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Mchanzo Week- Canon Divergence/AU

In which the hunter falls for the lord of wolves~

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new haircut and an alya pep talk <3

Okay listen up losers I'm about to prove a fucking point.

So my presentation will be about proving season 3 Shiro is a clone and why DreamWorks made it too easy. I rewatched a crapton on episodes to make this, I need to sleep. 

If you guys didn’t notice the first thing Clone Shiro, umm wait imma call him Kuro Kuro looks at is his hand and a Galra symbol.

And that in and of itself is a big clue because there’s already a lot of meaning behind that since season 2. In which, Hunk and that team discussed how the arm can be used against them.

Memory is key! How could Galra have Shiro’s memories? The arm! Like Hunk said, if it could create memories than it’s pretty safe to say it can record them too.

Linking that with the shot of the Galra emblem is a huge deal in symbolism. Trust me I’m an English major, I deal with this shit all the time.

(I’m writing this on my laptop and phone at the same time, godspeed)

Speaking of symbolism, Ulaz made an appearance when Kuro was dazed

(Is that even Ulaz? I can’t tell I’m bad with faces)

This does two things. Reaffirm Kuro’s undying trust with his arm, and make a connection with Galra as a comrade. Lemme explain;

During Shiro’s ‘I can suddenly remember shit’ scene in season 2? He die-hard believes the memories are his and not a [insert dream here] from Galra, by showing him Ulaz they are trying to recreate that same feeling.

By showing him a Galra (regardless of being evil or not) you’re connecting the dots with trust.

That could be a good reason why the Galra decided to give Shiro a weaponized arm in the first place. Why would they power him up for shits and giggles? Haggard herself even said this:

(Bitch, no thanks.) They wouldn’t have given him a cool fighting arm just so he could be cooler in the arena. That’s fucking idiotic to arm a prisoner. (sorry)

This wouldn’t even be the first time Haggard had some evil version of Shiro

Remember this scene from season 1? Cuz I sure fucking do.

Speaking of that arm, why would they take it in the first place? Listen, it’s already pretty fishy they gave him a super arm but why would they take it at all? Dare I say, D N A ?

This leads me back to this scene here:

Why would Kuro hurt himself? A French term can explain this, ‘L’appel du vide’ translation: The call of the void. Basically, your brain is telling you to self-destruct in order to take control of a situation.  Now we already discussed how the Galra controls his brain sort of so that’s that.

Now I know what you’re saying: Oh! But that’s so he could close the wound!!

Listen, man, I did training with an Army doctor on quick fixes for medical emergencies. Now I’m not saying I’m an expert cuz I’m not, but if Kuro did that do it to heal himself up it wasn’t done correctly. Or at least done accurately…. Especially with an unknown power. This might be wrong, it was a brief training,  so don’t take this part too seriously.

Adding to this point:

If you’ve ever seen anyone wake up from a long coma, and I mean  l o n g  coma, they don’t have full feeling in their muscles and tend to fall because they do not have full control of their limbs. I’m assuming by the hair this hasn’t been up and about for enough time to get that effect.

Speaking of hair, yes guys, Kuro’s hair is WAY too long to be Shiro.

(Lmao, Shiro/Kuro w/ long hair; hit or miss??)

Kuro’s hair shows that he hasn’t cut it in at least 1 ½ years. There might not be much context of how long he was missing but I’m sure as hell it’s couldn’t be more than a few months since Keith was searching through the Glara rubble.

<Man, all these analytical essays are finally paying off>

This scene here:

Is a big clue. For real why would the Black Lion do that? Send him into more danger? That’s not right.

Well, guess what, she didn’t.

Remeber this gem? I sure fucking do.

She sent him with someone he trusts, Matt. This really makes sense cuz mATT JUST HASN’T SHOWED UP BUT IS OBVIOUSLY REALLY IMPORTANT *cough* sorry, I don’t know what came over me….

Not only does Shiro trust him but so does Pidge, and I know those two never really had a connection but they kinda all share a state of thought while forming Voltron…

So the Black Lion theoretically has seen Pidge’s thoughts and stuff. Theoretically Black has two reasons why to trust Matt.

The Black Lion has so many reasons to send Shiro to Matt and not some Galra base.

