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On Yom Kippur — which begins Friday night — over half of American Jews will fast (according to a recent survey). Whether in temple or at their workday desk, many will use the opportunity to reflect on their individual and collective actions over the past year, and their hope for the coming year. After the sun sets, they’ll break their fast. And a lot of people will really break their fast.

“The typical assort is a couple different kinds of smoked salmon, whitefish, herring, cream cheese,” explains Niki Russ Federman, whose New York-based family appetizer shop (a traditional store that sells both fish and dairy), Russ & Daughters, has been supplying these foods for more than 100 years.

“Whitefish salad, egg salad, some pickles. Then you get all the breads, the sweets like babka —you can’t have break fast without babka!” she says.

The high holidays — Yom Kippur, and the preceding New Year, Rosh Hashanah — are the busiest times of year for the shop. Federman estimates that they sell 2,000 dozen house-baked bagels, and they hand-slice about 8,000 pounds of smoked fish.

How Yom Kippur Fasts Became All About The Feasts

Photo: Courtesy of Russ & Daughters

creative-classpect  asked:

Pffft I don't know wtf my last ask said, but can you do aspects as holidays?

You got it one rush job aspects as holidays comin right up

Space - Earth Day
Time - New Year’s Eve
Heart - Valentine’s Day
Mind - Groundhog’s Day
Light - Hanukkah
Void - Halloween
Breath - 4th of July
Blood - Thanksgiving
Hope - Christmas
Rage - St. Patrick’s Day
Life - Easter
Doom - Memorial Day

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Winter is upon us, and with those cold dark nights, we’re happy to announce something to help warm you all up: Bellarkefanfiction’s Winter Event

From December 19th through to 25th our writing team and graphics team will be collaborating to bring you some Winter/Christmas fills and edits (similar to our Halloween week last year). To help get their inspiration flowing, we need our followers to send in some holiday-themed prompts for them to choose from! 

You have until October 30th to send us your Winter/Christmas prompts!

Note: not all prompts that we receive will be filled, our writing team will be selecting the 7 prompts that inspire them the most. In addition, due to this event, there will be no fills throughout November so that our writing team can focus on their holiday-themed fills.