queueing things as a to do list: the blog


The first thing I’m doing on June 12th is making a post listing all the accounts that I know have plagiarized work and refused to take it down, stolen work from people, posted work without the author’s permission etc. And then I’m adding it to my queue and reblogging it every day for every single person on this blog to see and report, and that’s about 22 thousand people. We’ll see how long your accounts with stolen uncredited work will last once you get reported that many times. You’d better go delete all the stories you stole before then! Peace ✌️

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hey tay, do you have any resource blog recs! i've been struggling to find active ones

I do actually. I shall list the ones I’m following and that I go to when I want to queue things. These are the blogs that I go to daily and have been following for a while and I hope they help you too.

Hey everyone!

Mama and I did manage to play a little bit so I am going to queue those posts up. Sorry we were basically absent in May. Things were CRAZY around here!

A complete list of things I did in May:
- got married
- went on my honeymoon
- presented my thesis project
- hosted my entire immediate family and my husband’s immediate family and some good friends over graduation weekend
- graduated from graduate school
- immediately embarked on a trip to Ireland with Mama herself
- returned from Ireland

- getting ready to move in with Mama back in Wisconsin
- Mama’s dad is not currently doing well so she has been spending time with him on weekends instead of killing dragons with me (reasonable)

We have not forgotten the blog! We just haven’t had time for it! :)


if you post any of the following things!!! I only follow 130 people so my dash is very slow at times and i’m always online so i need a load of new blogs to follow<3

  • TV: Wynonna Earp, Doctor Who, Supergirl, Orphan Black, OITNB or anything similar that I should be watching (u get the gay gist)
  • lgbtq++ content
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Photography (cities, food, nature, tattoos, flowers, animals and your classic “aesthetically pleasing tumblr pics”)
  • Fashion (mostly gender fluid street style and editorial make up + models)
  • Art (fine art, paintings, sculpture, contemporary)
  • music from the 70s/80s (+ british indie/rock +female lead singers)
  • Interior Design
  • Wholesome Memes™ (+self-deprecating ones lol)
  • Buddhism (mostly just nice quotes, meditation tips/ things to make me want to improve my wellbeing)
  • Things related to zodiac signs and personalities (I’m libra / INFJ btw)
  • Anything to do with winona ryder & angelina jolie

ok idk that list just shows how much of a disaster my blog and I am lmao but still!!!! feel free to follow me if you don’t mind a slight array of post themes (clearly), i mostly post nice photos but will 100% go through phases of things in the above list lol but if you post just one or multiple of those like/reblog this post and i’ll check out your blog, probs follow and queue from u

thank u baby dolls!!! <3

Summer hiatus

Hello followers! The admins have decided to take a hiatus for the rest of the summer. We will be closing the ask and submission boxes as of this posting. The queue will continue to run until it reaches the end, at a rate of 1 post a day. We do have several fic searches in the queue, we ask that you reply to them directly rather than trying to send in responses.

We hope to be back sometime in September. If you’d like to chat about non fic related things with the admins, some of us have listed our twitters or personal blogs on the admin page!

-FY!EF Team

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studyblr starter pack asks
  • 1; new studyblr: when did you create your studyblr?
  • 2; masterpost: what type of post do you prefer seeing on your dash? (studyspo, masterposts, tips, etc.)
  • 3; study tips: name a life hack that changed your life.
  • 4; stationery: would you consider yourself a stationery addict? why or why not?
  • 5; notes: how much time a day do you spend studying?
  • 6; flashcards: what is your favourite study method?
  • 7; summary cards: on a scale of 1-10, how big do you write?
  • 8; foreign languages: what languages do you speak and learn?
  • 9; mind map: are you a brainstorming type of person?
  • 10; bullet journal: what is your preferred planning system?
  • 11; bujo: on a scale of 1 to 10, how correct is the grammar is your posts? (capitals? abbreviations? etc.)
  • 12; handwriting: name two studyblrs whose handwriting you like and describe it. (small? round? angular? etc.)
  • 13; school: what is your favourite class you're taking?
  • 14; time management: what do you do in your free time, except studying?
  • 15; self care: what do you do to relax?
  • 16; discipline: name three habits you're glad to have created.
  • 17; concentration: pomodoro method: yay or nay?
  • 18; faves: tag three of your favourite studyblrs (no cheating, they must be tagged) OR send an anon compliment to three of your favourite studyblrs.
  • 19; asks: honesty hour; do asks sometimes annoy you?
  • 20; faq: what's your most frequently asked question?
  • 21; about: what's your mbti type? do you consider it accurate?
  • 22; motivation: the whole studyblr community is listening. what would you say, if you could only say one sentence?
  • 23; queue: does your blog run on a queue? why or why not?
  • 24; blog rates: pick the last person in your activity and send them (anon or not) a three line critique of their blog.
  • 25; awards: have you ever won a studyblr award or a giveaway?
  • 26; positivity: on anon, send a positive messages to the last three people in your activity.
  • 27; giveaway: what's your favourite item of stationery?
  • 28; sleep: describe your bed/sleeping space in 5 words.
  • 29; goals: name one thing that is on your bucket list.
  • 30; water: how much water do you drink a day?
  • 31; plants: if you got a cactus as a gift right now, would you name it and what would you name it?
  • 32; aesthetic: how do you edit your studyspo?
  • 33; printables: how do you plan your day?
  • 34; networks: list the studyblr networks you're a part of.
  • 35; minimalism: what's your favourite colour?
  • 36; friendship: are you an extrovert or an introvert?
  • [[this is to celebrate 600 followers i just hit! thank you to everyone who's followed me!!]]

Me:  I don’t have to do as much prep work this week for recs, because I’m going to do a compilation list instead!

Also me:  It’s 8:30pm, I usually post at 7:30pm, and I still haven’t gathered everything together.

And, finally, me:  Fuck it, I’ll get it ready for tomorrow.  orz

I dislike being offschedule about these things but, eh, I posted a lot today + the queue is still going and dinner called my name earlier, so I’ll give myself some leeway.

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i thought headcanons, matchups and prompts were closed

This blog runs on a queue, so instead of immediately publishing when I finish one I put it into a list that automatically publishes on a schedule. Things publishing today are usually from a few days or up to a week ago, I do change the queue depending on how much is in there.  This doesn’t include my archive stories or expansions on prompts/gifts, these are technically not blog posts.

There are several reasons I do this. It would be pandemonium if I actually published these when I finished, you would have twenty posts in an hour and then six hours of nothing. This makes it regular and active and not making a mess of everyone’s dashboard.

It also gives me freedom, I’m not writing for today. I’m usually writing several days in advance. It lets me do things like taking time off - like what I’m doing next week- and the blog doesn’t completely shut down while I spend time for myself.

So unless you’re referring to something else I hope this clears it up for you.

Been a while, but I think I need one...

Tonight’s To-Do List!  Grading Edition ™

  • Work
    • Grading
      • Research Papers (11)
      • Chapter Responses (11) (8)
      • LICM Papers (11)
    • Plan lesson for tomorrow
  • Other things I’d like to do:
    • Work on Muet
    • Write something for LMAH week
    • Respond to comments on Jours D’ete fic
    • Maybe actually repopulate my queue?
    • Work on raffia placemats
    • SLEEP

There’s no way that all of that is getting done tonight.  But at least all but one of the grading things is just basically “Did you do it?  Yes?  CHECK.”  So that shouldn’t be too bad?

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hey doodles//onice ships otayuri I think? sorry if this bothers you or if their art was misleading

ya i think they do (the other artist you mentioned in the other message was on the list for something else which doesn’t particularly bother me) but this blog mostly runs on a queue so any post you see is actually something i queued 3+months ago which leads to a lot slipping through the cracks when i realise/something gets revealed and sorting through my queue to check things takes ages because my laptop can’t actually handle tumblr ahdfjak but i’ll delete it if my laptop cooperates lmao


So, if you havent noticed, (doubt you do, I’m not that popular. Unless you know me for stalking your blog, then shit.) I havent been rbing stuff quite as much recently and I’ve just begun using the Queue function only for my queue list to run dry quickly. I’ve queued up about 7 days worth of posts now, with as minimal posts a day so it dosent run dry. I haven’t been feeling my best recently and some things have been happening that I’d rather not think about and its really taken a toll on me, but I can only hope to continue to rb things for people who actually enjoy the assortment of things on my blog. I’m sorry to say this but I simply cannot be online quite as often due to stress, my poor mental state and a large number of other things. School is reopening in 2 days and that wont help my case, so I hope you’ll understand. On a side note, you can still send in asks and I’ll still continue to try to reply to them within the day, but sometimes its just not possible anymore. I will still reply to it within 3 days though, and if anyone notices that my queue has gone dry due to neglect, please don’t hesitate to tell me!;; I hope you guys continue enjoying your experience on tumblr and stay happy ♡

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I'm new in book blogging. Can you give me some tips about book blogging? :))))))))))))) Thank you!

1. Don’t do it for the followers. You’re going to get bored really quickly. And you won’t last because it gets to be too much of an effort. Do it because you like it.  Unless you’re really willing to put in a lot of work into something so thankless. Blog about things you like, post things you like, just make it you. Also, keep in mind that popular doesn’t mean popular– sometimes more followers means more chances someone will send you hateful things in your box.

2. Make Your Book Blog Original. If your blog is the same as 90% of the other blogs, chances are… you’re just another blog. Make it original by posting your own photos, your own reviews, and talk about books you don’t see a lot of other blogs talking about.  And talk about what you’re reading, post pictures of what you’re reading. Keep it active and up to date!

3. Learn How to Use Tumblr. It has a ton of cool features and add-ons that will make your life so much easier and your blog more attractive. Enable your ask box; get a nice, clean theme; organize your page so everything is easy to find, and black list to block posts and users. Customize your mobile view. Learn how to queue posts. Get xkit so it’s easier to tag and find things. If you’re going to use tumblr as a blogging platform, learn how to use it to your best advantage.

4. Don’t ask for promos. Make friends. It’s extremely irritating when someone comes out of nowhere and is like “hey I love ur blog, can u promo me?” Some people will do it. But it’s easier to make friends, who will tag you in posts, and mention you in things, and put you in their follow forevers. Also, making friends makes blogging so much more enjoyable.

Sometimes it will not work out. If we could all be friends that would be great. But if talking to one blogger doesn’t work out, don’t fret, and talk to someone else. Also remember people have lives outside of tumblr, so sometimes it takes awhile to reply.

7. Only follow people who you like. Unfollow people you don’t—no, not once they follow you. 

Like I’ve said ten times already, this is your blog. You are free to post things you like. You are free to follow who you like. Don’t follow people just people because they’re popular or because they’ve asked you to. ALSO You are free to unfollow people you don’t like or who post things you don’t like. This is very important!! Create an atmosphere that you enjoy. Follow people who you like and who post things you like! Or get Tumblr Savior or a Black list to block certain tags. Otherwise you’re going to start dreading logging in and scrolling through your dash! It’s not fun when all you see are things you could care less about.

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I'm really scared my abusive father told me he follows me on tumblr and I thought I was safe on here and I worked so hard to get where I am now and I can't delete now and I'm so scared I thought I was safe and I don't know where is safe anymore but your title says you're safe and I really hope you're not wrong but now I can't freely be me because he's watching my every move and I don't want to change my URL bc I love it so much I'm just so scared and idk what to do I thought j was safe

I have multiple suggestions.

The first is to make a sideblog and to move. You wouldn’t have to go through the whole account, and you can keep your url. Leave the ‘main blog’, the one he found, but add a hyphen- to the url. Then you can transfer your current url to a side blog and continue. Password block this one though.

Alternately, put the hyphen in your url and make a new account with your old url. While a new url + new account is the safest method this isn’t too shabby either. Distribute information of this activity to trusted mutuals or followers. I know you don’t want to move but it might be helpful.

Make a sideblog for personal thoughts/things that mean something to you but keep your main blog for fandom, aesthetic, etc. A lot of users do this for the sake of organization, but it’s also a safe move.

If you do any of the above make a queue of 300 posts and then set it to dispense 10 posts a day. That way he doesn’t get suspicious at your sudden lack of activity.

Password block your main blog then go through your follower list user by user and block whoever doesn’t seem to be a legitimate user and/or might be your father. If he’s not on tumblr the password will immediately take care of the issue but if he is you’ll have to work a little harder. If that’s not safe use one of the other suggestions.

-Lou the Lobster

suvshi’s queue page

Since Im constantly making posts looking for blogs to queue from I thought it would be extremely useful for me and anyone else to create a queue page on my blog! 

What is a queue page? Not sure if this is already a thing/ if anyone else has already come up with this but it’ll basically be a page with a list of blogs (15-20) chosen by me, based on their posts

Participate only if you’re ok with me (& anyone else who comes across my blog) to queue from you!!!

**This is not a faves page, I will be choosing blogs based on posts ONLY**

Rule: All you have to do is reblog this post, you don’t have to be following me but it would be nice if you were

I’m always asking your for liking posts so I can queue from you. but instead of doing this every 3 weeks, I will just choose some blogs to queue always from their blog.
-pfm (it’s fair)
-reblog this
-make sure you are a SIMILAR blog (art/nature/plants/pale/aesthetic/indie)

Perks and other things
-queue a lot from you, so you might gain followers
-being in a list in a page in my blog
-I will choose a lot of blogs that I’m sure we are similars, and when I’m happy with notes.
-Picture is not mine, but the edit

so reblog!!1!!


hi guys!! so i will be doing a queue list thing since i have been running out of queues lately & i thought it will be easier to have a list of people to queue from!


  • mbf me 
  •  reblog this post ONCE 


  • i will be queueing from you for about a month 
  • queueing 50-100 posts each time

  • new followers(hopefully) 


  • will be choosing about 10-15 blogs 
  • choosing on 15 april so it’s about 2 weeks from now :)
Goodbye Phandom.

Hey, so a lot of you have probably not noticed that I’ve been inactive for almost a month. I haven’t been busy or anything like that. I’m just not really a fan of Dan and Phil any more. I only watch Dil now, not even their main channel vids. 

However I’m not going to be converting this blog as I’ve worked so SO hard on it for 2 & a half years. I’ve gained 14,826 of you lovely people! It’s just staying as is & I’m most certainly not giving it away as I believe followers are something you should earn not give. 

Thank you for an amazing couple of years Phandom! From the Delia Wiki over take to the Gaming Channel and everything in between!
As a little goodbye present I thought I’d compile a little list for all you new phan blogs of how you can gain your own followers (things that worked for me anyway.)

-  Be active. (Or set up a queue! Although I still don’t know how to do that.) 
Keep up to date with theme trends. Check the ‘theme’ tag or just have a look at what themes other blogs in the Phandom are using (try not to use the exact same one though!)
Message people! Honestly, don’t be frightened. What’s there to lose? You’re sitting in front of a computer screen, use that to your advantage! (No one can see you blushing as you type “Your theme is adorable. What’s your favourite Dan video?” into their ask box!)
- Try not to flood people with asks you receive. If you get a couple anon’s that say the same thing, use the ‘blockquote’ option and paste the other Q’s underneath. The person who sent it will know who they are. 
Don’t post a photo of just Phil in the danisnotonfire tag & vise versa. 
Make your own edits and/or gifs! This really got my blog attention. Use photoshop. Not gifsoup or whatever the other sites are, you’ll get better quality that way = more reblogs = more attention to your blog!
Have a phan url. This is getting increasingly harder as the guys have gotten so big but ask people who’ve saved some!

All this aside I’m still on the internet! (Mainly twitter for the moment: nikispod) and also tumblr as nikispod. I’ve joined the Twindom - NikinSammy not JacksGap. 

I love you all so much, happy shipping. 
As always, cALL ME IN 2022. xoxo

I’m looking for some new blogs to follow, but I’m pretty picky. If you reblog and/or post:

  • foggy landscapes/cityscapes
  • forests
  • flowers
  • portraiture reminiscent of fragility, nostalgia, deep emotion
  • graveyards & cemeteries
  • animated gifs of pretty things in nature

then I want to check out your blog! I’ll probably follow if you post a lot of these things. Please like or reblog and I’ll check you out and maybe queue from you!


Hey! i’ve seen a lot of others doing this queue list thing and thought i should as well!
i like keeping my queue running 24/7 and need to refill it quite a lot, so i thought i would make a list of the blogs i like the best and kinda matches what i like to reblog from this post and every time i need to refill my queue it’ll be my go to list! I’ll have either a tab or page (haven’t decided yet but probs a page with a tab redirecting you to the page) to where you guys can also queue from loads of others! 

All you have to do is:

- Reblog this post - Must be following me @foxhei
Also feel free to queue from me whenever you want! I have 5k followers but my followers are so active that my monthly notes are 10x my follower count, so if i queue from you, you will definitely gain + I’m checking out every single blog that reblogs this!

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What is it with all these library AU's? I'm sick of them. Stop it.

Our prompts are mainly submissions.  In the times when we don’t get a lot of submissions, we supplement our queue with prompt lists we have saved.  In this case, a list of library AUs.

Also, all our prompts come from our Queue, so if we are posting lots of one type of AU that means we either didn’t get enough submissions OR we got a lot of the same type of submission approximately 3 months ago.

If you don’t like the prompts we have, feel free to submit your own.  Thanks! ~Lucy

Hi guys. Several of you are frustrated with the number of library prompts happening right now. I am well aware of this as a few of you have voiced your frustration to the prompter, @dances-with-snowflakes (aka my personal blog).

These prompts came specifically from a follower requesting library prompts on June 25. I answered with a list as I sometimes do and those prompts also went into the queue individually, where they are posted about 3 months later. That’s the way we do things. Many prompts from the same category will sometimes be posted in a row (heads up, space prompts are on deck). We can shuffle them a bit to break it up but they will all be posted eventually. 

What I take issue with is that people would go out of their way to message a prompter and harass them about the prompts that they submitted to us. Once the prompter hits send, it is out of their hands. They do not control the order the prompts are posted in, they typically don’t have input on the tags, and they certainly don’t have input about when the prompts are posted. 

I’ve had a bit of a rough day and I’m honestly disappointed in the anons in my personal inbox. I hope whoever set out to sour my enthusiasm for library prompts has a better day tomorrow and gets a hug or something because it sounds like they need it. 

We’ve all got to share this Earth so for goodness sake be kind to each other. 

Hugs and kittens,