This can also help understand why the Black Lion didn’t trust Kuro.

From what I’ve seen (or remember seeing at 4 AM, I haven’t slept in 45ish hours guys, help) all of you guys think that Black knows that’s not Shiro from the Connection they have but that might not be it!

Kuro thinks he’s Shiro, he has the same memories, the same body, the same scar on the face! So the Connection can still be there, what he doesn’t have is Matt with him.

Which wouldn’t make sense because Black sent him there, so it’s ridiculous cuz “hey I sent you to be with your buddy? Why didn’t you bring him along to see his sister who has been searching for him like crazy???”

That could be why the Black Lion found Kuro and trusted that was the OG but then changed its mind and was like ‘no thanks’ when she saw Matt wasnt with him.

I mean look how….happy?? She looks when they find him!

Why would that change after the fact? The Connection had to be there in order to sense him in the first place. It just makes sense.

Also look at the symbolism here again:

Kuro is in a Galra ship, it’s so subtle you might not even catch it (unless you’re used to over analyzing everything in order to fit 3 more pages into a term paper like me)

Instead of animating Kuro getting physically off the fighter they show them apart, separated from Black. They show him in enemy weaponry.  

As an enemy kinda…

(I’m getting too into this…)

This is Kuro while he’s being cloned

This is Kuro after he’s ‘escaping’

Sounds like the plan was a success, but all that happened was Kuro getting away? I don’t know about you but prisoners stay locked up, unless they aren’t.

They even say Kuro’s is approved for Operation Kuron!

Also from that scene:

Kuro was given that codename ‘Subject Y0XT39′

But Shiro already had a codename, and it wasnt that.

Its ‘Prisoner 117-9875′

Subject and Prisoner are two different things and two different codes.

Kuron is already a huge fucking clue. I donno know if you seen this yet but,

Shiro’s name is literally White and the opposite is Black or Kuro which sounds a lot like Kuron

If you think that’s just a coincidence then try this:

Just try telling me this isn’t legit?

To add just a bit more, Kuro and Keith clashed a lot while both trying to lead Voltron.

He also made it so Keith looked like a weak leader, which he was not once he got more use to the role.

Appearance wise, Kuro is different from Shiro in a low key way. First off both haircuts he has where different from Shiro’s. They’re all horrible but that’s a different story.

His cloths is different too, it shows more skin. The sleeve shows his arm and he took off his glove. Symbolically this means he trying to be more open, more free, more approachable.

This would make it easier to give the wrong feeling of trust to the team, which is the plan Kuro was given

*searching through my notes* okay did I miss anything…? Ah Yes!!

When Shiro first meets those two freedom fighters the transmission radio picks of two things; something less important about Lotor and Voltron.

Which one was ignored and which one was heard?

Yes guys, Kuro didn’t even pay attention to Lotor cuz that’s not what he was told to do. He was told to find out about Voltron which, he did.

Also with those freedom fighters, we learn this:

It wouldn’t have been easy to escape injured and tired. When he escaped the first time it was with the help of Ulaz. They didn’t even try keeping him there, he wasn’t restrained and didn’t have any guards. The only thing trying to stop him were those androids they know Kuro/Shiro could easily defeat.

And last thing.

And I think this is the most important thing.

He didn’t finish that sentence.

He didn’t say he wasn’t a traitor.

He didn’t have too.

This concludes my presentation on ‘Proving That’s not Shiro but Kuro the Clone’

Thank you for your time.

For my next presentation, I will talk about why we should save Kuro and love him indefinitely

Millennials have made it clear they most want career advancement and growth, something not every workplace can offer on demand. But in lieu of those opportunities, many companies are resorting to quick fixes in an attempt to shape culture. Whether it’s free snacks, Ping-Pong tables, or beer taps, these perks—like participation trophies before them—are trinkets that do not thoughtfully consider the symptoms of the problem before providing a treatment.

Vacation usage—a benefit repeatedly found to be more valued than raises, bonuses, and retirement plans—is a measure of trust and an important part of the work-life balance equation. Despite its value, a study by Project: Time Off revealed Millennials are not taking the vacation they earn. In fact, they are the most likely generation to forfeit time off, even though they receive the least amount of vacation days.

