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Turning Page - Morgan Rielly

morgan is much more of a romantic than you thought

for anon

soundtrack: turning page instrumental by sleeping at last

lowercase intended

word count: 1814

warnings: hold onto your hats yall this one is cute 

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you yawned and stretched out, searching for morgan in your bed. he was always there when you woke up, so it was unusual that you couldn’t find him now. to be completely sure that your boyfriend of six years really wasn’t there, you rolled onto his side of the bed.

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Klaus Mikaelson - His Witch 4

Words count: 1489

Warning: None


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More of his witch please! Need a part 4 😍😍😍😍😍 love your work btw!!

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Hello, I was wondering if your were planing on writing a 4th part for the one shot his witch. And if you are could you add me to the tag list? Thank you!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

When you finally woke up, you found your daughter by your side, her hands clutching one of yours, and Klaus standing by the door but you paid him no attention.

“Oh, (Y/D/N) are you okay? Did Dahlia hurt you?” You asked (Y/D/N) sitting up, your eyes doing a quick check on her. (Y/D/N) threw her arms around you and pulled you in for a bone crushing hug. She buried her face into your neck and her body started to shake. You rocked her softly. “Baby please don’t cry.” You whispered softly in her ear and ran your hand through her hair, starting to tear up yourself.

“I though you’ve died when they brought you in.” She said with a cracking and shaking violently voice.

“But I’m not, and I too thought you were dead when I didn’t find you at home.” You said and you looked at Klaus from over your daughter’s shoulder and gave him a simple but meaningful nod. Klaus returned the gesture and left the two of you to give you some privacy, even though almost every living creature in the house could hear you anyway.

“How long have I been out for?” You leaned back onto the headboard with (Y/D/N) joining you on bed so she was resting her head on your chest, and her arms around your waist.

“Three days.” She said, and you hummed running your hand through her hair. “You know… Klaus was really worried about you.”

“Was he?” You asked surprised, halting your hand movement for a few seconds.

“Yeah if I wasn’t by your side, he was and he even stayed with me a lot too, and we would talk.” You were really surprised to hear that, but it made you feel slightly giddy inside. No male has cared about you like that in a very, very long time. You two just sat there talking for a while, before (Y/D/N) fell asleep. You were trying to move onto the bed her slowly so she wouldn’t wake up. When two hands moved her gently of you and so she was fully on the bed and resting her head on a pillow. Klaus nodded his head to the door, and you got up as silently as you could and followed him out of the room. You gently closed the door, before turning to Klaus.

“You must be hungry.” Klaus said and only then did you realize how hungry you actually are.

“I feel like I haven’t ate in ages.” You said and again followed Klaus, this time to the kitchen.

“Well, you have been asleep for three days and I’m sure you haven’t eaten anything before that either, with all the worrying and planning.”

“I guess you’re right.” You sat on the stool in front of the island and watched as Klaus moved around the kitchen getting the ingredients that he needed. “So, chef Mikaelson, what is it that you are making this fine evening?”

“Pasta with white sauce and steak.” Klaus said with a wink. You raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“So that’s what you and (Y/D/N) have been talking about? My favorite food.”

“That and other things, like where you’ve been before New Orleans… her father.”

“Her father? What did she say about him?” You asked him quietly.

“Nothing much, just that she never met him.” Klaus said.

“Yeah well he was a screw up and an asshole.” You mumbled, and sighed. Before Klaus could say anything a voice called for Klaus, you turned to see Hayley making her way into the kitchen, with Hope in her arms.

“Klaus, it’s your turn.” Hayley said and you smiled at the cute baby. “Oh, (Y/N) it’s nice to see you up, I would’ve stayed but I have to go to a meeting with the wolves.”

“That’s okay, I understand.” You told her with a smile. “Here let me hold her, until Klaus finish cooking.”

“Thank you, it’s good to have someone with experience.” Hayley gave Hope to you, kissed her daughters cheek and left. You played with Hope while Klaus cooked, Klaus was steeling glances at you and his daughter every time leaving a smile at his face. You had such a way with Hope. She fell in love with you fast.

“God, your daughter is so cute.” You told Klaus smiling at the small girl on your lap.

“She is.” Klaus smiled down at Hope with so much love. “I’ll be done in a bit.”



Not long after that Klaus finished and you ate while Klaus held Hope. You smiled as you watched Klaus interact with Hope. He was really gentle and loving. It make your heart race ever so slightly. Klaus looked up at you and his eyes met yours, making you blush a deep shade of red. But you didn’t look away you only smiled. Klaus returned your smile, and you went back to finishing your food.

