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So this is something I’ve been working on over the weekend. It’s dirty so if you don’t like spanking and dirty talk, this isn’t for you.

WARNING: Mature content

You were being ignored and you were also extremely horny and needy which didn’t go good together. Harry was in the home office doing god knows what and you had barely seen him all day apart from the quick breakfast together this morning and then he had locked himself in those four walls. You had agreed with yourself to give him time to do what he needed and then you would interrupt after a couple hours. You had given him plenty of extra time to deal with business and now you were just growing increasingly impatient by the second. You had checked your emails, read a book, cooked- everything you could think of but nothing could take your mind off the throbbing discomfort between your legs.

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Ten REALLY Quick Breakfast Ideas for Non-Punctual Students

Before I start: breakfast is very really super important to get enough nutrients and brain food for your day. You will not do as well on your APUSH test if you do not grab at least something to eat before you leave. You can eat half of these during your commute to school; just, please, eat something and stay healthy my fellow bloggers! A cup of coffee is NOT breakfast.

1. A banana and a granola bar. Potassium and fiber! What a power couple.

2. Overnight oats. Great for brain food and literally scrumptious I could eat 7 servings.

3. Mash up half an avocado and throw it on a piece of bread/toast (I shake some pepper on mine, but to each their own).

4. Handful of berries and a handful of granola (I am very very guilty of literally throwing one handful in my mouth, chewing for ten seconds, and then throwing the other in my mouth to get out the door by 7:30.)

5. A small bowl of cereal. It’s filling.

6. Banana bread. It’s not too nutritious, but it’s super easy to make a loaf on Sunday and take one slice a day for a week. Just make sure you store it in an airtight container so it doesn’t get stale.

7. Vanilla (or your favorite) yogurt with some almonds or berries or granola in it. It’s good for you, it’s filling, and it’s quick.

8. Builder’s Clif Bars. They are the most filling thing on the planet and they take 45 seconds to eat. I have to thank these bars for getting me through countless tests.

9. Cut up some fruit the night before and eat a measuring cup or two before you head out.

10. Throw some ice, frozen berries, yogurt, and a banana in a blender and you’ve got yourself a filling smoothie to drink during your first class.

Remember that all of these are super versatile and can be switched up or changed to match your lifestyle and tastes :)


The past week felt like a month: So many meetings, so many jaw-dropping, face-palm-inducing news headlines, so much sadness and confusion and anxiety jostling about inside this little human apparatus. Of course, it hans’t just been this week. In truth, i’ve spent a good deal of time this entire year paying attention to the many things that caused me to feel afraid, the many situations I described as “scary”. There have been a not insignificant number of them: uncomfortable conversations with family; unexpected political outcomes; uncertain romantic situations.

As someone who long ago decided to do whatever I could to surprise myself on the regular, noticing fear has become an invitation to step outside the bounds of my proverbial (emotional/intellectual) comfort zone. And this past week was a whole lot of that, with innumerable mugs of herbal tea (and my very first Facebook live chia pudding demo) interspersed throughout.

Read more and get the recipe here.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Poly Hamilsquad x Reader where the reader is acting distant and squad thinks she's cheating on them so they follow her but it turns out that she was just going to a comic convention with the Schuyler Sisters and she didn't want the squad to see her cosplaying (ps can the cosplay be sexy like slave Leia or Wonder Woman)?

Convention Conflict - Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1096

Ship: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

warnings: slight swearing and sexual feelings implied!

aaaaa this was so fun to write


A warm set of arms wrapped around your waist as you sat at your island, trying to eat a quick breakfast before the girls picked you up to go get ready for the con at Peggy’s house.

“Morning Laf, you’re up early.” You said trying to be attentive, even though your head was somewhere else.

“Oui!” he chuckled sleepily. “Quoi de neuf? What is up, mon ange?” he asked, peppering kisses on your neck at the same time your phone buzzed. It was from Eliza, the girls were waiting outside for you.

“Not much, i gotta go though, could you tell the others i’ll be back tomorrow?” you asked, knowing that you’d all probably crash at one of the girl’s house. You grabbed your duffel bag with your wonder woman costume tucked in underneath your overnight stuff and placed a quick kiss on his cheek, racing out the door before he could get a word in edgewise. You loved your partners but you knew they’d have an aneurysm if they saw all the skin that showed through your cosplay-or rather, lack thereof. You on the other hand thought that as long as your outfit made you feel good, it shouldn’t matter how little or much you covered.

The girls launched into excited chat the moment you opened the car door and you laughed at your crazy friends as Eliza pulled onto the road.