Research into Millennial vacation behavior shows they are afraid, not entitled. Compared to Boomers, Millennials are at least twice as likely to say they are fearful of losing their job. This cohort worries about what the boss might think, wants to show complete dedication, and does not want their bosses to see them as replaceable.

These findings are counterintuitive to the coddled Millennial stereotype that ignores the circumstances of the generation’s experience. Coming of age during an economic downturn has consequences.

—  this sponsored post on the atlantic for a vacation planning app has a sharper insight into current labor issues than eight years of obnoxious thinkpieces from the atlantic abt millennials, this feels like a diss track

I need more smart McCree, because the fandom’s just put him on simmer and reduced him to bumbling cowboy who shoot nice. 

Give me mechanic McCree, who used to ride and repair motorcycles. Who knows the inner workings of a variety of Omnic builds and can do quick on site fixes to their Omnic/cyborg companions. He knows how to fix, and drive just about any vehicle he comes across, both due to the pressure to learn back in Deadlock, and the education he received in Blackwatch. 

Give me a McCree who’s Deadeye isn’t some supernatural ability he was born with, or just wicked stupid luck, but precisely calculated and practiced moves. Who’s so good at following his target with hand eye coordination, and taking in the wind and angle factors into firing, along with the recoil from his gun and where he needs to hold and fire, that he can take down six enemies in a second. 

Give me a McCree who knows guns inside and out. How to disassemble and reassemble them in seconds, and can use a variety of weapons with ease. Who’s not just a sharpshooter with his peacekeeper, but can rival Widow and Hanzo with a sniper rifle or bow. Who can pick up any teammate’s weapon and use it to help get them out of the pickle they found themselves in. A McCree who would hands down grab Mercy’s staff and get to fucking work helping his team while she’s down. 

Give me a McCree who used to work with horses back on his family’s ranch, and knows how to ride professionally. He has such steady footing you can find him strolling across a floating log in in a river. He knows how animals think and work, and how to take care of them.

Give me a McCree who used to work for tips at the diner down in Route 66 on his off time, who knows how to cook a damn good meal on nothing but scraps and a quarter. Who understands not everyone has the same taste as him and can adjust his recipes as needed so everyone’s happy. 

Give me a McCree who’s an actual covert ops agent, who can get through the busiest bases, and flank without a damn sound. Who, back in Blackwatch, they had to give him a pair of spurs so he’d stop sneaking up on everyone because of how silent he became during training. Who’s accuracy in taking down enemies from the inside reflects Reyes’ standards for his agents. That he’s not just a hothead who goes in howling, that he’s the top dog they trained him to be. 

This cowpoke could be so fleshed out, but people just play him as a joke. Do Jesse better. 

5 Ways to Feel Better in 5 Minutes

I know at least one person who has lost all motivation now that summer has begun. There’s something about not being in a regular, structured environment full of like-minded peers that just kinda brings people down, you know? However, you don’t have to succumb to feeling gross now that summer is here. Here are five tips that can be completed in five minutes to make life feel a little better.

Wash your face.

It doesn’t have to even be a full wash. In summer, sometimes a facial wipe-down with a damp cloth can do wonders. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, and it can help energize you to do whatever you wanna get done.

Put away three items.

Right now, look to your right and put away the first three items you see that are out of place. You can keep going if you want. It’s not required, though! Just three seems to be enough for me to feel useful but not put-upon. Plus, now your living space is three items tidier, which is good for morale.

Light a candle and watch it flicker.

Meditation is boring. That’s fair. However, watching a candle burn is similar, in that it allows your mind to empty out and focus on nothing. I could watch a fire burn for ages, lost in my thoughts. Plus, most candles smell nice. Bonus!

Change clothes.

If you’re in a summer funk, I’d bet money you’re wearing at least one article of clothing that you’ve been living in for about a day too long. Go change, now. I feel the most human on days where I dress nice and wear my fancy linen cardigan. You probably have a similar outfit. Go wear it.

Drink a glass of water.

I have once again lost my good water bottle, so I have a new one coming in the mail. Until then, and for the past few weeks, I will be and have been dehydrated. Dehydration can mess with your head in a bunch of ways, none of them good. My willpower decreases, I get lazier, and I don’t sleep as well. So drink a glass of water for me and maybe we’ll both feel better.

