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Sawamura Eijun: Captain + Cleanup AU


11x17 “Red Meat”
One Single Tear

Man, this parting scene… Knocked the wind out of me, because Jensen just kills it acting wise with such subtle small things. He conveys everything with his eyes even the rest of Dean’s face is frozen, because what happens is just too overwhelmiing. Well done, once more Jensen, well done! ;____;

ohhh gosh this one didn’t come out too well I’m sorry ;;

ivanthedrawer suggested I try swapping Dark Pit and Viridi’s colour palettes, so here’s Viridi with DPs colours! K-kinda…it really didn’t work out too well…especially the hair

Lets see if Dark Pit goes any better?

Palutena with Pit’s colours / Pit with Palutena’s Colours / Dark Pit with Viridi’s colours