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The real problem with Season 2 was the writers strike that caused them to cut everything short halfway through. Hiro being in the past was awesome! Peter forgetting his girlfriend in the future, not so much.

The Writer’s Strike was unfortunate, but Heroes was doomed from the start, seriously

While the first season is probably some of the best television out there after you get past the slow first few episodes, even after the strike was over they just kept


I can understand trying very hard to make the best of a bad situation but they took a bad situation and took a piss on it

It really should have stopped at Season 2, because they clearly didn’t have an idea of where it was going to stop

But yeah, Hiro’s segments were actually always great, and continued to be great, since he was the only one who REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to be a superhero, so it was just… kind of awesome

(Plus George Takei winds up in that business, so there’s that)