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  • marina and the diamonds: i really hate how women are expected to be saccharine, superficial, and overly-fixated on beauty and sex, so i'll write an album satire of that
  • everyone, missing the point entirely: hm :/// this album is a saccharine, superficial, and overly-fixated on beauty and sex :///

okay so a really (un)popular headcanon right now is wilford having forgotten about damien and celine. seems kinda unbelievable to me, i mean, they were his best friends. but let’s say he has forgotten about them. how? my guess is dark.

every time william looks at this new person that is dark, he sees his best friends and he breaks even more inside. every time this new person says “william”, he flinches. the unfamiliar voice doesn’t feel good.

dark notices this of course. and one day, he says “wilford” instead of “william”. william is confused at first, but once he realizes it doesn’t hurt as much as his real name, he starts listening to it.

this way, dark gives william, now wilford, the opportunity to move on, to let go. he shapes a whole new person, who slowly but surely forgets about his old friends.

one day dark makes the mistake to call wilford “william”. wilford raises his eyebrows and looks at dark. “william?” he repeats, now laughing at the terrified expression on dark’s face. “it’s wilford, dark. geez, don’t tell me you forgot?”

wilford walks away. dark smiles, relieved. but inside him, two once beating hearts break.


Plasma ball (otherwise known as Tesla coil in a globe)

  • Taehyung: [texting] Come over
  • Jungkook: I can't. My car only has three wheels
  • Taehyung: Do you have a tricycle?
  • Jungkook: You were supposed to say "but my parents aren't home"
  • Taehyung: I was distracted by your tricycle
  • Jungkook: Okay, start over
  • Taehyung: Come over
  • Jungkook: I can't. My car only has three wheels
  • Taehyung: What color is your tricycle?
  • Jungkook: Fuck you

Four years ago we witnessed the most perfect TV wedding tv ever! (Of course in Bones time, they’ve been married longer.) More importantly, however, we were lucky enough to witness their wonderful married life after the event (4 seasons worth!), which included them welcoming their second child together (Baby Haaank <3). As Cam said to Booth at her own wedding : “If we are half as happy as you and Brennan, I will consider it a success.”

These two are the definition of PURE LOVE, I honestly don’t know how to articulate just how pure and sweet and innocent their love for each other is, but there will never be another TV couple as precious as these two. We were lucky enough to see our OTP together for SIX WHOLE SEASONS of a 12-season show! What other fandom can boast that now or will be able to in the future, even? NONE.

Not to be greedy (except, 246 episodes is not enough, I will always want more), but my hope is that sometime in the future (@FOX) we’ll be able to see B&B again and catch up with our favourite husband and wife :) After all, 12x12 definitely did NOT feel like a goodbye…