queuin it up

Story Summary: Your best friend asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family gathering and you reluctantly accept his request.

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader

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Part 3
Part 4 - Updated: 02/21/17

the length of time jay was spending in front of the community/building noticeboard would seem weird to a bystander but not to the boy. he was just making sure to read all of the notices on the board. it’s not like he cared or anything about it… it was more the fact that he had NOTHING to do. “isn’t it weird how they always have a pet missing in this neighbourhood ?? it’s like someone’s going around targeting all the pussies in town,” jay chuckled, fully aware of his choice of words as he turned slightly to face the other. “they can’t all be that great, can they ?? “ 


GTA AU : N I G H T R I D E R S - T A E K O O K — a playlist for the ride or die duo that stand on the precipice between business and pleasure; revved engines, cash prizes, adrenaline rushes, late night drives & catching feelings. you’re dealing with the wildcards.

( hover for lyrics ) wildcard // into the fire // we own it // be together // heartbeat // drifter // like i would // night riders // ride wit me // feel good inc // desperado // ambitionz az a ridah // slow down // zipper // tokyo drift