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  • Puck: Honestly, Puck didn't have bad intentions whenever he was heading over to Quinn's house right now. He cared about her and she was obviously having a bad day, so he had full intentions of just making sure that she was okay and maybe even putting her in a better mood. He was just glad that he was the person she went to when things were like this in her life because it made him feel kind of special and like he actually mattered to her. Things between them were beyond complicated at this point and the more they hung out together, the worse it got. Puck obviously wanted to take things further with Quinn, but he wasn't exactly pressing the issue either. That wasn't the way to go about with things when it came to girls, especially girls like Quinn who was almost a total prude. He was slowly breaking down her walls, though, and he knew that it wouldn't take much longer until their relationship went to the next level - even though that wasn't all he wanted from her and he made sure to make that perfectly clear too. He may want to have sex with her because she was one of the hottest girls he had ever laid eyes on, but his feelings for her ran so much more deeper than that and they grew stronger every single day. Puck parked his truck against the curb in front of Quinn's house before he reached over and grabbed the six pack of wine coolers out of his passengers seat while he was exiting his vehicle. Bringing alcohol into this situation was probably a bad idea, but it wasn't like it was anything strong and who knows, maybe it would loosen Quinn up a bit and she would forget about everything that was going on. There was nothing wrong with that, right? When he approached her front porch, he quickly knocked on the door twice before taking a few steps back as he waited for the blonde to answer, excited to see her like he usually was.
Social Media || Quick

Pregnancy scare in the past, it was almost a month since Puck saw Quinn from the last time. They still talked or Skype daily, but with his training intensifying more each day it was getting harder for him to leave the base and go see her. He missed her daily, it wasn’t getting any easier to sped time apart and he only wondered how would it be once he was overseas.
When Thanksgiving came, he had the first leave in months, a five days leave that he would use to come back home to spend some time with his family and her. It was Thursday morning and Puck was driving the distance from his mom’s place to her moms already thinking on all the things they were going to be doing once they were alone.

Base Visit || Quick

Puck  haven’t spoke with Quinn about that phone call again, he had no idea how he was gonna explain to her that all of his budies heard her being all kinky on him like that, he knows she’ll die once she finds out. The weekend he had off finally arrived, meaning that he had time to spend with her. It was Friday night and Quinn said she’d arrive after dinner. Puck finished his training, his chores and now was just waiting for her to arrive. He didn’t know how this weekend was going to be, he only knew how much he missed her.

Date || Quick

A few days have passed since Puck and Quinn got back on good terms. They were a couple again and acted like one, work was good again and Puck tried to spend more time with Quinn instead of the cougars. They’ve both had been working a lot, so on their first brake Puck decided to take her on a date and planned on something different that he hoped would sound romantic on her eyes. He drove his truck towards her house on the time they planned looking rather nice on a black v-neck with the pants she bought him and his usual black sneakers. He missed using normal clothes like this since back at camp he had to use only uniforms.

Party Time || Quick

If there was one thing that Noah Puckerman loved more than waffles was his birthday parties. They were always famous around town and each year they got better and better. He never bothered with inviting people over, all he needed was to text a few friends to let them know and the word would get spreaded out like that. After the fiasco that his afternoon with Quinn was, he didn’t know if she would actually show up, he felt horrible for the things he did and was actually scared she wouldn’t let him touch her ever again. 

He didn’t know when he started drinking or who was there at this time, he had no idea how many shots he had, how many beers cups or even if he smoked weed at some time, all he knew was one simple thing: he was feeling good.