quick knock it down

Is there something on my face?

This is a quick translation from the first book of Psycho-pass, Psycho-pass . It’s been in my hard disk for a while, so it was time to share it. I hope to be able to do some other scenes I like from book 1 in the future. I already have them in my mind… ;-)


Enforcers’ quarters ­— the shared training room. In the wide room covered with impact absorbing materials, two men naked from the waist up and wearing spats shorts were grappling.

One of them was Kougami. The other person was the sparring partner. Kougami’s powerful muscles were clenched. His opponent was impassive. Kougami was the only one sweating. Dodging a right hook*, Kougami performed a quick tackle and knocked him down. Takedown*.

The opponent wrapped a leg around Kougami and tried to block him. Half-turning, Kougami passed his guard and straddled him completely ­— a mount position*. From the top, Kougami knocked him hard. One punch, two punches, heavy like a hammer. Bam! bam! The sound of the blows echoed while the opponent face was being deformed. The nose was smashed, the jaws fallen apart, the eyes started out of the head, the skull had collapsed.

Amid that, a noise ran across the face and upper body of the opponent. ­— it was the hologram. Robots used for sparring were covered by a holo in order to make the simulation real. During that training, Akane came in.

“You are going too far, Kougami-san…”

Taken aback and come to himself at those words, Kougami stood up slowly and got away from the opponent. The sparring end buzzer rang and the opponent holo vanished entirely. A common sparring robot with the look of a mannequin appeared. Because of Kougami’s brute force, its head was completely broken.

Looking at the sparring system console, Akane was astonished. “You set the sparring program to the highest level! …are you really human, Kougami-san?”

Akane checked the sparring robot.

“You will surely be scolded by the Property Management Department later”

“This system is a piece of crap” Kougami spat out and walked up to the stand where he had placed his things and clothes.

Before the towel, Kougami picked up a cigarette and held it between his teeth.

While smoking, Kougami’s abdomen slowly raised and lowered matching the lungs shrinking. His abdomen had a sharp six-pack abs. Akane unintentionally fixed her eyes on Kougami’s steel body.  “…” the bulging surface of the strong muscles was covered in sweat and blood trickled faintly from the fist used to hit hard his opponent.

“…is there something on my face?”

“No, not… not really…!”

After averting her eyes, Akane searched for a topic of conversation to get over the embarrassing situation.

“Despite being provided with a powerful weapon like the dominator, do you need such an extreme fight training?

“I do. Precisely because it’s a strong and superior weapon, its user must be stronger and tough”  

While saying so, Kougami stared at his own fist, dirty with the blood trickled.

“It’s not the dominator that kills the enemy, the intent to kill is mine …in order to keep that in mind, I have to feel the pain here”

“…is that…a lesson for me?”

“No. It’s because I don’t want you to make unnecessary experiences, Inspector. I refuse to be in a situation where you have to fire the dominator a second time” 

Kougami blew out a puff of smoke. “So, what do you want?”

“Before that, wipe off the sweat with a towel and get dressed properly, please!”


*Hook: A hook is a punch in boxing. It is performed by turning the core muscles and back, thereby swinging the arm, which is bent at an angle near or at 90 degrees, in a horizontal arc into the opponent. A hook is usually aimed at the chin, but it can also be used for body shots, especially to the liver. Hook punches can be thrown by either the lead hand or the rear hand, but the term used without a qualifier usually refers to a lead hook. The hook is a powerful punch with knockout power. (from Wikipedia)

*Takedown: In martial arts and combat sports, a takedown is a technique that involves off-balancing an opponent and bringing him or her to the ground, typically with the attacker landing on top. The process of quickly advancing on an opponent and attempting a takedown is known as shooting for a takedown, or simply shooting. (from Wikipedia)

*Mount position: The mount, or mounted position, is a dominant ground grappling position, where one combatant sits on the other combatants torso with the face pointing towards the opponent’s head. This is very favourable for the top combatant in several ways. The top combatant can generate considerable momentum for strikes such as punches or elbows to the head of the opponent, while the bottom combatant is restricted by the ground and by the combatant on top.  

Signs as types of college freshman
  • Aries: the one who tries hard for the first week of the semester, then doesn't go to class, then tries for finals week and usually passes most classes, barely.
  • Taurus: the one who is overly prepared and makes friends with every teacher. Every classmate hates them.
  • Gemini: the one who comes to college thinking they know everything then gets knocked down reals quick
  • Cancer: the one who cries over hard classes and calls their mom every day and goes home every fortnight
  • Leo: the one who's lowkey scared of being judged but won't show that. Dresses up for class like wtf this is college, you go to class in pjs no one cares
  • Virgo: better grades then their senior and junior friends (the only sign besides aquarius to be friends with anyone besides freshman). Asks everyone to proof read their papers.
  • Libra: smart af. Social butterfly. Makes friends with their RA but is somehow still cool among their friends too
  • Scorpio: gets straight As and lives off coffee. Is always late but still makes a good impression on teachers. Upperclassmen hate them
  • Sagittarius: frat boys/sorority girls. Is smart but skips class and cares more about their social life. This comes back to bite them in the butt.
  • Capricorn: cries and thinks they're gonna fail as thinks they're not going to be able to pass but everyone knows they're gonna get all As
  • Aquarius: either has a social life or gets good grades can't do both. Hates all the other freshman and either makes friends with upperclassmen or hides in their dorm playing video games.
  • Pisces: either drops out bc it's boring, or threatens to drop out bc it's boring.
to the underdogs of writing

You feel like a numbing sound in a sea full of poetic mouths,
sending out white noise just to get even so much as a quick glance.

You’ll knock yourself down a few more pegs and critique your owns words
and a sudden rush of frustration fills your bones and your inspiration,
your motivation to move mountains with a string of words suddenly fades

and you can’t even piece basic vocabulary together

but, you are never unheard.

The emotion that floods from your fingertips, seeps into the hearts that beat
to every curve you make and dotted I that you put into your writing.

Maybe you are no Hemingway, Plath, or Green, but you are one of a kind
and the universes you hold inside of your mind deserve to be seen.

The quality of your writing should never be based on how many comments
how many notes that are left for you 
nor is it based on your misplaced punctuation and messy handwriting.

It’s the passion and thought dripped into every sentence and paragraph
you molded on your own.

You are never unnoticed. 

Your words split seas and rattle solid grounds.

Your words hold more meaning than you’ll ever let yourself believe.

To the underdogs of writing,
you are everything.