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Dean’s Physical and Psychological Hunger - On a Recurring Theme Illustrating His Inner Struggle in Season 9 and Season 10

Ever since Dean took on the Mark of Cain in season 9 the show has been using the metaphor of hunger to explore and highlight Dean’s inner struggle. A struggle that is being fought on far more than just one level and reaches far deeper than just physical hunger. The mark served as a catalyst for all the issues Dean has been suppressing to come out of hiding. So in that regard the only way for Dean to heal might be for him to consciously work through all the traumas he experienced without drowning out the pain and fear with alcohol or silence it with throwing punches.

While it is horrible to see Dean in so much pain and in such a fragile mindset and as wrong as it sounds, the mark might in a twisted way help Dean to overcome his demons and truly grow into the person he wants to be and is at his core: a good man, to whom happened horrible things, a beautiful man, who has always had a heart of gold, but whose heart was broken early in life and is still trying to put all the pieces back together.

Over the course of the second half of season 9 the show has been framing the Mark of Cain / First Blade arc as an addiction that keeps eating away at Dean and ripping him off of who he is and is overpowering him. The more Dean fell under the spell of the mark’s and the blade’s powers, the more the show has been bringing up the aspect of hunger.

The most important episodes the show has addressed the nature of hunger before season 9 were in 4x04 “Metamorphosis” and 5x14 “My Bloody Valentine”. In the first one we meet a man, who experiences a hunger he cannot place and that he is unable to sate. The whole episode we see him eat anything in sight, but nothing gives him the satisfaction he is looking for and that is because he doesn’t give his body what it wants: human meat.

It’s an episode exploring and showing how someone becomes a monster and most importantly without wanting or choosing it, but being “destined” to become one due to a genetic predisposition. The audience witnesses the metamorphosis from human to rougarou first hand, similarly to how the audience was with Dean every step of the way during his metamorphosis (I wrote a three-part-meta on Dean’s metamorphosis in S9 which kind of deal with similar topics. Here are links to part 1, 2, and 3) from human to demon. It’s in this episode we also learn that Dean must have experienced hunger and possibly starvation, which Sam on the other hand doesn’t seem to have experienced. In the early seasons already it was hinted at that Dean gave the little food they had when John wasn’t around to Sam.

So while 4x04 explores the feeling of not ever being able to feel full, 5x14 kind of turns this aspect on the head. It’s the episode the horseman Famine is introduced and entire town experiencing “hunger”. Some cannot stop eating, some cannot stop drinking, Castiel is unable to resist eating burgers, Sam relapses on demon blood. The only one seemingly not affected by Famine is Dean. And it tells a lot about his state of mind, because he is refusing to eat altogether. It hints at Dean’s depression and helplessness and wish for nothingness. His hunger has much more an emotional rather than a physical quality. And of course Famine himself gives an explanation for Dean’s immunity against him, an explanation which loomingly lingers on everything we were witnessing in season 9.

“Doesn’t take much—hardly a push. Oh, America—all-you-can-eat, all the time. Consume, consume. A swarm of locusts in stretch pants. And yet, you’re all still starving because hunger doesn’t just come from the body, it also comes from the soul.[…] Yes. I see. That’s one deep, dark nothing you got there, Dean. Can’t fill it, can you? Not with food or drink. Not even with sex.[…] Oh, you can smirk and joke and lie to your brother, lie to yourself, but not to me! I can see inside you, Dean. I can see how broken you are, how defeated. You can’t win, and you know it. But you just keep fighting. Just… keep going through the motions. You’re not hungry, Dean, because inside, you’re already…dead.

Basically every little thing Famine tells Dean here, we have seen Dean try after he was cured. He tried to be the one, he used to be - enjoy sex, watch silly movies and laugh, try and be excited about food - but the darkness and the emptiness within he couldn’t truly gloss over, couldn’t really silence. And in the end the mark got what it wanted - just like the rougarou within the human got in the end.

