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It’s Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day, and I just want to share my love of some of the writers out there on Tumblr! 

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A/N: AHHH okay so this was super fun to write I can’t even put into words how excited I was to write this. I ended up going with The Little Mermaid (I think you know why), just in case it wasn’t obvious from subtext! I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this! Extra notes at the end of the fic because I don’t want to give too much away!  (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“I love you, you asshole.”

Alexander was just glad he didn’t have to perform any scenes with him. Well, there was one scene, but their characters never actually interacted. Though, Jefferson did everything he could to fluster Alexander. He’d grin at him, stare at him through the entire scene even though he barely had any dialogue, and he’d wink if Alex caught his eye. Alex managed to ignore it, though he hated the way his cheeks would burn and how he couldn’t rid of the horrible feeling in his stomach until the second act.

He was grateful for the casting in the beginning. In fact, he was grateful for being casted at all, never having much confidence in his acting or singing skill. He knew that Eliza would get in, along with her sisters, and he had little to no doubt about Laf and John’s capabilities. But when he found out that he had gotten the role as Sebastian, he was overly ecstatic. The only problem was that Jefferson had also been casted… As one of Ursula’s minions. Fortunately, that meant very little scenes where their characters were even onstage together, and that was one of the reasons Alex didn’t drop the musical from his schedule (also, he was getting to play Sebastian, the perfect character considering his background).

It was also a good thing that John had gotten casted as Flounder - he should have been Prince Eric, in Alex’s opinion - because Alex could at least comprehend Jefferson with John by his side. “Hey, maybe he likes you,” John had teased when Alex complained to him during a rehearsal break.

“John Laurens, don’t you ever suggest that again,” Alex said, glaring at his friend. John only shrugged and headed back to the stage when their director gave them their five minute warning.

On the premiere night, all of the actors gathered in a circle offstage to warm up. Alex had the misfortune of standing next to Jefferson, but it was as if the other boy had purposely stood next to him. They were forced to hold hands, Alex not wanting to make a scene and delay the performance. At least Eliza held his other hand, and that was enough to get him through the warm up without blowing up. Though, he had to admit that Jefferson’s hand was soft, and warm, and perfect for holding. He shook his head. Did he really just think that? It must have been the before-performance nerves.

After departing their circle, Alex stood aside to perform some extra breathing exercises. Though he was excited, he was also nervous. He had practiced his lines more than necessary, being the first to memorize all of his lines, and could practically recite them in his sleep, forwards and backwards. But deep breaths always helped him calm down. Though, his breathing rate only increased as Jefferson approached him with his signature grin on his face. It was quite difficult for him to regain his composure, averting his gaze and hoping that the other would just pass him.

He had no such luck.

Jefferson approached him, holding out his pinky. Alexander rolled his eyes. It was a tradition at their school, according to the drama kids, that actors lock fingers and kiss their fists simultaneously for luck. “Break a leg, Hamilton,” Jefferson said, though he sounded more condescending than genuine.

His initial reaction was to smack Jefferson’s hand away, but seeing that everyone was stressed out and could use the extra luck, he entwined his pinky. “Break a leg,” he muttered, leaning forward to kiss the end of his fist. But Jefferson surprised him by tugging him closer, moving their hands aside completely so their lips could touch. It was gentle, and brief, but nonetheless it made Alex’s heart pound. He opened his mouth, but his mind had gone blank, so he pressed his lips together.

“Jefferson! Why aren’t you in costume yet?” one of the tech crew students asked. Jefferson strutted over to them, flashing Alexander a quick wink and grin before disappearing into the back room. Alexander had enough time to calm himself with a few more breathing routines before he joined the others at the curtain, everyone patting Eliza on the back before she had to go on.

The next time Alex was able to see Jefferson, other than the scene they had together - in which, Jefferson was surprisingly, for once, professional and Alexander could hardly keep it together - was during intermission. Alex wasted no time marching up to him as soon as he found him, grabbing him and pulling him aside so no one would noticed in case Jefferson tried to make a move again. “Jefferson, what the hell.”

The latter only smirked. “Ah, so up for round two, I see?”

Alexander was glad that they were shrouded by the darkness of the curtains surrounding him, or else Jefferson was sure to see how red his face was. “No, I’d very much like to take back round one. Is messing with me the sole purpose of your life? If that’s the case, I have to admit that you’re succeeding and ask that you stop, at least for the sake of performance nights!”

“But performance nights are when I get to see you most,” Jefferson said, and Alex realized he was pressed against him. Maybe taking him out of the sight of others was a bad idea. Alex attempted to move away, but nearly stumbled on the wires. Jefferson grabbed him and pulled him back to his feet, carefully leading him away from the sound system, but still keeping them out of sight. He sighed dramatically, not releasing his grip on Alex’s arm. “Hamilton, isn’t it obvious?”

Despite how fast his heart was beating, he managed to furrow his brows into a glare. “What?” he growled between his teeth.

Jefferson leaned forward. “I love you, you asshole.” He gave him another quick kiss, much like the first one, but before he could fully stand, Alexander was pulling him back.

“And you’re the one calling me an asshole. If you’re going to kiss me, at least do it right.” He pulled him back for a longer, more rougher kiss, feeling Jefferson’s jaw against his own. Jefferson must not have expected it, given by the little sound of surprise he made before his brain clicked and he finally kissed back. They pulled away, gasping for breath, when they heard the stage manager shouting the five minute warning. Alex’s hands were still gripping tightly onto Jefferson’s costume. Hopefully he could get those creases out before his next scene.

Jefferson chuckled, running his thumb over his lips. “Of course you’d berate me for kissing you improperly,” he said. He ushered both of them from behind the curtains, unnoticed by anyone. “Better get in position before you get chewed out.”

“No thanks to you, nonetheless,” Alex huffed, adjusting his coat. He heard John frantically calling for him, shouting back that he would be over soon. “I’ll be seeing you after the show, I presume?”

“Did you even have to ask?” Jefferson retorted, waving him off. “Break a leg, Hamilton.” This time, he said it more endearingly.

Alex breathed out a laugh. “Break a leg, Jefferson.”

A/N: The “interlocking pinkies and kissing the fist” thing is actually not a theatre tradition; it was something we did in marching band before performances.



@inlovelikethemovies sounds like Blackwall when he tries to do a Garnet impression, so here’s the inevitable conclusion to that discovery.

there’s no way Thom Rainier is not the dorkiest, doofiest dad of all time. <3

Happy Friday!! In honor of the usual Flashback Friday, I decided to start my own little thing, Fic Back Friday. Every Friday I’ll be making a post about a fic (or more) that I am currently re-reading and that was originally posted at least two months ago! It’s a way for me to a) show off some fics that people may have missed, and b) let some amazing fic writers know how much I appreciate their works. Happy readings!

  • True Love’s Curse by @parksanddownton603
    • Why I love it: Sparked from the premise of being cursed, this fic will take you on one grand fairytale adventure! Not quite your typical fairytale, this wonderful fic will leave you on the edge of your seat, shaking your head, sighing, crying, and smiling! Truly a wonderful way to spend your weekend, I highly encourage reading this magical tale, especially if you’re one for a nice happy ever after!
    • Rating: G

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