Reincarnation: angelicdestroyer (Closed RP)

The year is 2250 and what a year it is. Modern and high tech weapons were destroyed a long time ago to prevent war, but war still came to the world anyway. Its a war with old style weapons of swords and arrows, but a war nonetheless. When the fighting came to American shores all of the country’s youth were asked to help keep the fighting on the country’s shores. Celene, while gifted with archery and high tech skills, was not a fighter like her sister. Instead, she signed up for the medical courses to do what she did best, heal others.

And so here she was, weaving in and around hovercars on her hoverboard, dressed in the all white of a nurse’s uniform to respond to an emergency call. Another ambush. Many were wounded. It was happening more frequently nowadays.

“What do we got?” Celene asked as she landed and stashed her board under her station.

“A stubborn one. He says he doesn’t medical attention, but the boys think he could use your healing touch.” Her group leader inform her.

Celene  was pulling back her platinum blonde, nearly silvery white hair when the gentleman was brought in on a stretcher and placed on her station bed. She turned to face him, flashing her best yet gentle smile. “Alright there soldier boy, let’s take a look at ya, shall we?”