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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3,610

Request: OMG I’m so happy to see that the requests are open again! I want to say that I LOVE your writing and I was wondering if you could do a Steve x reader smut where they have a strained relationship but then they have to share a bed during an undercover mission and that leads to sex, possibly with rough/Dom!Steve after all the tension (maybe they had to pretend they were a couple for the mission or something). Feel free to change this if you want I trust your writing genius :)

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Steve, hair pulling, captain kink, dirty talk, orgasm denial, light spanking, light choking, oral sex, swearing, Steve is a little tease

Author’s Note: I’d like to again dedicate this one to @scarlets-wanda, who tried to sneak the fact that it was her birthday last week past me! So in return, I wrote this for her. Enjoy.

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Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

the signs as a classic adventuring party

Aries: is the Hero. brave and righteous, but also a bit naive and trusting, the Hero continues his journey to save the world.

Taurus: is the Knight. encased in impenetrable and daunting armor, he stands steadfast against the forces of evil.

Gemini: is the Sorceress. an incredible magical prodigy, she casts spells as easily as she breathes.

Cancer: is the Cleric. her charms heal the body, but her gentle smile heals the soul.

Leo: is the Brawler. she’s never met a problem she couldn’t solve with her fists.

Virgo: is the Princess. sheltered until now, she’s ready to experience the world for herself.

Libra: is the Mage. an incredible genius, the power he wields is beyond compare.

Scorpio: is the Assassin. silent and deadly, he is the story that keeps children awake at night.

Sagittarius: is the Rogue. fingers quick and tongue quicker, he’ll steal your heart as easily as your gold.

Capricorn: is the Tactician. with perfection as naught but standard, you’ve already been captured within his plans.

Aquarius: is the Bard. she would much rather be drinking and flirting with some cuties. her songs and dances contain a magic that resonates with the heart.

Pisces: is the Archer. sharp eyes and true aim, her arrows pierce her targets without fail.

congrats moldova!!! you’re going to the grand final!!

merry inktober !

i thought of a good analogy to explain to non-autistics / people without sensory issues why light touches are so uncomfortable to me

you know when you walk into a few strands of spider’s web? and you immediately panic and rub at your whole body because all your skin – not just the skin that you know for sure got web on it – feels suddenly vulnerable, and even after you think you’ve gotten all the web off the feeling lingers and it makes you on edge and anxious and like your skin isn’t safe anymore?

that’s what light touches, those too-lose hugs and quick brushes of fingers or fabric, feel like to me: they make my whole body feel like it’s not safe, like i need to scrub it all off and press deep into the bones to be okay again

Five Seconds (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: When you confessed to Richie, you got the expected response, but that doesn’t mean it hurt any less. Not even a week later he decides to talk to you, not so subtly jealous about you spending time with Ben. Things sort of…escalate from there.

Warnings: Cussing and Kissing. (oh no, not kissing! *parents screaming, children crying, Ohio catches on fire*) This is a request. DON’T HESITATE TO SEND IN REQUESTS. (Don’t send in like 50 tho. I still need sleep.)

Word Count: 1,697

“Can I t-talk to you.”

Richie stops laughing at Stan and, still giggling, turns to you. “Yeah, what’s up?”

You glance over Richie’s shoulder to see Beverly shoot you a thumbs up. “I’ve been, well- It was Beverly’s idea! But for a while now…” You stumbled over words, trying to soften the embarrassing blow of ‘I have a crush on you’.

“I like you!” You blurt, deciding to get it over with. “I l-like you as more than a friend.”

There’s a moment of silence in which you count the seconds that painfully tick by.

One. Richie’s mouth opens and closes, you can see his eyes dart to the other boys. They’re whooping and hollering, pushing him and giggling like idiots.

Two. You can feel the headrush hit you hard, along with waves of nausea.

Three. Teasing smiles stay on the boys’ faces, but Beverly’s melts off. She knows. She knows what’s going to happen.

Four. Richie’s ears turn fire hydrant red as you grow pale and faint. His eyes once again scan the boys, who continue to tease without mercy. You close your eyes, wishing they’d stop. There would be nothing to celebrate.

Five. “I’m s-sorry…”

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augustbutnotthemonth  asked:

it's my birthday can you write some headcanons -a person who really likes reading your headcanons

ahhh happy birthday!!

  • allura at her first diplomatic meeting: freshly shined crown, perfect posture, winning smile
    • allura at her hundredth diplomatic meeting: [walks in right after battle with dislocated shoulder] “hey so wanna join our alliance”
  • coran knows slang and curse words from all over the universe
  • would it be unethical for pidge to just stick a tracker on shiro?? hunk?? he’s disappeared twice, it’s kinda shaping up to be a trend-
  • lance: “attention!!” keith: “what now lance” lance: “i don’t know, i just need attention”
  • lance and hunk were those kids that always chose each other first when they were team captains in gym class
    • in most cases it wasn’t even favoritism?? they’re very strategic boys
    • hunk: “pidge is small and good at hiding, which would make her tough to hit. you have like killer aim though so you’re my top pick for sure dude” lance: “dude same? your quick trigger finger is a major advantage and-” keith: “what are you guys talking about??” lance:  “our fantasy laser tag teams for when we get home duh. anyway-”
  • keith: “it’s time for plan b” pidge: “we have a plan b?” keith: “no but it’s time for one”
Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part Two.

