queueri lowell

“Whatever will be, will be.”

A lot of people write Zelos off as someone shallow, unmeaningful, and careless about life. But when I played through Tales of Symphonia for the first time, back when I was 13, it was almost as though I was staring at myself. I could completely relate to wearing masks, feeling alienated from others, feeling forced to shape myself into social roles; and sometimes it felt like life was too stifling to move forward with.

Yet when I encountered those words, it really changed me. Despite Zelos chanting that it was his mantra, I felt like he never realized the deep implications of what those five words really meant. I realized that it meant so much more than accepting hardship. It means that some things happen we cannot change, or cannot avoid, and this is a natural occurrence. It means that while sometimes we can’t dodge unpleasant happenings, we can face them head on, and move forward from them. Most of all, it means not to regret what happens in the past, but to move forward into the future. Whatever happens to us can’t be changed, so we might as well come to terms with it and get on with our lives instead of dwelling on regret. That’s what it means to me, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without Zelos’s wise words. Whatever will be, will be.

Submitted by roadrollered

Tales of The Abyss has always been my favourite of the games. I find inspiration in almost all of the characters, even ones not in the main party. They all are just so special to me in every way. I played it when I was much younger, and then picked it up again maybe a year and a half ago. I was going through a really rough time in my life, emotions-wise, and was pretty torn up about some stuff that had happened to me in my past. Luke’s words, “You can’t go forward if you keep looking back” almost brought me to tears, and I realized that it really is true. Someday, I’d like to get those words tattooed on my wrist, over my old and fading scars. Because Luke and the others taught me that I really can’t keep moving forward and growing and becoming a better person if I’m stuck in the past.

Submitted by raeosunshine

How I learned about the Tales series is a funny story.

A friend of mine in DeviantArt always talked about Kratos. Back then, the only Kratos I knew of was the one from God of War. I found myself always ticked off because whenever I get online, he’s always Kratos Kratos Kratos. He even said one of his characters and story plots were influenced by Kratos! All I could think of about him that time was ‘annoying fanboy’, which is kind of ironic, considering that I always talked about the Super Smash Bros. series nonstop back then.

One time while we were on chat, I found him blabbering on about the new episode of the OVA that had been released on YouTube with subtitles. He kept crying on about how Regal and Alicia’s story was so sad. Take note that I knew nothing about Symphonia, so the names were foreign to me. He bugged me to watch the episode, over and over. Just to get him to keep quiet, I did. At first, I was unamused. Then slowly, I got interested about the story, since I didn’t know who Presea, Zelos, Lloyd, etc. were. From there, I began watching the whole OVA.

Eventually, I found myself hooked on Tales of Symphonia, especially with Kratos. I began researching every single information I could about them, reading the manga, etc. This was also how I found out that my classmate in high school was a fan of Symphonia as well.

This eventually lead to me learning more about the whole Tales series. And not once did I regret it.

After that, I was an obsessive Kratos Aurion fan, which annoyed my DeviantArt friend because I knew now much more than he did. The tables were turned, but we’re still friends. It’s been two years since I got into the series, so I really have to thank him for that.

Submitted by mallowkey

I really adore how much the Namdai team has worked on the tales character’s relationship to one another, especially the best-friendships. Each game seems to present another aspect of it and I think it’s marvelous how deep these can reach. Really, from Phantasia to Xillia, every best friends relationship has moved me in one way or another and I mostly can reflect on them with my own best pal. Tales for life I say.

Submitted by Anonymous.

What got me into Vesperia was a pretty funny thing. I was babysitting for someone I know and her daughter was about a year old. I was told her name was Estelle. It struck me what an absolutely pretty name it is, so of course I remembered it. After putting little Estelle to bed, I wanted to relax in the living room so I looked for some video games to try out (I had permission as long as I’d keep the sound low). When I searched for a game, I found Tales of Vesperia. I’d never used a 360 before but I figured I could try. I got hooked pretty fast, but then I was shocked upon hearing there was a character named Estellise, and that she later was called Estelle. I thought my friend was pretty damn cool after that.

Submitted by Anonymous.