Back in the house, Lafayette rushed to the bedroom where everyone was still asleep in bed. He opened the heavy curtains so light poured in. “Did Y/N say anything to anyone about a trip?”

A chorus of groggy groans echoed through the room but Hercules spoke up, looking around the bed. “No, Where is she, anyway?”

“That is the issue Hercules, I have no idea. She got a text message and picked up a duffel bag then she told me that she’d be back tomorrow and left.” Lafayette explained.

John sat up with a yawn. “Huh, What happened? Y/N did what?” he asked, rubbing his eyes.

“She has to be up to something. Maybe she’s planning a party for our anniversary?” Lafayette laughed nervously.

Hamilton finally got up, cocooning himself with the blanket. “Our anniversary is next month, Y/N is not prepared enough to think that far ahead.”

“You don’t think…?” Hercules trailed off, insinuating what all the men were thinking.

you were cheating.

“No, no, no Y/N Wouldn’t do that…” John jumped in defending you.

Lafayette nodded but there was a thick silence in the room.

The rest of the day was spent on edge when John thought of a great idea.

“We all have “find my friends” enabled on our iphones, why don’t we just use that find out where she is?” he suggested, getting nods in return.

“It says she’s at some 5 star hotel.” Alex trailed off and In mere seconds, everyone was putting their jackets on and rushing out to Lafayette’s car.

While they drove, you were having the time of your life, the four of you, albeit scantily clad, looked badass as hell. The girls had opted to keep the DC Women theme running back when you were still in the planning stages and were now dressed as the birds of prey. Angelica rocked black canary’s fishnets with ease, grabbing everyone’s envy and attention while Peggy’s skin-tight batgirl outfit showed off her perfect body and Eliza’s thigh high huntress heels made her legs look miles long. The four of you all dawned the same cropped and studded leather jackets, letting everyone know that you were a force to be reckoned with.

People wanted to take pictures with you left, right and centre, and you couldn’t help but wonder if this was what stardom felt like.

When the boys arrived at the hotel, they felt as if they were in another universe. People dressed in all different kinds of costumes lounged and conversed in the lobby. Alexander shook it off and rushed to the concierge’s desk.

“Hello, I would like to find the room that Y/N L/N is staying in, i’m her boyfriend.” he asked quickly.

The concierge looked at Hamilton like he was stupid and turned his nose up. “I’m sorry sir, I’m not allowed to give you that in-”

He was cut off by Angelica. “Hamilton? What are you doing here?”

Hamilton swallowed at her outfit and tried to keep his eyes up on her face. “We’re looking for Y/N, why are you here?”

She tilted her head. “We’re here with Y/N why else?”

Now the boys were utterly confused, not quite putting two and two together. That is, until they heard your laughter.

They looked up to see you looking mock-angry while taking a selfie with a guy cosplaying Deadpool who held a cardboard sign saying “Fuck DC”, it was quite a sight.

“Y/N?” John asked. You paled and turned to them, they didn’t even try to hide their eyes raking up and down your body.

“Merde.” Lafayette said hoarsely under his breath as he took in your physique while you walked over.

Hercules brought you into a hug that seemed rather innocent until you felt his breath on your ear. “Fuck, Y/N you look so hot.” he growled quietly causing a blush to rise on your cheeks.

“I want in!” Laurens exclaimed joining your hug.

You broke apart when you heard a click.

“Alexander!” you exclaimed in a warning tone.

“What? It’s a cute candid!” he said sheepishly.

You joined Angelica and Alex who were looking at the picture and placed your arm around his shoulder. There you were, sandwiched between two of the men you loved with another holding his fingers in a ‘bunny ears’ position behind your head.

That was definitely going on the fridge.

Peggy and Eliza joined the small group of you that had accumulated holding four colourful satin strips with eye holes. “We saw you guys here with no costumes and bought these for you at some booth so you wouldn’t feel left out.”

Lafayette, mulligan and Hamilton looked at their extended hands like they were the plague while Laurens jumped up and down, shouting “I call Michelangelo!” before grabbing the orange one and tying it around his head. Lafayette shrugged with a smile and grabbed the purple one, assuming the roll of Donatello. Hercules chuckled and grabbed Raphael’s red mask before Hamilton could, taking off his beanie to put it on.

“Come on, why do I have to be Leo?” Hamilton whined, causing all of you to laugh.

