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so we've very obviously seen killua in casual clothing and gon appeared for a brief moment in the DC arc in casual wear (not that his normal outfit isn't considered as such) and leorio's suit i guess counts as a normal outfit in comparison to some of the weird shit people wear in that universe, anyway what i'm trying to say is, aside from the suit kurapika wears in the current arc, what would his "casual-wear aesthetic" be?

Asking what Kurapika wears casually is a very dangerous thing to ask because

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I can so picture Harry being a little shit like right before bed he plants a kiss on top of ur head, eyes, nose and lips, but when ur about to settle down he swoops down and plants two kisses to ur boobs they ur (his) tee with his little giggle he does

And you’ve got to swat him away while he settles in. “Quit it! You’re such a fucking–”

“Be nice.”


“’Cause I love yeh, that’s why.”

And all you can do is harrumph and he smirks with his eyes closed.