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Taeyang - Wedding Dress Remake ( HD )

Luck or Fate?

I’m the type of person who believes in fate and destiny and all that crap as oppose to chance and luck. Because really, what are the chances that this certain thing happens to you at this exact moment with these particular people? You catch my drift? So along with my vast knowledge of people on the internet, for some reason, I’m always able to catch people I really admire at random times. It’s the best actually. Like that one time I saw Victor Kim in Eagle Rock or Chelsea Staub in the elevator at the Americana or Mark Salling at H&M (WHO I DID NOT GET A PICTURE WITH. <– BIGGEST REGRET OF MY LIFE!).

Anyway, if you actually follow my tumblr posts carefully, I blogged about trying to find TaeYang the two weeks he would be in LA and that he went hiking at Runyon park last Monday. THEN on Wednesday, while my old choir director was treating us out to Korean BBQ, I happened to spot Qui Truong from Kanauru Productions, who acts as TaeYang in all of their video remakes AND went on the hike with TaeYang. He’s adorable. (: Keep in mind, Kanauru is based up north. So is it pure coincidence that him and I were at the same place together, at the same time? I don’t know, but I really took it as a sign that meeting TaeYang wasn’t so far off. Yeah, I’m strange. D’: Well, here’s the picture (Thanks Nay<3):

Watch Kanaru’s Wedding Dress Remake if you’d like. <3 They’re awesome! :D