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Mod Sync, can I have some fluffy Storyshift!Asriel head cannons?

You can absolutely have Ultimate Goatson headcanons. - Mod Sync

Storyshift!Asriel fluff headcanons

- He does that headbutt thing normal goats do to make friends, except he does it to people he’s close to or considers close. He just kinda, gently bumps his forhead to yours, or rubs the top of his head into your back or shoulder. It’s literally the most adorable thing.

- He’s!!!! So!!!! SOFT!!!!!!! His fur is the softest of all the Asriels. It makes for the best hugs. It’s also slightly curly. He has Chara sometimes help him take care of it.

- His scarf is actually what’s left of an old blanket they found in the dump. The whole thing was too stained and torn to use as a blanket, but, there was enough to cut out and uses as something smaller, and, not wanting it to go to waste, cut it out and now he won’t let it go.


……. I feel the need to explain to people who are new to my blog.

Shawn Wolff, that grumpy wench in white, is married to the four-legged beast on the floor there near the door, Cash.  … for science.  No they do not actually do anything together; I’m exploiting a perfectly legal game bug.  xD  If anything, it’s actually rendered Shawn into a very good, chaste sim.  Other than with Andrei when he takes refuge in her house from the damn cops, she doesn’t really stray from her marriage with anyone for various reasons relating to TS3 game mechanics.  Semi-admirable, I guess.

They have two kids together: Nero and Kathy (not counting a second iteration of Shawn in Moonlight Falls, who has Scott).  Ofc that dashing creature in brown is Nero.

Don’t be like that.

They’re alright sorts.


Not a one of them is immune to this shit.  >_>;

We’ll get to that tomorrow.  xD  Here is your recap post for tonight.

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Ink with an S/O who's a programmer? :3 (I bet that's weird for the babe.)

To anyone who does programming, props to you guys. You have to put up with so much stress and bullshit, stay strong guys. - Mod Sync

Ink!Sans and a Programmer S/O

- He’s actually a little fascinated by it. He knows he’s probably never gonna truly understand most of it, but the fact that you can makes him feel awed. Being able to read all those codes and series of numbers and wow that’s how that works!? He thinks you’re super smart for it!

- He’s really proud with how hard you work. But he also knows you have to put up with some really shitty things sometimes. Some people just don’t understand that it’s not just “Press X to ___” and it gets so frustrating. He does what he can to keep you from getting overwhelmed by all the stress.

- He’ll sometimes crack a joke about hacking Error!Sans and figuring out how to remove the ‘error’ part of his being, and if that would make him nice. You’ve brought up before that that would be both very weird and kinda impossible, but that you’d try if it were actually a thing you could do. He always goes quiet after that.

- You knew he wasn’t really joking.

I Love the Winter

I used to walk with you
Hand in hand inseparable
Letting the snow
Swirl around us as we talked
Of spring

It was easy to be in love with you
I brought the sunshine
And you brought excitement
We made June in December

Until you found your own
Little slice of heaven
Somewhere in the arms
Of a girl I could never be like

Now I love the winter most
Its chilling embrace is comfort
And I dread the summer months
That make me think of you



What are you gonna do with an armchair??

I fucking hate you so much.  xD

I don’t understand.  … other than Grumpy sim / Evil sim.

Alina went and gave her mom the business right back.

This entire family is dysfunctional.  They’re all Evil.