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How would the UF bros react to a crush who is kind, smiles a lot, very cuddly and is the kind of person who gives out hugs to one and all, but sometimes has these days when they are really tired, in a bad mood and don't feel like doing anything?


He’s not surprised. He’d have been more worried if you never ran out of energy. When he catches your mood start to drop, he gives you space. It’s his go-to reaction around those who just seem a little too grumpy for him to try to joke around with. If you give him any inkling that you don’t mind him being around, though, he’ll be by your side (granted, still at arm’s length), gently prodding you with dumb jokes & stories about whatever ridiculous new plans for traps Papyrus has come up with.


He’s a bit surprised. You were fine just the day before–what changed to make you suddenly so unapproachable to everyone but him? Well, not that you’d probably only let him around, but that despite your bad mood, he’s not leaving you alone. He’ll let you rest for a while, go on his way to do whatever he’s got to for the day, but when he gets back, he’s by your side, trying to lift your mood or get your mind off things by telling you about the new brilliant plans he’s made. Surely in the company of the Great & Terrible Papyrus, you’ll start to feel better!

… what dastardly shit are you doing to River, fiend?

… oh wait.  Omari is River’s son.  >_>;  Well that’s nice.  Omari has a reputation of being kind of a dog in my games, despite his cuteness.  If you look closely they kind of have a similar but not the same kind of nose.  Pointless fact: Omari is Quinton and Angeline’s half-brother.  … Idk who his father (or other mother) is. >_>;

…. why though.

… stop doing that.  :|