queuing backstage


Ino Hiroki (Suga) and Miura Kairi (Yamaguchi) backstage~

Good Enough - Kevin Owens

Prompt Request: “#65 and #72 with Kevin Owens pretty please?” @heelturn-timesten

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Warnings: a couple cuss words, negative self-thoughts

Song: “I’m a Mess” - Ed Sheeran (This is just the song I was listening to while writing this prompt and I wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to listen as well.)

Word Count:1878


“We don’t think you’re right to carry the title right now Y/N,” Steph told me, yet again. “Nattie’s just got more of an image people can get behind, ya know? She’s the daughter of a legend.”

The golf ball sized lump in my throat and the sting of saltwater in my eyes made it hard to say anything so I just nodded. Once again, not good enough. She rubbed her hand across my shoulder, obviously sensing my disappointment, before she was called away again.

From her makeshift office in the arena, I walked in a daze to the female talent locker room to get ready for my match tonight.

“Hey, Y/N,” called Becky. “You ready to get your lass kicked?” she joked and laughed as she wrapped her wrists and I got changed into my ring gear. I knew Becky from our days at NXT, our overlap for about 3 years until I got called up and left her with the rest of the Horsewomen. We remained close friends while separated and I was thrilled when she moved up to Smackdown. She knew about my struggles getting in title contention and my insecurities about the amount of time it was taking. Time after time the higher ups would insist that my title run was coming and that they “just weren’t ready.” But I was. I was so ready. Just not enough.

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