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Wait a minute. Did Saul break into Carrie's house by breaking through the cardboard still covering the broken window that Q broke with the coffee mug? It's fucking NYC! I wouldn't be comfortable with that quick-fix for 10 minutes, much less weeks. Jesus, Carrie, you're a beautiful single woman with a child. AND a CIA Intel officer. You're just begging for intruders. What the fuck are you thinking?!! 😖

LOL! And that high tech security system Max installed? EPIC fail. He should have started with the window.

Same goes for the black ops “group”. Same security code/spare key hiding place for what, 10+ years? Really?!


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie

7000 jumping jacks DOES NOT equal 3500 calories.

Firstly, figures would be different for each individual. Everyone burns different numbers of calories doing exercise.
Secondly 7000 being 3500 calories would mean 2 jumping jacks = 1 calorie.
Go do 200 jumping jacks. It will take you 3-4 minutes, most probably.
Does that feel like 100 calories burned to you? Compare that to burning 100 calories doing other sports. On average, things such as cycling, rowing, jogging lightly etc burn 100 calories a minute.
4 minutes of jumping jacks WILL NOT burn 100 calories.

So how many do they burn?

Consider a 150lb person doing jumping jacks vigourously for 1 hour at a rate of 1 per second.
sparkpeople.com says this would burn 569 calories
myfitnesspal.com says this would burn 565 calories
thecaloriecounter.net says this would burn 548 calories

So for a 150lbs person, 1 hour of jumping jacks would burn around 560 calories.

So, assuming 1 jumping jack per second, to work out how many calories per jumping jack, we divide 560 by the number of seconds in an hour (3600).

Each jumping jack burns 560/3600 = 0.15!

A jumping jack, for a 150lb person will, on average, burn only 0.15 calories, opposed to any other myths you may have heard.

So you want to burn 500 calories?
500 divided by 0.15 calories = 3333
So if you want to burn 500 calories you have to do 3300-3350 jumping jacks.
And 1lb of fat being equal to 3500 CALORIES, you would have to do SEVEN TIMES this.

So a 150lb person would have to do 3333 x 7 jumping jacks to burn a pound of fat.

23,333 jumping jacks.
OVER twenty-three thousand.
So, if you’re thinking jumping jacks are a ‘quick fix’ and burn calories far more efficiently than other exercises, think again.

So many people over-estimate calories burned because of exercise myths. There are no quick fixes to weight loss. If there were, don’t you think everyone would be using them?

*rises from the ashes*

A little Nalu for our hearts!

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Sometimes I just think Scout is very stupid to know about his own feelings so, when Medic tries to tell him for the first time that he want a “formal relationship” with Scout, he just freaks out and tells him no~

Medic ask for help to Heavy~ And they tried this. Scout is just a dork, please don’t judge him because he’s a mess with his feelings <‘3 (?)

I miss my OTP so much and this is so shitty but I really need them because they made me so happy <//3 ;_;