After you finished your food, you both moved to Hope’s room. She was tired and it was time for her nap.

“Here let me put her to sleep.” You said as you took Hope from Klaus. You missed the time (Y/D/N) was a baby. She grew up to fast in your opinion. You held Hope and started to hum softly a lullaby that you used to sing for (Y/D/N) while she was a toddler. You moved around the room, while Klaus leaned back on the wall and watched you with interest. In no time Hope fell asleep. You put her in her crib, after making sure she was indeed asleep you left her room, following Klaus out. You closed the bedroom door and turned, just to be met with blue eyes staring at you. You and Klaus were so close, you could feel his breath on your face. Your heart started beating faster. As you two looked at each other in silence.

Slowly your eyes ran down the curves in Klaus’s face until your eyes found his plump and full lips. You couldn’t help but bite your own lips, you heard Klaus’ breathe hitch. Your eyes then snapped up to his eyes, that was on your own lips before they met yours once again.

“I have never met a woman like you in all of my existence.” Klaus said softly as his right hand wrapped around your back and pulled you close, while his left one moved your hair out of your face and behind your ear. “You interest me in such away no one has ever done… and you made me care about you.”

“Klaus.” You whisper in a light voice, feeling as if you were in paradise. “I care about you too, and you made me feel like no one has ever done before.”

Klaus then leaned forward and pulled you closer, making your lips meet. Klaus’ lips moved against yours in hunger. Your hands were around his neck leaving no space between the two of you. You moaned as Klaus bite your bottom lip asking for entrance that you aloud.

“Mom?” You instantly pulled back and looked at (Y/D/N) with wide eyes. You didn’t know what to do or say.

“(Y/D/N) look-“ “It’s okay, mom. I’m not mad or anything, just surprised, look if you and Klaus are a thing does that mean we can stay in New Orleans?” She asked with hopeful eyes. You were surprised with how well she was taking this, you looked at Klaus who gave you a nod.

“Yeah, we can stay.”

“Oh thank god, I was getting tired of moving so much.” She said smiling. “Okay go back to what you were doing.”

And with that she was gone, you stared at where (Y/D/N) was standing with confusion. “What just happened?”

“I believe your lovely daughter just approved of us.” Klaus whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. “Now why don’t we go back to what we were doing?”

“Not so fast mister.” You said and turned to face him. “First you have to ask me out on a date, I’m an old fashioned woman.”

“Well then my lady, would you like going on a date with me tomorrow night at 7 PM?” Klaus said his accent thick and rich.

“I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.” Klaus then glared at you. You laughed before quickly quieted down remembering that you were standing beside Hope’s door. “Okay, okay I’ll go out with you.”

“Well that’s good.” Klaus said and kissed your lips quickly before walking away smirking, before you could even realize what was going on.

“Hey!” You exclaimed, and started to follow him.

And that was the start of the most powerful couple to ever exist. The Hybrids that ruled New Orleans. The vampire-werewolf hybrid and the vampire-witch hybrid. You lived years upon years in love, power and compassion. Coming to New Orleans indeed is the best thing that has ever happened to you.


Summary: It’s the 4th of July, Steve’s birthday, and you have the perfect present for him. 

Warnings: Unprotected sex 

Word count: 1700

A/N: It’s finally done! I wanted this out as a thank you for 1500 followers, but as of today we’re at 1700, so THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I hope this lives up to your expectations lolol

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Steve was the kind of guy to make up for any shortcomings on his part. He was also the kind of guy who thought he had shortcomings, because he wasn’t six feet tall or 300 pounds of pure muscle or halfway around the world scampering away from a spray of bullets.

He was the kind of guy who knew exactly where to take his girl on the Fourth of July to make it perfect, even if he wasn’t celebrating it in a trench with his best friend. Because this was what the selfish half of his heart wanted to do, not protect his country from Nazi’s, but protect his world from being lonely on a holiday.

And he certainly wasn’t planning on the night ending the way it did when he found the perfectly empty field and tossed a fluffy cotton blanket down on the grass, but Steve wasn’t exactly complaining. Mostly because in a string of fantastic, beautiful things, you were the best finale he could’ve imagined. The only finale that followed the pattern of increasing awe settling between his ribs.