These two episodes and their distinct meaning and exploration of the theme of “hunger” works as a good backdrop to analyze what we have been seeing in the second half of season 9 and the episodes of season 10 so far because they address the physical hunger and the psychological hunger that doesn’t have anything to do with food.

In season 9 we had multiple episodes dealing with hunger in one way or another or the “deep dark hole in the pit of ones stomach” as a metaphor for the darkness each one of us carries within. And some of these lines of season 9 get a really tragic and creepy overtone when taking a look at Dean in season 10.

It’s starts with 9x04 “Dog Dean Afternoon”. An episode in which Dean goes through a metamorphosis on a psycholigical level, because he mindmelts with a dog. It’s heavy foreshadowing to what would happen later on in the season. The important part is what Chef Leo tells Dean about how he became a killer:

"See, when I was diagnosed, I was way past standard treatment. No one could save me. But then with the help of a Pawnee shaman and a zoo membership, I found a cure, albeit a temporary one. Cancer always came back. […] Well, I didn’t mean to kill anyone – at first. But if people got in my way, they became collateral damage. Guess you eat enough predators, you start to become one. You are what you eat, right?”

These few lines basically sum up Dean’s whole targic current storyline. In 10x07 “Girls Girls Girls” he tells Cole he is “past saving”. There is no cure, just a temporary relief when he kills. And in 10x09 “The Things We Left Behind” we see Dean try everything to fill that clawing darkness in the pit of his stomach, nurturing his body, so he would nurture the mark. In the end the mark won, people became collateral damage and Dean the predator. And similarly he tried to detox - with alcohol, with food and most of all with killing - in 10x11, but in the end again the mark’s bloodlust and hunger was sated, Dean’s hands no longer sjaking because the mark got what it craved.

In 9x12 “Sharp Teeth” Reverend Jim echos part of Famine’s words to Dean:

"Then I looked at Bess, and I realized the road to revenge is a dark and lonely one, which you never get off. And that hole in the pit of your stomach, you never fill it — ever.

And in the following episode the topic of eating and turning to ood, because of missing love and care or longing for something far more abstract than donuts or pie is made the plot of 9x13 “The Purge”. Donna Hanscum is the one in this episode, who works as a mirror for Dean’s inner struggle (as well as Alonzo, who was unable to control his id - similarly to how Dean keeps losing control when the mark takes over):

"That was a dark time for me. Whoever said you eat your pain? Not me. I guzzled it.

In season 9 we mostly saw Dean try to drown his pain in alcohol, in season 10 - as said above - we see Dean try to silence the pain ("See his point, only humans can feel real joy, but also such profound pain. This is easier.” - Castiel in 10x03 “Soul Survivor”) with sex, drink, food and hunting. Needless to say, it didn’t work out all that well. The further the season progressed the less we saw Dean sleep or eat and the more influenced we saw Dean by the blade and the mark - he was slowly dying basically. When it comes to the aspect of hunger though of course 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles” is a milestone since Dean refuses his burger and that is the moment Crowley that Dean is going to turn if he dies.

As sad before, season 10 had multiple instances of addressing Dean’s hunger and him trying to feed his body in order to not feed the mark. Really heavy the aspect of hunger though was addressed in the past three episodes:

  • In 10x09 “The Things We Left Behind” we see Dean desperatley trying to be the guy he used to be. Laughing about silly movies, eating everything in sight and trying to focus on something else than what the mark probably makes him think and feel 24/7. In the end Dean lost the fight against his id. The makr takes over, leaves Dean soaking in blood.
  • In 10x10 “The Hunter Games” Dean goes to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Feed the body, not the mark, but he ends up beating Metatron close to death and nurturing the mark.
  • In 10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home” Dean is detoxing and experiencing withdrawal symptoms. He tries to not feed hs darkness and also tries to eat healthier. While he was able to resist the liquor, he lost control during the fight against Dark!Charlie and has to realize that the shaking subsided because the mark has gotten what it wanted: blood.

