quick! before the good artists wake up!

anonymous asked:

Hey why are you awake you need sleep, get some sleep you artistic genius

Weeeellll because things went like this:

9:25 PM - working on FE update, very tired but not ready to go to bed for reals. Decides it’d be a good idea to take a quick 20 min power nap so I can get more work done before actual bed

2:49 AM - wakes up from 20 min power nap

4:03 AM - goes back to sleep, having not gotten any work done anyways

Mind you, this is a common occurrence, happens about twice a week X’D

Paint Me Like One of Your Gold Girls

So uh sorry for the inactivity for a while I had other stuff to do but i’m hoping I’ll have more time to write for a while.

Basically this is an AU i’m sure I read on a post somewhere and yeah this is edited real quick so if there’s any mistakes let me know.

Warnings: Cute dorks (of course), some alcohol and pet dogs oh and ‘deep’ artist Yang. (and freezerburn cuddles)

edit- tfw you forget to put a read more

FREEZERBURN (heck yeah i’m back at it with that freezerburn goodness)

4611 words

Weiss flitted her sore eyes to her alarm clock and read that it was fast approaching her five-thirty AM wake up; the cause of most of the grief in her life- that and the yapping corgi who had just entered her bedroom.

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Love + Flour (Part 1)

Summary: Based on this text post, the reader is neighbors with Cas and his fiancée, who will not stop making noise despite her constant complaining.

Characters: brief!Cas x Hannah, Cas x Reader

Warnings: none.

Word Count: 1,819

A/N: For abaddonwithyall, who I absolutely adore! Feedback is loved! Planning on 2 more parts for this fic!

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