Even though the end was his favourite part of the night, he liked to think about it from the beginning; with the fireworks booming overhead, stars clinging to his tastebuds, and your head weighing down his chest. Already he felt like that was the perfect way to end the night, assuming that after the late celebration he would walk you home, kiss you goodnight, and go home to his lips unsatisfied and yearning for more.

But if he wanted that, he shouldn’t have taken you out on his birthday, because you had something else in mind. Something else that started with your hand running over his chest during an explosion of blue on the black sheet of sky. His breath was already caught somewhere between his desire for you to continue and his worry that you’d do exactly that.

Steve didn’t pull his hand off your waist when you twisted enough for your lips to reach his neck and kiss up his jagged pulse. He didn’t blink when you got up and moved to straddle him instead, dragging your fingers through his neatly combed hair. What he did do was gulp, let out a small strangled huff, and admire how you looked with your hair falling around your face when you looked down at him.

“Happy birthday Stevie.” He was surprised to find that his hammering heart didn’t drown out the sultry timbre in your voice, or how it clung to the shell of his ear the way your lipstick held onto his pale skin.

“Is this - Are you sure?” When he got nervous he liked to second guess things, and since this was a first for Steve, his nerves were as manageable as the orbit of Jupiter. Adding your hand, which had started drifting down his suspender strap, and the crack of a grin on your painted lips, Jupiter seemed more like the Milky Way.

“I am. Are you?” There was a bounce in your voice, a taunt. Like you were trying to see what tone you had to use to make Steve faint. With his heart going the way it was, you weren’t too far away from finding out.

“I, yes. I just, I mean I’ve never - I don’t know how.” Stammering was also a side effect of Steve facing against an entire galaxy, as embarrassing as it was.

“That’s okay, I can help.” There was nothing teasing in your smile this time, but Steve still had a hard time catching his breath. This was the girl he loved, the one who could cure diseases with a smile and made him feel like the world when everyone else was so focussed on proving he was a mouse.

He wasn’t sure when the fireworks had stopped, mostly because his heartbeat sounded just as loud as the sparkling detonations when they were still erupting behind you, but when you ducked down and kissed every inch of exposed skin that came from unbuttoning his shirt, it felt like they had only moved off the screen of sky and went onto his skin instead.

As much as Steve loved the feeling of your lips crawling down his heaving chest, and as much as he wanted the image replaying in his head to be more than his imagination, he also just really wanted to kiss you. You were about to slide past his belly button when his finger hooked under your chin and tugged you softy back upwards.

If Steve’s kisses had been passionate before, they were vehement now. Like the heat of a sun was pouring out of him and you were the only one to catch it. Carefully, his hands ran down from your sides to your thighs. He made to pull away and ask if this was okay, if he was doing it right, if there was something else he should be doing in that moment instead of rubbing your thighs and tangling your tongues. Before his mouth had even left yours you were mumbling for him to stop thinking about it and keep going.

So that’s exactly what Steve did, leaving one hand to run under your dress and taking the other to find your zipper. His finger had only just wrapped around the cool metal when he had to pause, eyes fluttering shut, as you ground into him. He didn’t know he could make a sound like that until it left his lips and bounced off the dewy grass on either side of you two.

He started thinking again when you giggled, but a quick check at the endearing look in your eyes calmed him down. He unzipped your dress, letting it pool around your hips while you slipped his open shirt over his shoulders. You shivered at his fingers tracing a path up your ribs, making Steve hesitate.

“Are you cold?”

“No, why’d you stop?”

“You shivered, I thought you were cold.” You bit back a laugh at Steve’s confusion, sweetly pushing some of his hair out of his face.

“Not cold. It just felt good.” Steve rarely got the chance to make you embarrassed, but somehow making you admit this did the trick, and it made him feel like a king. Good, he was doing good. He wanted a better taste of this power - if it only took his fingers on your sides to make you shiver, what else could he do to you?

“Well tell me if you get cold, okay?” He grinned boyishly and continued running his fingers over your skin until they met fabric. You smiled back before kissing a line on his jaw. The second time your hips ground into him it was easier to bite back his groan, because it wasn’t so much of a surprise at how good you felt against him.

Steve pulled off your bra but his hands didn’t move to replace it. After giving him a moment to see what he would do, you took his hands and directed them to the soft flesh yourself.

“I told you to stop thinking.” You teased, sitting up so he had a full view of your top half. His eye skated over your figure and he had to stop himself from groaning again.

