in my bag if you need it. I think I’m gonna take a quick nap, wake me up in 15 minutes yeah?”

Brock shook his head, “Actually, I just finished the reading,” he cleared his throat. “Hey, Evan. I-uh- I could, you know, give you a massage to help you relax. I mean, it’s better than being all tense and stuff and-”

“Really? You don’t mind giving me a massage?” Evan smiled at Brock, his eyes grateful. Brock shook his head assuredly.

“Then hell yeah, I would love a massage dude. Thank you, get over here!”

Brock was left stunned as Evan swiftly removed his shirt. Leaving him shirtless and only in sweatpants that defined a magnificent, round ass. Brock coughed and approached Evan slowly.

Evan was already laying face down, his arms at his sides and the muscles on his back flexing as he adjusted his position so Brock could sit comfortably on the edge of the bed. Once he was situated he closed his eyes and waited.

Brock promised himself he wouldn’t do or say anything stupid or humiliating before he firmly placed his hands on his roommate’s shoulders. He started to knead the muscles and he felt more than heard Evan sigh in content. Brock let an amused chuckle and relaxed more, Evan was his friend and he wasn’t going to make anything awkward.

Evan felt Brock’s hands almost glide across his skin and felt himself melt like butter, his muscles relaxing and feeling his stress disappear. He couldn’t help but hum and whine as Brock massaged his back.

Brock couldn’t stop smiling, it was amusing listening to Evan unwind and relax under his fingertips. He felt a muscle that was pretty knotted and focused on that, only to hear the most obscene, wanton groan that he had ever heard.

“Oh God, right there Brock..”

Oh dear God. Please not right now, stop it. He clenched his hand and instantly regretting doing so when Evan arched his back in pain.

“Sorry, sorry! I wasn’t expecting you to- nevermind. Just relax, yeah?” Brock felt his cheeks burn, he continued his massage, however, he couldn’t help but wonder what other noises he could drag out of his beautiful roommate.

Evan mewled. Brock bit his lip. He pressed down harder on Evan’s skin and let his fingers trail down the Asian’s spine. Evan squirmed beneath his hands.

“Brock…” Evan let out breathlessly. Brock’s heart clenched at the sound. He finished up Evan’s massage and noticed that Evan seemed to be sleepy so he just slowly tried to climb off the bed.

“No, stay. You’re comfy.” a sleepy-voiced Evan begged, pulling Brock down onto him as he turned over to make space for the larger man

Brock begged to whoever would listen that Evan didn’t lay on top of him. He felt like crying when Evan did exactly that.

Evan mumbled into Brock’s neck, too sleepy to care, “Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me half-naked?” Evan laughed and hugged Brock closer when the brunette tried to escape.

“No, stay. I’m sorry, full disclosure: I did it on purpose.”

Brock froze. “What?” He glanced down at his roommate and in response, Evan smiled coyly.

“What? You’re hot and I noticed you’ve been hot for me. I was gonna make a move sooner or later, you just happened to offer a massage and was actually good. I thought maybe I could entice you. Now go to sleep, we can talk in the morning.” Evan kissed his cheek and snuggled into Brock’s chest.

Chuckling at his apparent stupid luck, Brock kissed his new smooch buddy on his forehead, set the alarm for 20 minutes because Evan still had to study, and fell asleep.

Omg, waayy out of character I feel, but whatever, I’m not sorry! 💖 Btw, I only wrote this because I want a massage and I live vicariously through real people in fictional situations. :D

Contact- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “I know you wanna write fluffy stuff with the premier coming up in LESS THAN 24 HOURS (for me at least) BUT can you please write a Daryl imagine where the reader is trying to be affectionate and he flinches from her touch (cause of child abuse) and he doesn’t mean to buy it happens and the reader is just like oh”

Word count: 474

Warnings: kinda mentions of abuse (?) 

Note: this is literally the oldest request i have ahhh. it’s from months ago whoops. (also hc that daryl’s fav colour is blue like the sky bc it represents freedom and thats all he wants)

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“You ok?” You asked in a slightly chipper tone, but your voice contained hints of worry. “Sore?”

Daryl shrugged slightly, “I’m fine.” But as he lowered himself to the couch, his groans of pain said otherwise. Walking to him, you chuckled softly.

“You’re a bad liar, Dixon.”

