quick doodle now time for work


I got promoted at work and I got some free time at my new position….well

I loved the idea that sometimes the Pearls have to sing to entertain their masters (or to make them feel better)….well now that explains why Pearl sings…and sings while crying

So!…as fabulous as he is (yes even as a Pearl, Kil has to use He pronounce) Peacock Pearl not just sings but plays a crystal keyboard guitar….a “Keytar!!” pretty 80´s like and pretty glamorous  ♥ 

something quick for new year lol
it’s a bit late but let’s make this year a good year!

oh btw i made twitter \o/ >> https://twitter.com/kurikahika
i’ll try to post stuff and hope to talk with everyone!

Thanks for followin’ and looking at the stuff I make. I know it’s been mostly sketches lately. Since I started my storyboard revision job, I’m spending a lot of time working on learning to be good at doing storyboard stuff like drawing faster and looser, composing shots, and posing characters. And I’m still gonna be learning that stuff my whole life, I think! But especially since I come from an illustration background and I’m learning this animation stuff on the fly, I’m putting a lot of time into that right now rather than making polished work.

All that to say, posting my quick doodles on tumblr is a fun outlet for me most of the time. Thanks for hangin out!


For some of you who asked for more doodles of Leorai kid. Sorry they’re so messy and quick I’ve just realized I have plenty of homework to do during these weekends and so I won’t be here for some time. Also I’m slowly working on creating an ask Karai blog ^^

I don’t really know much about this weird creature, I don’t even know how to name her so if you have any suggestions or even headcanons (help my poor imaginaton pls) send me it’s such a pleasure to read your ideas. As for me I have only one headcanon for now that if Karai ever becomes a mom she will stay in her serpent form for a long period (carrying, laying&protecting eggs and some time after kid’s birth) and become a little bit wild and aggressive but very tired at the same time. Though snakes don’t take care about their babies Karai has this feature from her human side and she is really over protective of her eggs (unfortunately only one egg of three has an alive fetus inside) so nobody dares to bother her or come close. But few days after baby’s birth she can finally turn into human and have some rest while others are busy with her precious kid.

quick Lance doodle!!

I am getting a bit frustrated because for some reason I am never satisfied of how I draw this guy and since I am running around a lot too being busy I almost don’t have time to doodle these last few weeks. :(

Strange on how I wasn’t sure to like his character when I first started watching voltron and now he is among my top fave.XD (and long live the surfer and competition swimmer AUs! cookies to the ones who find keith in the pic.;))

(Previous freelance comic here)

Visibility takes time and work ! 

I’m going to repeat myself, but #6 is optional and you must be confortable to do requests before accepting them. They are good to boost your popularity / kindness towards your client base BUT they can also mean some people are going to wait for your request time instead of commission you directly. That’s also why you’ve gotta do requests in the style of quick doodles or sketches and keeping your complete work / bigger work for your commissions. But again, that’s my way to see it and you are free to do request the way you like it, as frequently as you like.

I am still opened to more asks about freelancing if you want.


I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. I’m doing work for the studio again (yay!) and most of my free time are spent hanging out with friends from work, playing video and tabletop games with them, watching movies, etc. O u O but today, I managed to make this quick doodle ‘cause… I just had to!

That’s it for now~ hope you all have a blast this 4th of May!! :D

I HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME to colour and tidy it up (and do what I had wanted to do) because wow do I have a lot of responsibilities and things to do right now! Better luck next week I guess!

So I’m handing this in as my entry for the Warcraft Art Discord chat (twitter page)  weekly theme challenge! This week (and my first week entering and joined) is/was Outlaw Rogues!

There’s some hella rad arts, and artists, and everyone’s so nice and I’m glad I joined omfg. ;__;

the pkmn art challenge looks fun so hereeees dayy 1! i’ve always wanted to try out this coloring style.