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Drabble Request #4: Jensen Ackles @iwantthedean (I made myself giggle quite a bit with this one, but it was so fun to write. I hope you like it, sweetheart! The title could be better, but it’s applicable).

“Come on, Jay. It’s not that bad. We’ve only got three more people to buy for.” You persuaded as you led him through the mall. Christmas shopping was always so much fun for you, but Jensen didn’t love it the way you did. It was a little funny to see him struggle with so many bags from time to time, and even though he complained a bit, he always made sure you were having fun.

“I know.” He sort-of-whined. “Three more people. How many more stores, then?”

“I’m not sure, but I’ll try to make it quick, okay?” You replied, lacing your arm through his and snuggling against his shoulder. You could feel his grumpy façade fade as he rubbed his scruffy cheek against your forehead. You closed your eyes for a brief moment when he placed a kiss to your hairline and lead you into the store you pointed to.

You gave Jensen the leeway in choosing a present for Jared, opting for two; one gag gift and one serious, while you would choose for Gen. Jensen stopped you at the entrance of the department store and mentioned he wanted a cup of coffee.

“Sure, honey. There’s a shop right around that corner.” You said, pointing to your right. “Take your time.”

He left a chaste kiss on your lips before practically sprinting away, bags draped on both arms. You giggled to yourself before being accosted by so many different perfumes as you entered under a barrage of Christmas lights and fake snow.

You had debated relentlessly what to get Gen. You two were close… very close, so you wanted to make sure that her gift would make her smile. You thought briefly about taking a page from Jensen’s playbook and purchasing something that could be a funny present, maybe lingerie? Of course, you’d buy her a second gift, this one you’d give to her in secret.

You perused through the La perla sets and came across a coral and black set that would look fantastic on her. You had resolved to buy her the set when a black, lace set came into your vision out of the corner of your eye.

“Hey, babe.” Jensen smiled, much more content now that he had coffee and a cart to put all of the bags in. He stopped about two steps shy of being right next to you and glanced around, as if he was caught somewhere he shouldn’t be. “Uhhh… what exactly are you doing over here?” he said with a mischievous raise of his eyebrow.

“Picking out some stuff for Gen. Something to give her before we exchange gifts with everyone, one girlfriend to another. Who knows, maybe it’s more a present for Jared.” You said with a wink.

Jensen finally came close to you, careful to not let his eyes linger too closely on any of the fabric, leaning slightly on the edge of one of the display tables.

“Look at you. Sinner.” He joked, his lips pursed to reveal his adorable dimples. 

You shrugged momentarily before smirking in his direction, “Well, you know… I could buy a set for myself, as well…”

You looked at him seductively, only to find his full lips slightly parted and a somewhat shocked expression on his face, openly staring at you. His grip on his coffee cup tightened and his tongue ran across his lower lip. “Oh, sweetheart…” He let out a breath and practically gulped before continuing, “I’d be alright with that.”

“Yeah?” you grinned.

“Oh, yeah.”

He wouldn’t even let you attempt to buy for the last person on your list. After you made your purchase, he ushered you quickly to your shared SUV, breaking the speed limit to hurry you home. The remaining gifts were left in the car as he gently tugged you up the steps to your house. He lovingly grasped your wrist tightly in one of his strong hands… and in the other, only one lone pearl colored shopping bag. 

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When I first looked at Wikipedia to find out more about Wyandottes the text said that they were named after the breed developer’s father’s boat during the Civil War. Apparently not true, since the text there now is REALLY cut and dried, but I love the story anyway.

This breed was developed in the United States in the mid-1800s and have remained popular in backyard flocks as both meat and eggs birds. When these ladies showed up in my flock, I suddenly felt much more like a “real” chicken keeper.

Wyandottes are a calm, fluffy, mellow birds. They come in several colors - I like the fancy patterns: Silver Laced, Silver Penciled, Gold Laced and Partridge the best. These hens are good layers of brown or tinted eggs can lay 200 - 240 eggs a year. They have clean yellow legs and a small rose comb.

with @thislovelylady & continued from here!

Ah — but is it cheesy if it’s true?” Zen’s fingers were quick to respond, lacing through Lenora’s as he gave her a wink. “You’ve been changing my days for the better ever since the first time I met you.” His face flushed slightly with pleasure at the kiss bestowed upon his cheek, and he couldn’t resist pulling hr in closer.


- When my own status as a living being was in question, you fought to protect my rights, and for that I will always be grateful. The exocomps had not such advocate, if I had not acted on their behalf, they would have been destroyed. I could not allow that to happen, sir.

- Of course you couldn’t. It was the most human decision you’ve ever made

Gold Laced Cochin Rooster and Light Brahma Hen*

*She’s badly marked for a Light Brahma but pretty and has been a great Mama hen and a decent layer

I have a lot of May-December relationships going on in the yard. Young roos pairing up with older hens. It’s all the rage. This hen is 5 years old, the rooster about 10 months old, He courts her, she abides by his attentions. Sometimes that the best one can hope for.