“I know, but you’re beautiful.” His thumbs rubbed over your nipples and you gasped, grip tightening over his hands. He did it again to see if it was a good or bad reaction, smirking when you let out a choked sigh. “Especially like this.”

Steve tugged and squeezed until your chest was heaving, and then your hands went down to his belt and yanked it undone. He swallowed thickly when you pushed his pants down, rubbing him through his boxers. He pressed his head into the ground and whimpered, his hips involuntarily pressing into your hand.

“You look pretty good like this as well.” You murmured, readjusting to slide the last of your clothes off. You made another circle with your hips and Steve helped this time, pressing you down by your hips and getting lost in the gratifying twist in his stomach. His boxers were warm and damp from your arousal, and Steve couldn’t wait to get them off. “Ready?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” His voice was more gravelly than you’d ever heard before, it was like music to your ears. You shrugged, tugging lightly on his waistband until he lifted himself up and you could pull them down.

Steve’s jaw clenched when you sank down on him, his hands gripping your hips like his life depended on it. The best part, Steve thought, was the whine you made when he filled you up. He felt that surge of importance again, and it drove him to spread your legs a little further and push into you even more.

Then you started moving, and Steve wanted to explode. His hands found purchase on your waist, helping you slam down on him until you were a moaning mess on top of him. For all it was worth, Steve wasn’t any better in choking down his groans and gasps.

Your hands found his, one tangling your fingers and pressing into the ground by his head while you guided the other between your legs and told him to rub. He tested out harsh stripes and circles with his thumb until he passed over your clit and you clenched around him. He kept it up until your stomach untwisted and you were pulsing all around him, head nuzzled into his neck and kissing his collarbone until he found release too.

When he opened his eyes again all he saw was stars, and although they were stunning, they were nothing compared to you, so he turned onto his side to face where you had rolled off him. The soft moonlight made you shine and your eyes glimmered lazily at Steve.

“I love you.” He kissed you again, tired and caring and intimate. You scooted closer and his arms wrapped around you, cuddling you closer.

“I love you more.”

Minho x Reader - Belly of the Beast

Minho x Reader - Belly of the Beast

(Request): “Minho imagine where you get hurt in the maze ?? <3”


Running had always been easy for you.

From your first step out of that dark box-which still plagued you with nightmares-to your last step out of the maze doors at the end of a fruitless run, you had always prided yourself on your speed and stamina. Even Minho, the Keeper of the Runners, admired you.

Today, however, you just weren’t in the mood. The heat was blaring down on you, sealing you in a tight wrap of uncomfortable humidity. Yet, as always, Minho insisted on dragging you away from sleep and into the depths of the maze. He pushed you out of your hammock with force.

“Come on, Y/N, don’t be a shuck-face.” You groaned as you got on your knees and looked up at your friend.

“Don’t call me shuck-face, slinthead, it’s six in the morning!” He just chuckled and added:

“Good that.”

You followed Minho across the Glade, ignoring cheeky glances from other Gladers as you went. You knew that some of them had a bet going that you and Minho would get together, but you tried to brush them off. Newt even elbowed you brashly, raising an eyebrow, on your way to the doors, but you gave him a death stare. You just wanted to get through the day.

The Maze doors were huge; opening like the mouth of a great giant, it’s gums and teeth covered in green vines and shrubs. This thought scared you slightly every time you approached the Maze, that the doors might shut early, and you’d be swallowed like so many more before you. Minho registered your discomfort.

“You alright there, shank?” His question was weighted with genuine concern, so you just nodded slowly and entered with him.


You didn’t know how long it had been since you entered the abyss, but you were freaking tired, and with the heat, your physical condition was considerably worse. Sweat fumed from your armpits and around your neck, and blisters shot up from your feet and ankles. Minho had a similar look about him, but he was just as annoyingly optimistic as usual.

“Come on, Y/N,” he chirped, surprising you slightly by not calling you ‘shank’ or 'shuck-face.’

“Coming,” you heaved, and set about weaving your way through the stone structures. The walls had become increasingly more narrow, as if you were entering the giant’s throat. Different cut-off routes started to become few and far between, and you were beginning to feel a little worried about what would come next.

Hopefully not the giant’s stomach, you thought whilst swallowing nervously.

“Hey, Minho..” The dark haired boy turned tiredly at your nagging tone.

“What?” He moaned, jogging backwards so he could see you talk.

