quick gift arts

im worried we don’t have enough to pay for the four of us to see this movie…

@eregyrn-falls did you say something

You know what we gotta do, don’t ya, @dothackeryggdrasil?

Don’t let those hateful anons get to ya and hurt your heart. They’re cowards who won’t show who they really are and just want to take all the fun out of the fandom. You have a fantastic sense of humor and bring the people around you joy with your shitposts, cosplay, art, and voice acting.

And no matter who’s causing ya trouble, we’re here for ya!

(( Or keep enjoying it ovo)//

For @wickederosyuri (your submit box wasn’t open :U ) who deserves all the happiness and support because everyone needs to take breaks! This is for you 

And if you don’t, please follow Chey bc they are a talented human being with A+ quality art))

@shimmerleaf: Look! I drew Honoka~! Tadah! Forgive me for the teeth post. 

Also…Love Live characters are harder to draw than expected.