Though you couldn’t see his face, you’d bet he’d rolled his eyes at your comment. As you grew closer to him, you felt your heartbeat increasing slightly. The excited and nervous state that drowned your body at the thought of Daryl seemed to flood you, even more, when you heard his voice or looked into his eyes.  

You and Daryl hadn’t talked much when you first met, but over time, your bond developed into one of steal. You liked to think you knew almost everything about the man, down to his favourite colour – blue, like the sky.

Although he’d never admit it, you made him feel comfortable. Your soft voice and gentle movements would always bring him relaxation. For Daryl, that was more important that the butterflies in his stomach.

He scoffed, “Really, I’m good.”

You shook your head at the lies, placing your nibble fingers on the back of his shoulders. Barely a second passed before you began digging your thumbs into his tense muscles.

The moment his brain realised what was happening, he jerked forward violently. You gasped, pulling your hands back to your chest.

“Uh, sorry.” You muttered, your gaze falling to the hardwood floors below you. Slowly, you turned to walk back into the kitchen, thinking Daryl didn’t want you around right now.

A sigh escaped his lips, he turned to face your back. “(Y/N), I didn’t mean to.”

“What?” You asked, confused. He shook his head, feeling extremely vulnerable at the moment. But it was you, the person he trusted with all his being, all his secrets, his past.

“You can still, ya know,” A soft blush grew on his face after he shrugged, “if you want to. I won’t flinch again.”

“Oh,” You whispered. The big (Y/E/C) eyes that captivated Daryl’s stare fluttered slightly. Without hurrying, you turned to him again, stepping his way. “Ok.”

Gently, you placed your hands on his strong shoulders. Your fingers danced along the fabric of his shirt, choosing to push into his achy muscles at random. The massage was quick and barely did the job, but Daryl couldn’t help but sigh at the feeling of the contact. 

His voice was rough, “Thanks,” he muttered. You nodded, walking back into the kitchen. A small, sad smile pulled at the corners of your mouth. Although it was a mere whisper, so quiet you could hear yourself think over it, he smirked at the next words that left your mouth.

“Anytime, Dixon.”

Romeo and Cinderella pt. 2 | Zen x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (Mysme)

Pairing: Zen (Hyun Ryu) x Reader/MC/You

Sunmary: This is the part 2 of Romeo and Cinderella. Zen broke up with you in order to find his true self.

Genre: Angst

a/n: thank you for waiting for the continuation! this is one of my halloween goodies for everyone. enjoy!! ilu all chus

“This has been the fourth time this month.” A voice, it sounded a bit far from where you are. “I can’t tolerate this childish behavior any longer.”

You stirred awake when you heard a voice speak. Your head was throbbing mad and you couldn’t remember what happened last night. Where are you and why are you sleeping on a bed you don’t know of?

“Ah, she’s awake now!” You felt the bed creak on your side as if someone had sat on it. “MC?”

You opened your eyes and immediately, you squinted upon the lights inside the room. The ceiling has a modern design of black and white with a small, circular chandelier on it. You moaned softly and you felt your body extremely beat.

“Mmm… what happened?” You groaned and clutched the side of your head, seemingly forgetting any image of what had possibly transpired. “Where am I?”

“You’re in my house.” A deep voice answered in an unamused tone. “I brought you here last night. You were… dead drunk.”

You shifted your gaze as you slowly adjusted to the faces of those people gathered upon your disposal. You saw a blond hair, a red one and the source of the voice you’ve been hearing since you woke up.

“Jumin?” You asked and tried to stand up. You immediately regretted it as the pounding inside your head deepened, making you dizzy. “Oh god… what happened?”

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Hank & Reader take a vacation from duties at with the X-Men and use the time to their advantage.

Word Count:1864

Pairing(s): Hank McCoy x Reader

Warnings: Pure Smut, some fluff, explicit sex

Notes: Yay my first piece of smut! 

Hank and you had been looking forward to their island vacation from the moment they booked the trip.  It had been a long few months for them; the arguing had finally stopped though and it was just time for them to reconnect. They were free from the responsibilities of the X-Men and the school. It was time for them to be alone once again.

Now, just two days removed from home, you were completely intoxicated by the island’s charms. The sun had been hot, the air fragrant, the water warm. The Saturday morning had consisted of a long walk, a little snorkeling, and catching some rays on the beach. In the afternoon you’d taken a leisurely drive in the rental car, played a round of video games, and soaked in the hot Jacuzzi. And now, at around 6:30 in the evening, you were relaxing in the hotel suite. “You think we should start getting dressed to go out for dinner?” Hank asked.