Obviously none of these are cure-alls or quick fixes for something more than a minor slump. But for a quick mood boost, there’s few things I’ve found that are more effective. Go kick that summer slump’s butt. You got this!


Sooo 2nd time writing this - I’m sorry for being a piece of poo & procrastinating over for a week 😂 … anons pls forgive me & my sins!

OK so these photos were taken 16 days apart for the orange & black bodies and 18 days apart for ~ the dress ~ and there is 17.6lbs difference.

On 10th July I bought the dress on the left and challenged myself to look good in it and have the confidence to wear it out to a school reunion type thing on 28th.

With pathetic amounts of exercise and a bit of strength I was able to shift some lbs, but more importantly I WORE THE DRESS AND EVERYONE WAS SO COMPLIMENTARY 

Admittedly when I weighed at 176.0lbs I had eaten lots the previous night & so a good 3-4 melted away (and were water), but still 14-17.6lbs is not bad going.

Lots of u have been demanding answers and tricks of the trade, so I have compiled a list to help you on your way. 

 Pleeeeease remember I’m 1) Not a nutritionist 2) No expert in weight loss 3) That I was looking for a quick fix without starving myself 

• Drink 3-4L of water a day 

Seems like a really obvious Fitblr thing to say, but water is the holy grail to weight loss. It reduces water retention, aids to ur organs, & helps u flush away FAT. Up ur water intake by 1L for a week and you will see a noticeable difference on the scales

 • Cut waaaay down on ur carbs 

Preparing for backlash for this one. Remember I wanted a “quick fix” and never intended on keeping it up for too long. The carbs I had came only from vegetables, and any loose ones found in things such as gravy granules, mayo (🤤) or my “no carb” protein shakes.  Naturally you’re going to see a decent drop when you drop ur carb intake. Your body runs on carbohydrates, so when you remove these from your diet (once they have been used up), your body turns to fat as a source of energy. 

Don’t be scared of protein 

Your body NEEDS it to repair your muscles & tissues. Even if you’re a bit lazy with exercising (like meeee), your body needs protein to function!!!

• Don’t be scared of fat 

Fish, oil, avocado, egg yolks, CHEESE… its all good people, get it down ya 

Fats have the highest calorie to gram ratio out of the food groups, so when you’re cutting out carbs they’re crucial to meeting your intake. It’s also what your body will be running off of after the first 4-6 days, when it starts to produce Ketones, so making sure you consume enough is important 

 • Don’t stress urself out with exercising 

 I’ve said this from day 1. Carbs or no carbs. If you try to do a 180 flip on your mindset on exercise & ur eating habits, there is a very very good chance you will fall off the wagon hard. 

Take. It. Slowly. 

Which seems ironic for somebody who was after a quick fix lol

What I mean is, don’t be lazy - walk to places that you normally would drive to, walk ur pooch instead of sitting down and throwing the ball, run around with ur little family, opt for the stairs instead of the escalator at the mall - but don’t stress yourself out and feel like a failure if you don’t move from the sofa for a day. It’s all about changing your outlook on life, and you will 100000% find that if you are up and about and being productive that you won’t even think about snacking or carbs or eating shit.

OK I feel obliged to just POST THIS now.  I also think it’s worth while to mention that I ended my carb-free 18 days about 12 days ago, and I have in fact dropped a further 0.4lbs, which doesn’t seem like much in comparison - but I wanted to prove that once you go back to carbs it isn’t all downhill.  You need to be cautious and smart about it.

If you have any further Qs please just ask away!!! My inbox is always open.  I know a few of you will have concerns with this post and will probably point out the incorrect science that I’ve explained.  I’m a novice, but a novice that has lost 100lbs.  So if I can, literally anybody can.  It doesn’t take a nutritionist or a fitness fanatic to lose weight, and wanting a quick fix isn’t dumb.

It really can be this simple folks <3 


[based on this vine]

i can’t remember for sure but i feel like @swordsoprano is to blame for this

I saw @propshophannah‘s post about Manon in a crown and attempted to sketch it because I was already looking for a reason to procrastinate


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie