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Do we at least get to keep merlinxharry, i believe we were promised gay merlin

Sources say that Merls is potentially going to hook up with Halle Berry’s character. BUT of course that doesn’t mean anything sexuality wise because bisexual but I’m going from a purely Hollywood perspective on the whole thing…

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Apply happy ending where EGGSY CHASES AFTER HIM DAMNIT

It takes a moment for Eggsy to gather his thoughts. One too many that he’d care to admit before he realises just what the fuck he was doing. Jumping out of his chair like his arse is on fire, Eggsy rushes to the door. Shoving money at the bewildered staff on his way out. 

Eggsy’s met with the cold rush of the London night air but he doesn’t spot Harry anywhere, did he get in a cab? Desperately he turns a corner just to see Harry turn round the next bend, head held low. Eggsy’s lungs are on fire by the time he catches up to him. 

“Harry!” He calls out breathlessly and the man turns to face him. Surprised and confused at the sight of the one person who managed to break his heart. 

Before Harry has time to object Eggsy rushes to him and embraces him as tightly as he can. 

“I’m sorry. Fuck I’m sorry I’m so fucking sorry. I didn’t want to move on but I felt like I had to because you were dead, Harry! You were fucking dead!”

“I know, Eggsy. I’m sorry.” 

“Kiss me.”


“Kiss me and if you really want to keep walking away I wont stop you. But I want you to know I’m here with you. Harry I always wanted to be with you…” Eggsy’s got tears streaming down his face and Harry can’t resist the urge to brush them away as he leans in to meet Eggsy’s lips. 

The kiss is deep and slow, Harry’s sure he can taste tears in it too. But when they pull away they’re both smiling.