quick gift arts

(( Or keep enjoying it ovo)//

For @wickederosyuri (your submit box wasn’t open :U ) who deserves all the happiness and support because everyone needs to take breaks! This is for you 

And if you don’t, please follow Chey bc they are a talented human being with A+ quality art))

Wow. I am like, a month late for this, but a happy belated one year anniversary to @ask-the-skele-household !! Thanks for a year full of positivity and humour. I’ve been admiring this blog from afar for so long - when I found it, I was so ecstatic to see someone else who loved drawing themselves with their favourite character (who also happened to be mine as well :D). In recent years I’ve strayed away from doing that because of distracting life things or maybe out of some weird sort of misplaced shame, but now seeing blogs like this one have inspired me to try again. If you see this, Jim, thanks a bunch for sharing your work with us. It’s a delight to see and - for me - very inspiring.