Christmas Eve with Newt would Include

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Christmas Eve with Newt Would Include…

  • Waking up to a cold snowy day in New York.
  • Eating a quick breakfast with Newt and then going to play in the snow, Newt surprisingly loves the snow.
  • Exploring the beautiful city of Manhattan under a blanket of snow, while holding hands with Newt.
  • Listening to people sing Christmas carols, and Newt decides to join in with them.

  • Newt surprising you and the other carolers that he can sing really well. Especially when he sings the higher notes, it gives you shivers.
  • Newt bashfully asking you if you thought he sung okay, because he can be a little self-conscious. And you kiss him on the cheek and tell him it was wonderful.
  • Eating hot popcorn and corndogs from a street vender.
  • Going ice skating with Newt.

  • Falling a whole lot, like a WHOLE lot, but Newt catching you and always helping you up.
  • Newt buying you hot chocolate and some gloves, because you didn’t have any. He specifically chose gloves that had black and yellow on them, because Hufflepuff, that’s why.
  • Visiting the mall and observing the mad rush of people shopping for last minute things. Newt was one of the people rushing around, because naturally he forgot about gifts. So you helped him buy gifts for Tina, Jacob, and Queenie.
  • Newt telling you to leave him alone while he searches a gift for you.

  • You walking around a huge Christmas tree, marveling and inhaling the smell of Christmas and taking in the joy of Christmas Eve.
  • Newt finding you and the two of you decide to go back home and relax.
  • You burning the pie, and having a mini breakdown, but Newt comforts you and tells you everything is alright.
  • The two of you making a new pie together, while Queenie and Jacob make strudel and Tina cooks the main course.

  • All of you eating and laughing together and telling Christmas stories from when they were little.
  • After dinner, you make Newt hot chocolate, and put extra marshmallows in it, because he always asks for extra marshmallows.
  • The two of you cuddling on the sofa, listening to Christmas music and enjoying each other’s warmth.
  • You dozing off, trying to fight away the sleep.

  • Newt singing along softly to the radio, his lullaby making you even more warm and sleepy, and you eventually fall asleep in his arms.
  • Newt carrying you bridal style to your room and tucking you into bed, making sure you’re all warmed up.
  • Newt kissing your forehead and whispering, “Sleep well, Christmas Baby.”

Simple Overnight Oats

I like simple. If my meals are simple then I’m more likely to eat it again. And though I’d prefer not to live such a busy life I have to be realistic when it comes to meal prep. Overnight oats are probably on the top of my list (next to smoothies) for quick and filling breakfast options. There are so many ways to season them. Here’s what I do:

1 cup GF rolled oats
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (preferably homemade)
1 TBSP maple syrup
2 TBSP almond butter

Blend the almond milk, maple syrup and almond butter in a high speed blender, mix with rolled oats and place in an airtight container. Allow to sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight. When ready, transfer oats to a bowl and top with your favorite fruit. In the photo above I used fresh strawberries and pomegranate seeds, desiccated coconut, cacao nibs and 1 TBSP carob powder.


If You Do This Again, I’ll Kill You

request:  Can you write a Newt x reader fic where Newt gets injured but tries to hide it so he can keep taking care of his animals until his injury get so bad that he has to be nursed back to health

I loved writing this! Sorry it’s a bit later than promised, I had so many unexpected Christmas surprises this year. But anyways, enjoy and remember to leave some more requests if you want <3

words: 2022

warning: just a bit of blood, sorry!

Newt Scamander X Reader : If You Do This Again, I’ll Kill You”


