STUFF FROM TWITTER, @apollyna …ruh-heally feelin red and blue over there lately.

1) the titular Asura from Asura’s Wrath - mostly an excuse to play with colors while fulfillin’ a ‘put up or shut up’ type a’ deal // 2,3) more playin but with Kjell’s OC Neil as he appears in the mafia and vamp AUs (YES, THOSE ONES). Woulda loved to give him a more formal introduction but, in due time n’ all that. // 4) hypothetical design for A Thing that has moved in another direction, leavin me free to keep this little darling after a few more differentiating tweaks. G’aww, just look at the lil floatin brain tucked in there, how precious! // 5) teeny thing i liked of that big beautiful bih herself, Tgr’ek, in the ol’ Eldritch Vacationer form (aka “original au”) // 6) v- um.. vamp Neil. Because Fuck Y ou, Let Me Live. // 7) a Luke from… an offshoot of mafia au. The Clouds Definitely Aren’t Covering Up Anything Weird, Don’t Worry About It.


stuff i drew at work and posted to twitter. im separating these based on a couple criteria…

anyway, i was experimentin with heavy black ink cos ive always loved that dramatic look. mafia and vampire luke respectively. (how many more jokes can i make about ketchup and jam before it stops being funny?)

[muffled Hungry Eyes playing in the distance]