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Bonjour!!! So I know a lot of you are learning french/want to start listening to french music but don’t know where to start so I’m basically gonna make a masterpost??? list??? some recommendations??? of the french music I listen to.  Maybe if you like the artists, you’ll enjoy their other songs :) . Enjoy~~~

POP : 

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(these are basically the songs that got me into french music)

Indila - Dernière Danse (Clip Officiel) 

Indila Tu ne m'entends pas

Indila - Comme Un Bateau

Stromae - Papaoutai

Sindy - Aïe aïe aïe (Audio)

Sindy - Dis moi (Audio)

Léa Castel - Larguer les amarres (Clip Officiel)

Maître Gims - Brisé

Maître Gims - Est-ce que tu m'aimes ? (Clip Officiel)

Maître Gims - Zombie (clip officiel)

Vitaa - Surmonter ça

Vitaa - Game Over ft. Maître Gims 

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(just a little gif of me dancing to these songs.)


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(I call these songs Afro-French because they sort of have an African sounding beat to them)

Singuila - Mieux loin de moi

Singuila - Rossignol ft. Youssoupha

Simplement - Milca

KIM et MARVIN - Ne t'en va pas (Clip Officiel)

Maître Gims - Bella

Maître Gims - Sapés comme jamais (Clip Officiel) ft. Niska

R&B :

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Vitaa - Ma Soeur 

Vitaa J'oublierai tout

Vitaa - A Fleur de Toi

Vitaa - Pour Que Tu Restes 

Isleym - Avec le Temps - Clip Officiel

(Vitaa’s the queen of French R&B music tbh.)


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(basically songs that you wanna belt out in the shower or when it’s raining)

Lara Fabian - JE SUIS MALADE

Lara Fabian - Je T'aime

Lara Fabian - J'y crois encore

La Famille Bélier - Je vole (Louane)

Roch Voisine - Ne Viens Pas


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(who doesn’t love a bit of Disney??? and in french!)

Almost There (French) - Subs & Translation 

Frozen - For The First Time In Forever - French 

Anastasia - Once Upon A December French (S + T)

God Help the Outcasts [French]

Cinderella - Strong (French) Subs + Trans

The Lion King soundtrack: Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (French)

The Little Mermaid 2 For a Moment - French

I’ll make a man out of you (French) Subs & Trans

[Fandub] Tangled - I See the Light (French Version)

Touch the sky (EU French) Subs + eng&ita Trans


I could go on forever when it comes to my favourite Disney dubs ♥ ♥ ♥. Anyways that’s it! Even if you’re not learning French I’d advise you to listen to French music because it’s beautiful!

P.S. - All of these songs are in EU FRENCH!

P.P.S. : I also listen to Korean, Irish, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish and Italian music (but the list would be shorter for everything except Korean and Hindi). I could recommend you some!

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À la prochaine!