“I’m in no hurry,” you replied, putting down your drink and starting toward him. 

Hank took a sip from his drink as he watched you approach. Your skin glowed from the sun, your hair shone brightly. Hank enjoyed the view, taking in your luscious breasts, unencumbered by a bra, or even a bikini top, under your white t-shirt. He loved the way your bikini bottom was cut high on your hips, and then drove down into the lovely “V” between your firm thighs. Hank leaned back on the bed and watched you with a smirk.  His eyes looked over your whole body and took you in. Beautiful, he thought to himself as you neared.

            You took his hand, and kissed it, then sucked his middle finger into your mouth. Gently releasing it, you began kissing your way up his arm, mixing in playful little licks. “Hmm, you taste better than chocolate,” you purred softly. Planting your lips fully on his, you kissed him deeply. Hank returned the kiss, hard, your tongues playing a game of tag. He traced his tongue across and lightly nipped at your lower lip. Hank’s arms found their way around your waist, pulling you close. You loved the way Hank kissed you, as if you were the only thing grounding him to earth. Actually, you loved everything about him. In your opinion, theirs had been almost a magical relationship from the start. Sure, there was a physical attraction. He was a terrific looking guy, he had the absolute bluest eyes you’d ever seen. But it was so much more than that – you had such a wonderful connection. And now, to be away together in this magical place… well, it was a dream come true. You really wanted to make it even more fantastic. You pressed yourself against Hank more, and felt his already hard cock against your belly. You looked up at him and smiled, loving that you had that effect on him. Hank looked down and smirked. You both stayed like that, Hank holding you tight to him. You rested your head on his furred chest and just closed your eyes, savoring the moment of peace.

           Hank had been insecure in his looks before meeting You. He rarely left the lab or the school grounds. After fiddling with a serum that should have cured his once less noticeable mutation, he found his mutation evolved – leaving him blue and blue. It wasn’t until You that those feelings started to change. You loved him – all of him. It was rough at the beginning. Hank felt that he would hurt you if he went ‘beast mode’ while together. Slowly, you started to coax it out of him. When it came to be the time that he couldn’t revert into his normal looks, the news had made him push you away. Hank tightened his hold on you as he pressed a kiss to the top of your hair. This woman had stayed with him while he was adamant about pushing you away. You stayed when he retreated further into his lab and refused to see anyone. And it was this woman that helped him gain confidence and stop hiding in fear.

After a few moments of lounging you said, “Come on.” Reaching into Hank’s trunks, you pulled out his rigid cock, and used it like a leash to lead him toward the sliding glass door. “That’s a very effective method for getting me to follow you,” Hank chuckled, “though I do feel a little like dog. And by the way, where are we going?”

“To watch the sunset,” You replied, a mischievous smile spreading across your face.

“Umm, outside?” Hank said, concerned about getting arrested on an indecent exposure charge. “Don’t worry, no one can see into our balcony,” you responded. “It’s totally private out there. In fact, let’s make this easier.” And with that, you pulled Hank’s trunks right off. “All right,” Hank responded, “private is as private does.” Hank smirked and reached toward you, pulling at the strings and snatching away your bottoms.

The two of you moved out onto the balcony. The sun was rapidly falling into the blue ocean, a smattering of clouds in the western sky glowing bright red and orange. You motioned Hank to take a seat on the lounge chair, which he did, his cock sticking up toward the colorful sky. Then, you nestled yourself back against him, rubbing against him with your bare ass as you made yourself comfortable. Hank wrapped his arms around you and they sat for a moment, just enjoying the view. Enjoying the feel of being together, of his arm around you, and you nestled against him. Hank began to kiss your neck, and then traced a line with his tongue up to your ear. He licked around it, finally placing his tongue into the hole. You moaned, closing your eyes, and pushed yourself back against him even more, squirming and wiggling against him.

Hank snuck his right hand under your shirt, and began to fondle one of your breasts. Your nipples were already hard, and he gently rubbed it between his fingers. He dragged his hand over the firm mound, across to the other breast, and fondled it the same way. The sun was now hanging just over the water, mere minutes from disappearing. You pushed forward slightly, making some room for you to sneak your hand back and grasp Hank’s cock. As you rubbed up and down his cock, Hank slid his left hand up under your shirt, and used it to take over fondling your breasts. Then his hand began a slow descent over your belly and down onto your bare pubic mound. You pushed forward into his hand and spread your legs wider apart. Hank slid a finger over your lips, and gently moved it down toward your pussy. He dipped it into your hole, which was already sopping, and drew out some of your moisture. With his finger now lubricated, Hank began to gently draw it up and down across your clit. Little tingles of pleasure coursed through you with every pass. You gripped harder on Hank’s cock, continuing to pump it. The sky was glowing a brilliant rose color, hints of violet scattered throughout.

You were beginning to breathe harder and started to rock your pelvis. Hank began to alternate his stimulation, between tickling your clit and plunging a finger into your pussy. Your hand worked even faster on Hank’s cock. You were so wet, so hot. So ready. The sun was now just a tiny line of yellow above the sea. You twisted around – you had to get Hank’s cock in your mouth. You dropped to your knees and drove your mouth over his head and shaft, sucking as hard as you could. It was partly to get him wet, but mostly because you just loved to feel his cock in your mouth.  You loved the feel of his cock in your mouth, you always wanted to taste it, to run your tongue along the shaft and watch him relax as pleasure overcame him. You ran your tongue up and down the length of his shaft a few times, and then finally looked up at him. “Ready?” Hank nodded.

You turned back to face the setting sun, and Hank pushed you up off the lounge. You then spread your legs, and, supported by Hank, lowered yourself until the tip of his cock was nestled ever so lightly, just touching your wet, engorged lips. It was torture for them both, a torture neither of them wanted to end. With a deep breath, Hank just let you go, and you slid all the way down his shaft in one smooth movement. “Oooh,” You moaned. Or was it him?  

Hank held you down on him for a moment, needing a second to get control of his self. Then slowly, he began to lift you up and down. Just a little at first, very deliberately. The sun was down now, the sky glowing a brilliant red. The wind had picked up slightly, the trees rustling.

You licked your finger, and then gave your clit a few quick massages. Hank pushed you up more with each stroke, and held you up, his cock barely inside your warm wetness. Then he would let you slide all the way down his shaft once more. Slowly, stroke after stroke, your passions built. At the height of each stroke, your pussy would tense, squeezing Hank, imploring him not to pull out. And then he would let you slide down once more. Each time you felt like he went in a little deeper. Stroke after stroke. You ached for him to fill you all the way up, to push as deep as he could and then some.

Your breathing grew more rapid. Your moans became more pronounced. One more stroke. Then another stroke. Faster now. Hank’s cock was completely coated with your juices. Your body began to shake. Hank’s face contorted as he fought to hold off. And then the deep moans from you that told Hank You was there. You were about to come. Now he could let it go, too. Hank’s arms held you tight, he pushed in as far in as he could possibly go. With a final scream, you lost control, shaking into your orgasm. Hank let go, shooting deep, deep within you. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over them both. Hank felt like it would never stop. You hoped it never would. And then, finally, the contractions subsided. You both fell back against the lounge chair, spent, but still connected. The sky was finally dark. There had been no arguments, just peace that day.

Hank pulled You closer to him and squeezed. You looked up at him as his eyes began to close. “He looks so peaceful,” you thought. You knew this was your partner in life. The one who you would always fight for, the one you would do anything for. Another great day on the island had come to an end. After some rest, you knew the night would be even better. You would be ready and had many surprises in store for Hank.


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Your friends have always said that you act by impulse and don’t get to think straight sometimes. Maybe this is one of those cases.
You drive as fast as you can to Klaus apartment, where you’re hoping to see him. When you’re there, you immediately get out of the car and run to his door.

Y/N: “KLAUS! Open the door.” You say knocking as loud and fast as possible. “OPEN THE DOOR!” You insist. For you surprise, the one who opens the door is not Klaus, is Katherine.

Katherine: “Could you please stop? He’s not here.” She says opening the door, letting you know how irritated she is.

Y/N: “Where is he, Katherine?” You make yourself go in to the apartment, pushing the door.

Katherine: “I don’t know, okay? I’m not his puppy.”

You really contained yourself to not respond that commentary. You look at her one second and then you start looking in the entire apartment for Klaus but you knew he wasn’t there.

Katherine: “Look, if he finds you here, he’s gonna kill me. So please, go.”

Y/N: “I won’t leave until he’s here. Do you understand?” You say with a threatening voice.

You sit on the couch waiting for Klaus. The seconds feels like hours and the minutos like an eternity. Damon has no time and Klaus is who-knows where. You literally feel like you were dying too.

Katherine: “Why do you need him anyway?” You almost forgot about her. 10 minutes has past and it definitely doesn’t feel like that.

Y/N: “Look, Katheri-”

Klaus: “Well, well. This is definitely a surprise. A great one, of course.” You see Klaus coming in to the apartment for the front door, wich you didn’t noticed it was open. In the moment you realize it’s him, you stand up from the couch.

Y/N: “We need to talk. Right now.”

Klaus: “What do you want, sweetheart?”

Y/N: “Your blood.”

Klaus: “Well, a lot of people want it too. Why would I give it to you?”

Y/N: “You’re not going to die for giving me some of your blood, Klaus. Please, I’ll do anything.”

Klaus: “But someone is going to die if I don’t give it to you, am I right?”

Y/N: “Yes. That’s why I’m so desperate, Klaus. I wouldn’t come to you if it wasn’t necessary.”

Klaus: “Who is it?”

Y/N: “It’s Damon. Tyler bit him and he’s dying. Klaus, please.”

Klaus: “Why should I help Damon Salvatore? Has he ever done something for me, besides trying to kill me?”

Y/N: “I know, okay? But, please. I already told you I’d do anything if you do this for him.”

You’re starting to desperate because he’s not cooperating and Damon’s dying. You feel the tears trying to come out but you’re not going to let Klaus see you like that. So week.

Klaus: “I do want you to do something. Two things, really.”

Y/N: “Anything, just give me the blood so he can take it now.”

Klaus: “That won’t be necessary. Katherine can do it for you.”

In that moment, as a lightning, Katherine appears in the room.

Katherine: “Are you serious? Will you let me go?”

Klaus: “Of course. I do not need you anymore. And you Y/N, these are the two things I want you to do for me: First, you will become a vampire.”

Klaus makes his ways to the kitchen. He slowly picks up one knife and cuts his own hand. He pours his blood in some vessel you didn’t notice it was there. When the blood stopped coming out, he grabbed the vessel.

Klaus: “There it is, you want to save the love of your life, how about a decade long bender? I have big plans for you, Y/N.”

Y/N: “Klaus, I can’t do that. I just can’t.”

Klaus: “Well, that’s too bad.” He says as he begins to slowly throw the blood on the floor.

Y/N: “Wait!” He stops. “Okay, I… will.”
Klaus: “Now that sounds better. You do everything I say and I save Damon, that’s the deal. Here, drink this.” He commands referring to the blood.

You’re so scared you can’t even say a word. You take the vessel and slowly you put it on your mouth. You try to drink all of it as fast as possible and when you finish, without even noticing it, Klaus is right in front of you, smiling.

Klaus: “Done.” Then he breaks your neck.

You slowly open your eyes and the first thing you see is Katherine next to you. You stand up quickly a little confused.

Klaus: “Finally.” He says coming out from the kitchen, he is accompanied by a girl who may have the same age as you. “See, I have a gift for you. I wanna make sure you honor a deal.” Then he bites her neck. “Drink.”

At this point, you know that fight him won’t work and if you refused to anything Damon will die. So you say to yourself to not think too much about it and just do it. And you do, you bite her neck and immediately you feel the pleasure of it. So you don’t stop until it’s over.

Y/N: “Give… Katherine… the cure.” Right now is very hard for you to speak.

Klaus: “Not until we close the deal. The other thing I want Y/N is that you will leave this town with me.”

Y/N: “What? Wasn’t this enough? You turned me into a monster and now you want me to leave? I can’t.” Your voice returned.

Klaus: “It’s your choice, Y/N. You can either remain here in Mystic Falls, without Damon or you can come with me and save him.”

What would be the point of this if Damon dies?

Y/N: “Okay, you win.”

Klaus: “That’s the spirit.” He says with a evil smile on his face. He takes another vessel from the table with his blood and gives it to Katherine. “Sweetheart, take this over to Damon.” He says, compelling her.

Katherine goes.

30 minutes after, your phone rings with a message from Elena.

“Damon’s okay. Where R U?”

Klaus: “So… did Katherina make it in time?”

Y/N: “What is it you really want from me?”

Klaus: “It will be explain in time. Now, we have to go.”

You write a quick massage for Elena before you destroy the phone.

“Tell him I love him.”