i’m trying out jet.com’s grocery situation (they’re trying to be an amazon competitor and so their prices typically undercut amazon’s, and they just recently branched out to offer groceries) since they have free shipping over $35 and *supposedly* 2-day shipping it sounds like a dream as a disabled person who lives in the middle of nowhere and has to drive 30 min to a reliable grocery store. (our local IGA’s dairy/meat section is like. 60% expired food) 

it is a bit more expensive than going to the grocery store ($1 each for a green pepper as opposed to 50 cents) but i’m eager to see how it stacks up to what i’m used to. also absolutely fascinated by the concept of someone shipping eggs to my fucking house and them not being broken. 

i only spent $35 the first time to get that good good free shipping but i got an array of food to kind of test it out so i can reliably assess quality and report back–i got basics like cheese, bacon, eggs, green onions, green peppers, and rice, some other random stuff we’ve ran out of at the house, and then a few weird things that i’ve never seen in stores locally like japanese canned iced coffee (a fave of mine) and these little convenience snacks that have almonds, dried cranberries, and cheese which sounds like a good thing for me to keep in the fridge at work. 

very boring shit probably to 90% of you but i’m excited at the prospects of me being able to take care of this chore which is like MONUMENTAL in terms of spoon requirement from my house–it also would allow for a lot less need for strict planning or trying to do one BIG grocery trip like once a month–if we could just buy what we are actually going to eat this week like the weekend before, that’d be aweeeeesome

i made my second jet order earlier this week and everything came today, safe and sound again–it’s already making my life so much easier and feels like there is way way way more food for the amount of money than what i typically get at the store (not to mention the website throws discounts at you like every 5 seconds and i found out i somehow had $10 in credit for….something? like just free money?) and i feel like i make way better choices than shopping at the grocery store in person. stuff that is really expensive (but really worth it) like spices seem to be like, half the price on the website versus me going in person as well, and i don’t know how they’re able to do that. 

me and ali are planning on making chicken katsu don (with egg!) tonight with our new ingredients, and i’m hoping to make some chicken and spinach alfredo soon, as well as some more curry, but this time with pork :P i’m really excited!!!

wellp all of the orders from the sample sale (barring if you ordered something that was not part of the sample sale, that is–a few folks Also ordered a piece that had to be made so, unless you email me that you want me to do something different i’m shipping your whole order together when its finished) are shipped. folks will get email notifications when it starts moving in the usps system which’ll probably be tuesday 

i need to eat me some luuuunch but then i think i am going to work on finishing up the last bit of new collection designing that i have left. i made my full outfit line up on friday so i can work on the missing pieces and they all have a priority list and that sort of thing. still running low on funds (most of my money rn just has to go to me and my gf’s living expenses, which is why the sample sale was such a big help and why i’ve been boosting it so hard!) which is delaying my progress on releasing everything considerably. :C but i will soldier on!

i’m getting new medication to try and physical therapy my first appointment!!!! :’D
it sounds like the long term plan might be semi regular injections (esp for my severe back pain) but the doctor wants to start slow and make sure we don’t overdo it which i’m v pro doing, so he’s giving me something specific for fibro and then a strong anti-inflammatory to take as needed so i can get through physical therapy and still be able to go to work…i’m really hopeful and he seemed really nice even though having to do a psych eval just to get in the door was fucking Terrifying but i…made it thru that i guess
i didnt even expect to have any information after this consultation, maybe just get imaging done (which i am Very Tired of 🙃) but when i told him i’ve never been given anything for my fibro he was like ._. and started listing medications i should have at least tried and i was just like NOPE! and so i’m finally going to try one of those and we can go from there and see how that goes :3c very excited paige rn…i could almost cry sitting in the examination room

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WHOA!!! i really like it!! i think the “out in the wild” section is the cutest thing too aaaaa

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looks sick!!

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thanks y’all! also i’m really excited about that “out in the wild” section too, i’m hoping that i can add folks’ outfit pictures to the listings themselves too sort of like how modcloth has their stuff, eventually? 

today was another exhausting photoshoot for work, and my body is screamin for being up since 4:30am BUUUUT tomorrow i fINALLY have my pain specialist appointment….i’m both really excited at how much relief i could potentially get and scared that it will be another dead end….but i’m also used to doctors shrugging their shoulders at my issues so i should prolly be used to it by now lads but :) it still very much bums me tf out. 

but if it goes well it will potentially be the first time i will get some sort of relief from my pain in over 5 years…..and there’s also a potential for me to get some sort of Sick pain relief tech like a pain pump (that releases medication slowly during the day or increases medication with physical activity) OR a neuro-blocking implant or some other type of sick cyborg shit and that would be…incredible

i really hope it goes well bc i’m very tired of being miserable

tonights the first night on a new medication, i’ve started neurontin for nerve pain and am rly interested to see how it works out but also nervous bc its been so long since ive been on new medication and theres always this fear of side effects lining up with existing symptoms to where i cant tell smth’s fuckin me up on the DL…i’m really hoping this helps me though…