You and Newt had just gotten up for the day. With a quick breakfast and a spot of tea, Newt was bright-eyed, ready to go.
     “Come on, everyone’s probably waiting on their own breakfast.” Newt happily exclaimed as he pulled you by your hand towards the case sitting in the living room of your apartment. You laughed and followed him down into the case, ready to start the day with your favorite magizoologist.
     Newt immediately walked out of the shed when you both dropped into the case and headed over to Frank. The huge thunderbird screeched, flying around until he landed on a rock in front of Newt.
     Newt gave him a pat on his head and smiled. “Good morning, Frank.” He spoke softly to his creature and gave him his breakfast for the morning.
     “Newt, where should I start today?” you looked at him, hands on your hips and staring up at Frank.
     “Um, how about the mooncalves, Y/N?” he asked, glancing back at you. You gave him a smile and a nod and walked back to see the mooncalves, leaving Newt and Frank alone.
     Newt petted Frank a minute longer before moving on to more creatures. He went through the cavern area and through to the other side, looking for a hungry animal to feed that morning.
     With you off taking care of the mooncalves, (and probably sitting there petting them all) Newt was walking around the case. Picking up little things you both forgot about the night before. You were both so tired that night, you needed sleep to be ready for today.
     Newt started picking up some empty buckets and put them in the wheelbarrow nearby. He also found an empty mug from the tea you had every night. You were drinking it when you and Newt walked through the case last night. He smiled at the cup and set it in his barrow.
     He sighed contently, looking around and seeing the area was much cleaner.      He grabbed the handles of the wheelbarrow and started pushing it uphill towards the shed.
     The wheelbarrow was rolling up the hill, pushed hard by Newt. It was a lot heavier than it seemed. And with the buckets and other things in it, it was worse.
     He pushed hard when he hit something, causing the barrow to stop and not budge. He shoved it harder, not realizing the barrow was stuck on a little dip in the grass.
     “Come on you little bugger.” He grumbled just before giving the wheelbarrow one final huge push. The barrow jumped out of the dip and traveled forwards. Newt was not ready for the sudden motion and fell forward. The barrow went up the hill for a moment as Newt fell down, his arm scraping against the wood of the barrow, slicing the skin open on his forearm.
     He grabbed at his arm and kept himself from rolling down the hill. Not paying attention, the wheelbarrow lost momentum and came rolling back down the hill towards Newt.
     He heard the creaky wheels and looked up to see the barrow right in his face, hitting him hard on the head.  He yelped and brought his hand to his head, the wheelbarrow still pushing against him, wanting to continue rolling down the incline.
     “Merlin’s beard.” He whined, rubbing his head. Blood trickled down his arm and he reached for the cut. He would definitely need to fix that broken wood from the wheelbarrow now. He rolled out of the way of the wheelbarrow and let it continue down the hill until it slowly came to a stop at the bottom.
     He inspected his arm, his vision a little blurry from the knock on his head. It was a deep cut surprisingly and he was losing a bit of blood. He slowly tried to stand up, feeling his head light and vision become darker. He sat himself back down and groaned.
     “This is not good, not good at all.” He mumbled to himself, looking down at his arm.
     One of his faithful creatures, Dougal saw Newt sitting on the ground and came over to him. Dougal saw his arm and ran off again with wide eyes.
     Newt watched him, confused. Why did he run off and where to? Pretty soon, he was back with a small roll of cloth from the shed.
     “Oh, what a good demiguise you are.” Newt sighed and took the cloth. He wrapped it around his arm carefully and looked toward Dougal sitting beside him. “Thank you, friend. Now go on, I have work to do.” Newt spoke to him and tried to stand once again. When his legs wobbled, Dougal jumped up and held out his own small hands. Newt smiled at the kind creature and took the help he got.
     Dougal watched Newt as he slowly walked up the hill. Newt looked back at him and smiled.
     “I’m quite alright, Dougal. Go on now, and don’t tell Y/N. She’s already so worried about me all the time.” He told his friend and made his way up the hill slowly, his head still swimming. 

     A while later, Newt had come back down into the case. He had gone up into the apartment to change his bloody shirt and clean out his wound better. Now, he looked just like he always did, covering the bloody mess of his arm with wrapped cloth and a long-sleeved shirt.
     You had just come back from seeing the bowtruckles when you saw Newt walking out of the shed.
     “Hello, dear.” You said to Newt when you saw him. He looked up at you and smiled after a moment.
     “Oh, yes, hello. How were the mooncalves today?” he asked.
     “Just fine. I went and saw my friends at the bowtruckle tree as well. They’re all doing wonderful today just as usual, Newt.”
     He nodded, crossing his arms over his chest lightly. “Very good. Well, I say we take a break and perhaps sit in the apartment for a bit?” he looked at you expectantly and saw you nod.
     “Sounds wonderful.” You said and went to take his arm, which you always do. Instead, however, Newt held out his hand. You gave him a curious look before taking it and walking with him into the shed to go home.
     “How was the morning with everyone else? Frank seemed very happy to see you this morning and a while ago I saw Dougal and he was just…I don’t know…more concerned with something.” You mentioned to Newt when you climbed up and out of the case.
     “Oh, that’s just Dougal.” Newt brushed it off quickly.
     “Well, yeah, but it was more than I’ve ever seen. He just seemed nervous or something. I may be wrong.” You glanced over at Newt when he got out and saw him wince when he climbed up from the case. “Something wrong, Newt?” you asked.
     He looked at you and shook his head. “I’m fine, love. Come on, we can relax for a bit.” He stumbled a moment before continuing his walk down the hall. You cocked your head, watching him and made a mental note to keep an eye on him the rest of the day. Something was up

     That afternoon and evening, Newt was feeling worse by the minute. He had to constantly hide to go change the wraps on his arm to keep it from you. He didn’t want to stop taking care of his creatures. Without them, he felt so empty inside.