“..Maybe we should turn back. The path’s becoming a little narrow, and there are less corners to turn down….I think it may be a bad sign.” He considered your nervous demeanour for a second, but he then waved a hand in dismissal.

“We need to keep going. We haven’t been down here before; it could be important. Agreed?” You nodded in exasperation, and he turned again, “good that.” And without another word, he started to pick up the speed again.

'Good that’ my ass, you thought.


A dead end.

All of that running.

For a shucking dead end.

You banged your head against the wall and groaned loudly so Minho, who had slumped down on the floor next to you, could hear. He looked up at you apologetically.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” his words touched you slightly, but you were too hot and bothered to be sincere about anything.

“Really,” you snapped, “well, that makes a change.” Frowning at you, he folded his arms.

“I said I was sorry, shank, what else can I do? Bake you a shucking cake?” He brushed some loose dirt off of his trousers as he stood, “you can ask Frypan to do that. I’ll want a piece.” A warning glare is what you sent him next, and he smirked.

Above you, the sun was beginning to set, falling fast: a rolling ball on the shrinking horizon. You removed your head from the wall, then looked at Minho, who looked back at you with dread.

“We should be getting back,” he said solidly, and you nodded in agreement. But, just as you had kicked off and had began to run again, a mechanical buzz resounds about the general area. You and Minho froze, though you knew that was the wrong thing to do.

Grievers, all insect-like and ferocious, bore down on you. There were about four in all, coming from behind you. The narrow walls had given them an advantage.

It had been a trap.

At that second, Minho said something which you could actually agree with:


You didn’t have to be told twice. Your feet became a frenzy bellow you as you sped forth to catch up with him, and you prayed your shoe laces would stay tight. They were still close in your wake-you weren’t going to make it.

Finally, a corner appeared, and Minho swerved around it, cutting very close to the wall, so you did the same. You were equal with him now, running beside him in the still-present evening heat. He almost smiled at you for a second. That was when the arm went pushing into your back.

A Griever had gotten to you, it’s slimy form releasing the metal arm holding its sting, which now stuck into your upper back. Minho swivelled around, and yelled for you, but you had fallen to the ground, and were convulsing wildly.

The last fully conscious memory you held was him grabbing your wrist.



Someone, somewhere near you was screaming. Against your back, you felt a soft material, which you assumed was some kind of bed, but your eyes were screwed shut, so you couldn’t tell.

Still, the screaming persisted to sound.

You just wanted it to stop.

“Y/N!” Someone grabbed your shoulder, and your eyes were prized open a crack. Minho glanced down on you, his eyes wide, as if he had seen something shocking. There were other faces too, but they weren’t important to you right now.

He grabbed your other shoulder, “stop screaming!” Screaming? It wasn’t you, was it? You couldn’t tell- you had no control over your reflexes, and soon you had begun to shake again.

Just before everything faded, Minho started:

“Y/N, I-”

But you didn’t hear the end.


It was a Sunday when you woke up properly, and the morning light seeped into the window through the thin curtains. Your back still hurt. A lot.

You looked over to a side table, which stood, alone, in an otherwise empty bedroom. You felt a little empty after your experience, too. You knew that what you had just been through was The Changing, and that you would start to regain some of your memories, but you were scared. You didn’t really want to remember.

The creek of the bedroom door interrupts you, and you look up to see one of the Med-Jacks who worked in the Glade walk in.

“You’re up,” he noted brightly, and you were almost tempted to roll your eyes.

He checked a few quick things, such as your pulse and your temperature, before promptly leaving again with his notes. After this, someone else walked in, who you were slightly more glad to see.

Minho came in briskly, and sat on the edge of your bed, looking at you with the same concern he had supported when you were going through The Changing.

“Hi,” you said, but he just shook his head.

“This is my fault,” for a split second, you were in shock. Never before had he admitted that he was wrong, or that something was his fault, this was a completely new experience, “I’m so, so sorry, Y/N.”

He touched your covered hand lightly, and you smiled slightly.

“I know,” your forward words make him look up in dismay, but you shrug, “maybe you should listen to me next time.” You laughed, but he remained serious.

“It’s not funny, Y/N. You could have died.”

“I think the words 'could have died’ pretty much sum up every day of our lives, shuck-face.” He sighed, and his grip tightened around your hand.

“Okay,” he adjusted himself, sitting up straighter, but still not letting go of your hand, “here’s the deal: if I listen to you more, will you be more careful?”

“Only if you’re careful too.” A smile crept onto his lips once more, and, both at the same time, you said: