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「Quick tip: A way to stop procrastination is to place ALL distractions in a far to reach place so that it would be hard for you to grab them :D 」

Plant Bonding Quick Tip #3

Remember the hair trick I discussed, here?

Here is a method that takes the hair trick a little further. I find this to be a great way to deepen the bonding experienced that occurs with the first bonding tip. 

Get yourself a container to water your plants with. Fill the container with either water or compost tea. Take three strands of your hair and place them in the water. Stir the container several times. Visualize/think/feel your personal energy from your hair leaking into the water. 

At this stage, you could alter your intentions to fit your specific bonding needs. 

Going away for a while? Do this with the intent of leaving a comforting energy for your plants to remember you by. You can also do this before leaving for work or school. 

Wish to help them regain some strength after some poor health? Lend them strength through your strands. 

Water your plants with this mixture to help hydrate them with your personal energy and intent attached. 

Why do this? 

As mentioned in the first plant bonding quick tip, hair can help a plant get used to your energy, feel comforted by the presence of your energy even when you’re gone, or to help a plant decide how it feels about you. 

By doing this in the water, you can allow the plant to actually soak up the energy and intent. They get to sit in the water and drink it up. 

If you ever get the feeling one of your plants does not like this (perhaps you get a feeling of general discomfort when you go to water them), simply water them with regular water, and perhaps see if they are comfortable with you leaving a strand behind for them to sense instead. Some plants prefer to start with one strand of hair first, and then may decide they are comfortable with the water. 


They haven’t actually seen the team meet Lotor face to face yet, so I wondered what they expect him to look like. So I thought of what might go down during their first meeting.

I really want them to at least just find each other attractive. Like, Lance is already super jealous of Lotor’s hair game, and after Lance has flirted with so many people, having the villain look a him and be just as jealous or just think he’s attractive at all would be the best and ultimate irony of the show. xD

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Hanzo and his noodles. This artwork gives me the feeling of an old pic T.T Look at that smile!!! *pinches his cheeks*


JESSE WAS TAKING THE PICTURE! (honestly, Jesse? that’s the best excuse you found to take Hanzo a picture? but wait.. it’s actually pretty okay and it worked!


“I’m the spawn of Satan, I can’t escape my powers. I’ve always been afraid of facing, or even acknowledging them. But that was wrong. This is me. This is also who I am, Yukio. Until I accept my power, I’ll never be able to make any headway. So Yukio, please also accept my power, ok?”