Taking all of the above into account I find it kind of genious of the show to continue this theme and further build on it with the upcoming episode 10x12 “About A Boy” that features the fairytale of “Hansel and Gretel”. A fairytale about two siblings being sent away, because the family was unable to feed all four of them. Hunger is a central theme of the fairytale. After all the Evil Witch is able to lure them to her home, because of their hunger and they start eating her candy house (I am really curious if there will be a parallel here i the episode).

So while I assume this episode will not only be really enlighting for both Winchesters since Sam literally is turned into the older brother, the one taking care of Dean (like he has all season) like Dean always had all his life and will probably explore a lot of interesting things about why the mark is so toxic for Dean and how it made him to be so vulnerable to it in the first place (I still think it would be extremely interesting if Dean - if he really is only physicall changed into his 14 year old self - was freed from the mark and for a moment them actually contemplating if that was the way to save Dean OR Dean carrying the mark as a kid, but being completely immune to it - that would make it possible to explore the things and experiences and traumas that are to blame for Dean to be so powerless against it as an adult), I think the theme of Dean’s psychological hunger might be explored through the background of his childhood. The episode could make it possible for Dean and Sam as well to truly realize how much was placed on Dean’s shoulders, how much responsibility. And most of all how long he might have been starving - not just physically when him and Sam didn’t have much to go by and him giving all their food for Sam while remaining hugry himself - but most of all emotionally.

It seems the show is doing a really great built up to explore the nature of Dean’s hunger vs. the mark’s hunger for the upcoming episodes. Dean is fighting more than one hunger. He doesn’t really seem to be hungry, but rather goes through the motions. Even when he ate burgers this season he didn’t seem to be doing it with much gusto, but like something that was expected of him. He used it as a distraction.

So in that regard to me the hunger Dean is struggling with is much more of the psychological kind than the physical one. And maybe if they find a way to find a cure for that hunger, they’ll find a cure for the mark (though I still think Dean might have to keep it and has to leanr to find balance while always having this burden). After all Dean’s hunger isn’t a hunger for food, it’s a hunger for safety, a hunger for balance and happiness.

And most of all, it’s a hunger for love.

hellfrog-medium  asked:

3. least fav class, 20. fav glamour

ffxiv ask meme

3. Least favorite class/job?

in general, i don’t really have one? i haven’t had bad experiences with any of them, nor do i really hate the concept of any. so far as gameplay, from the ones i’ve played? i have to say arcanist / scholar / summoner. i don’t know if it’s me or if it’s because i main white mage, but they feel vaguely clunky with having a pet to sometimes maybe control if you think about it, plus what if your fairy isn’t in the right place? and then if you’re an arcanist who plans to main scholar, it just feels weird to not have the option of queuing as a healer so you can get used to it before you actually get your job crystal? like i get the idea behind it, but arcanist is essentially a dps & a healer. it just depends on how you use it. (like, yes, it’s not as good as conjurer, but still!)

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anonymous asked:

heya so I can't find the option on nraas sp to stop the pregnancy cooldown. I'm doing the 100 baby challenge so need there to be no cooldown pls help xx

Hi Anon!

I think the Pregnancy Cooldown setting only affects inactive sims, not the sims in your active household. Are you seeing a different result?

If you still need it, the setting can be found here:-

City Hall > NRaas > Story Progression > General Options > Options: Pregnancy > Cooldown: Between Pregnancies

Hope this helps and sorry for the delay in replying! :-)

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Possibilities and Options

Squinting, from the blare of
godforsaken sunshine or
a light-bulb so bright
I develop tan lines

Wind breathing fire
down the nape of my neck
so winter’s chill
stops shivering up my spine

I want the possibility
of a desert in my mouth
with the option of any flavored
ice-cream melting on my tongue

I’m waiting for summer
with the option of spring

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