     You watched Newt from Frank’s habitat walk out of the shed for the fifth time that day and clumsily make his way to another animal’s area. You sighed and crossed your arms. Frank nudged you with his head and squawked.
     “I don’t know, Frank. Something is wrong, I feel.” You spoke softly to the thunderbird who was listening intently. You watched Newt turn a corner and went out of sight.
     Newt sighed when he was out of view of you and held his arm. It hurt so bad and his head was spinning wildly. He could barely tell where he was going anymore.
     He reached the next area, the niffler was sitting in his hole with all of the treasures he had found throughout their adventures. The niffler watched Newt as he stumbled to a bucket and picked it up weakly, moving over to one of his creatures.
     “Mummy’s here.” He spoke softly. Who was he feeding again? Where was Y/N? Oh goodness his arm, his head, everything was spinning around him.
     Newt felt the bucket drop from his hand and he couldn’t take it anymore. With so much blood loss and the hit to his head, his body was done. He had tried so hard.
     He felt his heavy eyes close and he hit the ground with a thud, spooking the creatures around him. Pickett jumped from his coat pocket and jumped on Newt’s chest, trying to get him up. Newt only groaned, but did nothing else.  The niffler made his way down to Newt as well and inspected him, seeing him on the ground. The niffler looked at Pickett and scurried off, trying to find you.
     He made his way to Frank’s area and looked at you, trying to get your attention.
     You looked down and saw the niffler there, running about and trying to tell you something.
     “What is it?” you asked. The niffler simply ran off towards where you saw Newt going and your heart dropped to your stomach.
     “Oh no. What happened?” you said to yourself and ran after the niffler, feeling panic rise in your chest. What happened to your Scamander?

     Newt woke up late that night with a pounding headache and the sight your very worried face.
     “Newt, dear, are you okay?” you asked him. He slowly moved his head a little bit and focused his eyes on yours.
     “What happened?” he asked with a groan.
     “Newt, you fell and that niffler came to me and I saw you…and I was so worried Newt. I checked you and saw your arm and that bump on your head. What happened today?” you asked, your voice getting higher the more stressed you became.
     “Hey, hey. I’m okay. I just fell earlier. Scraped my arm and hit my head, that’s all.” He smiled to you.
     “No, you are not okay. You are going to be in this bed until I say so. You need to get better before you can go and take care of those creatures again.” You told him. His eyes widened and he tried to sit up only for you to gently push him back down to the bed.
     “No, Y/N. I have to take care of them. They need me. I need them. Please, I’ll be fine.” He begged you.
     “Newt.” Your voice was soft, but stern. “Please, I can take care of them. You’ve taught me well and I can’t risk you getting any worse or hurting yourself again.”      You felt tears in your own eyes. You nearly had a panic attack thinking about him getting hurt again.
     He sighed and studied your face. He could see your worry etched everywhere.      His had reached out to your cheek and held it there gently.
     “Okay.” He whispered. “I’m sorry. I’ll sit right in this bed until I’m fine again.”
     You smiled a little and leaned down to kiss him softly. “I love you, you know that right? I just want to know you’re okay. You scared me too much today.”
     Newt laughed lightly and pulled you down for another peck on the lips. “I love you, too Y/N, thank you.”
     “And Newt,” you said. “If you ever get hurt and pull this again, I’ll kill you.” You teased.
     “Well that truly does not sounds fun at all. I’ll promise to keep myself upright.” He winked.
     You grinned and picked up some cloth from beside the bed and looked at his arm.
     “Let’s get you better so you can be up and moving for those creatures in that case.” You said and started nursing his arm. Your wonderful magizoologist now needed you more than ever.


This was my favorite moment from last week with Minoux. I emailed it to myself and will look back when she’s all grown up like an encapsulation of life with her right now. When I stop drawing a line between her world and mine, is when our connection begins. Just doing life together. The messier it is, generally means we are doing something right by focusing on the heart of each other rather than the perfection and the clean and the to do’s. On most Sundays we prepare for the week by making twelve little mini fennel and herb quiches to be frozen and warmed for quick snacks or morning breakfasts on the go. So simple and I think I could stare at Minoux alone in this forever and the way she passes me the eggs one by one, spots turkeys outside and is just so curious. 🍳🦃🌿

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