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Your Name. -- Official English Dub Trailer
The official trailer for Makoto Shinkai's hit film Your Name. Coming to theaters in 2017 both English dubbed and subbed! Go to funimationfilms.com/yourname t...

Doesn’t contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa), the latest anime film from director/writer Matoko Shinkai borrows from a familiar concept (see Kokoro Connect, Bravest Warriors, to name a few), but contorts it in a way that’s wholly innovative. When you start to think Your Name’s narrative is becoming formulaic or too familiar, another rich layer is revealed that simultaneously complements and strengthens the movie’s premise. The visuals, especially any scenery shots, are drop-dead gorgeous and I’d like several rooms dedicated to all of them if they were available to own. The compelling voice performances of Stephanie Sheh (Mone Kamishiraishi in the original) as Mitshua Miyamizu and Michael Sinterniklaas (Ryunosuke Kamiki in the original) as Taki Tachibana are the right amount of awkward without being over the top whilst coming off as entirely genuine as well.

I thought Your Name would explore the dynamics of gender and gender roles in Japan a bit more intimately. Well, Shinaki opts to gently flit around this subject instead. Although a major highlight for me in Your Name is when a character and a friend Taki knows are attracted to him more when Mitshua is in control of his body. One comments about his more feminine side as a compliment even! Personally, I despise labeling whatever as feminine or masculine because it further separates us versus uniting. A guy sews? Good for him! A girl does bodybuilding? That’s cool! To each their own. Less rigidity, more fluidity you know? 

The music provided by the rock Japanese band RADWIMPS is fantastic yet well suited for the sequences unfolding in the storyline they’re part of. I cannot believe I hadn’t heard their music before now! Killer stuff.

Where Your Name finally lost its luster, for me, is primarily concerning the ending (the other being the repeated Taki grabbing Mitshua’s breasts when in her body moment…I’ve never liked any akin to that in any anime or anime films. The first time was totally understandable, anything afterword, um, not so much). Except the remainder of Your Name is complex, riveting, and satisfactory enough that I almost didn’t care that its conclusion was predictable. Basically, the writing had been better and thus the ending should of followed suit. When it didn’t, I felt slightly letdown but still glad I saw Your Name.

So, all in all, with Your Name, I feel that Makoto Shinkai has earned the right to be named in the same breath as legends like Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon. In short, believe the hype, the box office gross, the recommendations, and awards. For once, unlike those false times in the past (Titanic, The Dark Knight, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Lego Movie), everything about Your Name is rightly justified. Take a bow and soak in that applause Makoto Shinkai, you deserve it.


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