AU Week: LotS - Mord-Sith HG wells and Mother Confessor Myka Bering.


This is just amazing, ugh

all three of my last goldfish were either named fishy or goldy. my black cat is like the third blacky I’ve had and I swear to you we had a cat named snowy and orangey. My childs name will be the best. Maybe even as good as north west.

// Hey, everyone! Good news: Feeling a bit better (no more cold! yay!), and I got a draft done (and even if that was yesterday, I’m glad I managed to fit it in between my homework)! And also: I refilled the queue! The queuey-wooey-queue lives once more! To those who sent asks, I’m sorry to keep you waiting–I’ll answer them once I get the chance!

Anyway, I’ve got two papers due this week, so it’s gonna be a bit jam-packed. But, don’t worry! I still have you all in mind, and I miss writing here dearly. Thanks to everyone for your patience! I appreciate it.

I hope you all are doing well! I hope you all have a great week, and good night for now!