Hey guys, so here is part two to the Camping Antics mini fic! There will be a part three, just to finish the series off :) pleaaaaase leave me feedback in my ask ya cute lil beans.

Summary: Archie and (Y/N) have some tent fun lol ;)

Warnings: SMUT. TENT SMUT. Naked Archie. You’ve been warned. 



(GIF not mine! Found it on twitter lol)

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A quick Nimura from this afternoon.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve drawn anything and I feel really rusty, but I’ve somehow managed to hurt my hand from drawing previously.  Trying to ease back into it.

I Miss You (One Shot)

I Miss You: After weeks of being apart from your boyfriend, Bucky, the distance become a bit too much for you to handle.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex. Dirty talk. Mentions of past injuries. Graphic details of sex. Porn gifs are used. Super NSFW. (If you’re not comfy with phone sex or anything else listed, keep scrolling.)

A/N: I have no idea where this idea came from, but just know that it’s for a good cause! ;)

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His Throne

(gif belongs to @heavnofhell)

His Throne

“Y/N! Just the little ray of sunshine that I wanted to see” Lucifer called out in a low, flirtatious tone as you entered the throne room, locking his eyes onto you as a smile spread across his face. He lounged comfortably with his elbow resting on one arm of the throne and his leg draped over the other, a position which only he make look both lackadaisical and threatening.

“Lucifer” you regarded, approaching him with a stack of papers in your hands.

Swinging his leg back over the arm of the chair, he rested both feet on the floor and drank in your figure, a thousand thoughts dancing quietly behind his eyes. A quick flick of his fingers sent the papers you were holding sailing to the other side of the room, scattering them to the ground with no regard for their importance.

“Come here” he propositioned, patting his leg as he beckoned you closer with a gesture of his head.

Your eyes drew wide for a moment as you pulled your lower lip between your teeth, trying to vain to suppress the smile that threatened to bloom across your face. Feet gliding towards him on their own accord, you approached the throne as he held out his hands, finding yourself within his grasp faster that you would have guessed.

He patted his thigh again, eyes half-lidded as he slid his fingers around your forearm and pulled you gently closer. You turned to sit yourself down on his leg, feeling like one of those children nervous over a mall Santa Clause. It wasn’t until he halted your turn, snatching your other arm to keep you facing him that you realized what he wanted.

Not one to disappoint, you brought your one knee up to rest beside his thigh, hoisting yourself up to straddle him on his throne. You dragged your lower half over his lap as you settled yourself atop him, sliding your fingers up his chest to lace them behind his neck.

“You have a meeting in twenty minutes, my lord” you purred at him, chest heaving from excitement as you felt his length beginning to stiffen under you.

His expression darkened, eyes flashing red as his fingers ghosted up your sides.

“Then I guess we better get started…”

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Hands on the table #10: Zevran

The drawing comes with Solas’ notes attached:

He won’t sit still. He’s not restless, however. Only fidgety. He examines everything on the table until there’s nothing left to touch. 

“Zevran, I might need you to still your hands for a moment. I must get a good look at them.” 

He pauses, quick fingers tapping on the wooden surface, and his eyes focus on me. A smile full of curiosity and vexing mischief in equal measure. 

“Perhaps you wish to take a closer look, then?” He offers, and leans on the table, half ways through crawling across it before I raise a hand to halt him. The image etched in my brain.

“I- no. I just-” I roll the pencil in my hand and his gaze narrows.

“My hands are good for more than just looking pretty, my friend. I request only that you take note of that.” 

His voice is velvet-like in a way that compliments his skin.

I put my pen down. 

BTS Reaction | Drunk Sex

Request:  Um…hi… I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction, where they got drunk and you had sex… I would like to see their reaction the next morning. I hope whatever I said makes sense… I love your blog btw. ❤

A/N: Thank you for the request (sorry it took a while)

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anonymous asked:

here's a prompt where instead of neil getting hurt in a game, it's andrew

this turned into fluff????? mark this down on the calendar, guys, because I never turn angst into fluff at least not like this

Neil isn’t on the court when it happens, so he sees every second. It’s not the first time a team got it in their heads that the way to win the game was to sacrifice a striker in order to take down Andrew. But it’s the first time they’ve decided to sacrifice two strikers and a defensive dealer.

Andrew gets the ball out of the goal and then braces for the impact of the striker. If it had ended there, Andrew would have been fine, brick house that he is. But the other striker, in a blatant foul, rams into Andrew as well, and then the fucking defensive dealer piles on as well. Whistles blow and the buzzer goes off, calling the game to a halt as red cards are thrown and the referees make their way onto the field.

Neil is on his feet and running without remembering to tell his body to move. Wymack and the referees try to stop him, but Neil ducks and shoves past them. The other players are already on their feet, but Andrew is still on his back, racquet laying a foot from his extended hand. 

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