Mavinseg Event Day Four: Coffee Shop AU

Word Count: 2516

Rating: T because I can’t through one fic without saying the fuck word

Summary: Michael and Gavin work at a coffee shop. Lindsay and Meg are regulars who they’re kind of sort of in love with. But the fact that the guys are in love with each other as well makes relationships with the girls hard- especially when the girls are involved with each other.

Notes: Here it is- the most cliche AU ever. Of all time. It’s also way longer than I expected it to be (six dang pages on google docs) so hopefully it’s fairly decent.

Every Tuesday, a gorgeous woman with blue hair, glasses, and an adorable laugh comes into Achieve during Michael’s shift. The small coffee shop has a lot of customers during the day, but Michael remembers her far more than the others. She stands out, not just because of her colorful hair, but because of her personality, fun and warm and ever so inviting.

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anonymous asked:

Gravity falls and steven universe?

Gravity Falls (just as a warning im skipping a lot for gf i dont ship much)

  • lowkey otp: dipcifica?? i guess, and fordsquared/fiddauthor
  • highkey notp: billford and billdip, also pinecest obvs

Steven Universe

  • lowkey otp: fuck i dunno probably stevonnie? idk
  • highkey notp: lapis and jasper!!!! its gross i hate it sorry not storry :^)
  • [softly] don’t notp: i have no idea what this means
  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice: does anyone else ship garnet and peridot after that last ep or am i alone
  • highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it: PEARLROSE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA