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there won’t ever be a character that will continue to devastate me at a visceral subatomic level like raven reyes. last episode (4x03) just highlighted, once again, how much i love her and how excited i am to see her arc unfold in the future, because she has so much more story to tell than people initially believed.

it takes raven a few emotionally tortured moments/scenes to get to the point where her heart bursts open and she decides to change the game for herself, but it’s so nice to see (even if heartbreaking) that she is someone who feels everything with her entire being nonetheless, because yes, raven isn’t a stone-cold, ruthless, inhuman girl who makes “wrong choices” (she had a point after all and she acted her choice out in connection to that information). people seem to forget that she is someone who understands pain and loss, too - always has and always will - and you see through her heart in more than one occasion. she enters leadership with a very measured and dedicated goal - save their people - but much sooner than later she realizes what the cost of life and death actually means (especially since she makes the call), and how you start to go through your life in connection to the decision you’ve made, carrying the burden.

it’s so similar to what bellamy had been through in 4x02.

the way she approches leadership with her head first shows how much of a natural and amazingly, hypertalented woman she is, especially in the department of science. she does most of the technical work, and she is extremely good at it. but then you also see the sheer contrasting cut from her head as soon as her heart is involved, because raven is someone who is heavily connected to the heart. throughout the episode she is a bundle of neuroses, and by the end she not just experiences something for herself, but we enter a new direction in her arc that also affects how she deals with others from now on.

one of the most notable moments is this one:

yes, the scene in which adria dies in luna’s arms is the one that forces raven’s head to flare, because as much as she has been right about the medicine, it’s clear that - in that hard-hitting moment - she wishes it actually had worked to save adria’s life. but this scene right here (see caps above) is the one that hits me the most, because there is so much maturity in raven’s decision to stay in medical after that first-hand experience. not just as a leader, but as a person.

the camera clearly spends time to focus on the dead grounders. already wrapped up and all, and it also shows who was there with them until they died - abby, nyko, luna and raven. and here is my deal with the entire sequence:

adria is luna’s child (not literal), and luna is not raven’s friend (i hope that will change soon), but raven chooses to owe responsibility to her previous decision and be there for the infected people; decides to barrel herself right into a series of brutal first-hand experiences (everyone dies except for luna); pulls herself together to help. raven, pretty much like abby, or nyko, shares the sadness for others here, but instead of going back to work (that passion is shakeble for her after all) she lets herself be stripped from a certain innocence she used to have in the beginning of the ep, when she called “the decision between who gets to live and die” clarke’s speciality, and feels the full force of loss and leadership. she doesn’t close herself off, but is ready to make that step forward, with the people, with abby. and it all just speaks volumes for her character and her emotional, personal growth. now the world looks even more different for her and she is there with everyone, every step of the way. not hiding, but present.

it’s clear that she will have to make more hard decisions, this is only the first step after all, but i am so excited to see it all. she is truly stepping up.


“Theo, whatever it is you can trust me! I just can’t keep on pretending that I don’t know that you’re hiding something!”, you told him in desperation and anger. 

“Fine”, Theo said in slight frustration before he nervously then showed you his werewolf eyes. Whatever you had expected him to reveal, this wasn’t it. You didn’t exactly know what it meant, but you knew one thing. The way you looked at the world would change forever. 

Lmao our supercorped asses will enjoy their hug and ignore the evil whisperings no matter what so why give me anxiety with possibilities just chill and see, whatever is going to happen will happen life is shitty anyway lemme choke on this ship in my own way thanks

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Is it kinda cool kinda weird how much W2H has stuck with people? Like people keep doing art n stuff or are even now just joining the fanbase, for your cartoon from years ago now! That's so inspiring? Like, what does it feel like?

It’s pretty much exactly what you just described; kinda weird, but cool!  It’s hard to elaborate on exactly what it feels like, because it’s sort of changed over the last couple years.  I remember when it first started gaining traction, in the weeks after I graduated, and just being so excited to wake up every morning and check the tumblr tags to see what new fanart there was.  I remember seeing little milestones: the first fanart of Mephistopheles, the first AMV, the first cosplay attempts.  Maybe someone shared it on another website and I got a little more traffic on the video… it wasn’t even on Youtube yet, it was just on Vimeo, with all my other animation assignments. 

People started to realize that I like interacting with fans, so I’d get all kinds of questions.  I’d spend so much time typing, just elaborating on the ideas I had for the story, the characters, or how the universe would work.  What powers do demons have?  What are angels like?  I’d really sit there and think about my responses… I wanted to give people intriguing explanations that would maybe help give them some ideas, for their fan works, you know?  I gave so little with the actual film, but it felt like people were into it because they could sense that maybe there was a larger world planned, a bigger idea behind it.  I certainly wasn’t producing much in the way of a continuation, so that seemed to be a good compromise.  

I tried to reblog everything I could, and after awhile there was just SO much… I would sit down once maybe every couple weeks and just go through the tags and try to catch up with it.  I didn’t realize you could queue stuff, so immediately after I’d get a bunch of messages from people telling me how excited they were for my, like… bi-weekly stream of reblogs… just W2H flooding their dash or whatever, haha.  I got so behind, after awhile, and I’m only just recently trying to get back into it and get better about it.  

There’s been some weirdness to come of it too, for sure.  There’ve been a couple fans who were just, like… reeeeaaaallly crossing over some personal boundaries.  And I was as respectful as I could’ve possibly been with them, for as long as I could’ve possibly been, but at a point I just had to start ignoring some people.  I try to be helpful, but at a point, it’s like… I’m an animator, I’m not a therapist.  There were really only a couple pointedly inappropriate cases, but there was definitely a point where it felt like I just needed to take a break from it.  Some people kind of take interactivity for granted, and the boundary between creator and fan gets a little harder for them to see.  I don’t feel this is an issue any more, but it’s definitely been a little overwhelming a couple times.  There’s good weirdness and there’s bad weirdness, haha.  It’s generally good weirdness, which I’m thankful for!

There’s so many funny little things too, like… once or twice I’ve seen people who were pretty young when they first watched W2H say things like “Oh man, I can’t believe I liked this, I was so young back then…”  BACK THEN!  Of course it’s “back then” to a 15-year-old who was really into something when they were 12, and now they’re embarrassed by it!  Haha… but to me it’s like… idk, I made it when I was 24-25 and now I’m 28.  Like not only is the concept of “back then” totally different to me, but it’s also really funny to see a younger person looking at something I made, as an adult, and go “oh, I’m an adult and this is childish now”… haha.  It’s been interesting to see the fandom develop over the years, people coming and going… it’s really somethin’! 

I could talk about the kinda cool/kinda weird all day long, so I’ll just leave it at this!  Haha.  Thanks for the good question.  Lots of memories, for sure.

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#10 Hoseok! No particular au but something angsty beyond belief! 💕❤️

thank you for requesting i hope you like it! i made this the final part of the fuckboy!hoseok drabble miniseries, i hope you don’t mind! 

10. “Tell me it’s not true.” 


part one | part two

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A few days ago I reached 2K and I’m so so happy because when I made this blog I didn’t think anyone would follow me, let alone two very cute thousand!!!!! So I decided to make an appreciation post for my mutuals!!!!

Thank you so much for being all so lovely and nice to me. If there’s one thing that makes me happy during the day is that I know later I’ll come home and I’ll be able to ignore all my responsibilities on tumblr, hehe. You’re all super important and I adore each and every one of you. You can all be dead ass sure whenever one of you do as much as like something I reblog I sigh in complete happiness because I look up to all of you and even if I barely ever interacted with you, I admire you more than you know.

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MBTI Disney Songs

Real quick- although many of the characters singing these songs ARE the type I’ve connected them to, that’s not the case for all of them.  

Oh, and I’ve made it past the 500 follower mark!  You guys are the best! 

ISTJ- “Let It Go” from Frozen

Most ISTJ Line- “Don’t let them in / Don’t let them see / Be the good girl you always have to be”

How awesome is it that probably the most unfairly maligned type can lay claim to Disney’s modern anthem?  Elsa embodies the ISTJ and so does her power ballad; she sings of being haunted by her past (dominant Si), and being forced to conceal her feelings (tertiary Fi).  And although she declares herself to be free, Elsa, like many ISTJs, continues to struggle with the expectations of her family and kingdom. “Let It Go” is a powerful look into the most personal thoughts of a private person’s life, and should be a reminder never to judge too quickly. 

ISFJ- “Beauty and the Beast” from Beauty and the Beast

Most ISFJ Line- “Both a little scared / Neither one prepared / Beauty and the Beast”

Simple, elegant, and romantic, “Beauty and the Beast” captures the love and affection that ISFJs strive for in their lives.  Although falling in love might have been done millions of times in the past (dominant Si), that doesn’t make it any less magical for Belle and Beast (auxiliary Fe).  Even if Belle weren’t an ISFJ, the song would still perfectly suit such a quietly sophisticated type.  

INFJ- “Friends on the Other Side” from The Princess and the Frog

Most INFJ Line- “I can read your future / I can change it ‘round some, too”

I want to establish now that songs sung by antagonists aren’t meant to vilify the types I’ve attached them to.  INFJs are often considered to be almost supernatural, and while I don’t think such claims carry much weight, the type often can come across as being a bit otherworldly (dominant Ni).  Similar to Doctor Facilier (who, to be clear, is NOT this type), INFJs can be rather charming (auxiliary Fe and inferior Se) and are quite adept at manipulating people should they choose to do so.  

INTJ- “Be Prepared” from The Lion King

Most INTJ Line- “So prepare for the coup of the century / Be prepared for the murkiest scam”

Scar is all about long term planning- something that the INTJ will find greatly relatable (dominant Ni).  “Be Prepared” is an ode to the relentless pursuit of power, even if that means killing a brother and an innocent child like Simba (auxiliary Te).  This isn’t to say that every INTJ is misdirected or evil, but rather that each will do whatever suits their personal morals and experiences (tertiary Fi).  Scar’s morals just so happen to accommodate fratricide.  

ISTP- “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan

Most ISTP Line: “We must be swift as a coursing river / With all the force of a great typhoon”

This song reeks of physicality, which is well suited to the action oriented ISTP (auxiliary Se).  Mulan, an ISTP, strives to find her place in the army because it works with her overarching plan to protect her father (tertiary Ni and inferior Fe). Ultimately, her ingenuity allows her to surpass all of her peers and retrieve the arrow at the top of the pole (dominant Ti), proving that the ISTP can do whatever they set their mind to.  

ISFP- “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas 

Most ISFP Line- “Come roll in all the riches all around you / And for once, never wonder what they’re worth”

“Colors of the Wind” is simultaneously spiritual and sensual, a combination that only an ISFP like Pocahontas can pull off.  Aside from asking John Smith to appreciate the beauty of the world around him (auxiliary Se), Pocahontas also forces him to look inward and reevaluate his personal values (dominant Fi).  “Colors of the Wind” was one of the easiest songs to determine for this list because it truly captures the spirit and ethereal quality of the ISFP.

INFP- “Reflection” from Mulan

Most INFP Line- “When will my reflection show / Who I am inside?”

Although people of every type ponder themselves and where they fit in the world, the INFP likely does so most of anyone.  Mulan struggles to understand not only who she is (dominant Fi), but also how she can be herself and still uphold the honor of her family (tertiary Si).  “Reflection” speaks to the search for an authentic identity that so many of us, but INFPs especially, find familiar. 

INTP- “God Help the Outcasts” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Most INTP Line- “I thought we all were / The children of God”

First, I have to admit that I’ve never seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame- it’s the only movie on this list I have yet to watch (it’s on my Netflix queue though!). I also want to acknowledge that this might seem to be an unusual choice, because INTPs are often wrongly stereotyped as computer nerds with no social skills. Here’s my rationale.  In this song, Esmerelda ponders the ways in which God operates (dominant Ti), and devotes her prayers to others (inferior Fe) amidst the splendor of an ancient church (tertiary Si).  This song captures the complexity of the INTP’s mind and the generosity of its spirit.  It is a raw and beautiful song that is unafraid to take on serious subject matter.  

ESTP- “A Whole New World” from Aladdin 

Most ESTP Line- “I can show you the world / Shining, shimmering, splendid”

*Swoon* Who wouldn’t want to be whisked away on a magic carpet ride?  I imagine “A Whole New World” speaks particularly to the ESTP who has been long confined to a life of boredom and is eager to see what the world has to offer (dominant Se).  The song is also incredibly romantic and has some, shall we say, sexual undertones that suit the type (tertiary Fe).  Like the ESTP, Aladdin teaches us to be unafraid of the unknown and free ourselves, if only for a moment, from the monotony of everyday life.

ESFP- “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” from Lilo & Stitch

Most ESFP Line- “There’s no place I’d rather be / Than on my surfboard out at sea”

Just as ISTJs and ESTJs are often unfairly labelled as boring, the ESFP is often stereotyped as a shallow and fickle type.  “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” reflects the truth about the type- that with a little bit of daily adventure (dominant Se), the ESFP is perfectly happy devoting itself to family and friends (auxiliary Fi).  This devotion to family is a theme that runs throughout Lilo & Stitch, and it underscores the real nature of the ESFP.  

ENFP- “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin

Most ENFP Line- “I’m in the mood to help you, dude / You ain’t never had a friend like me”

Anybody with an ENFP friend can attest to the fact that said person is probably in a league of their own.  Quirky, quick-witted, and funny (much like Genie), the type will always keep you on your toes (dominant Ne).  What makes the ENFP so great, however, is that they also make loyal friends who will stick by your side through and through (auxiliary Fi and inferior Si).  They’ll keep you laughing and they’ll stay loyal to you forever; what more could you ask for in a friend?  

ENTP- “Pink Elephants on Parade” from Dumbo

Most ENTP Line: “Pink elephants on parade / What’ll I do? What’ll I do? / What an unusual view!”

This song is TRIPPY.  But let’s face it, the ENTP, even those who don’t imbibe in drugs or alcohol, has a very bizarre and wonderful quality that allows them to see the world from perspectives the rest of us could scarcely imagine (dominant Ne).  The shapes and colors that play visually during this sequence are also sure to engage the intelligence and complexity of the ENTP’s mind (auxiliary Ti).  Both the song and the type are very, very out there, but in the absolute best way possible.

ESTJ- “Heigh Ho” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Most ESTJ Line- “To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we really like to do / It ain’t no trick to get rich quick”

Although every type can claim both spectacularly hard working and shockingly lazy individuals, my guess is that most ESTJs are found in the former camp. Aside from being a classic (auxiliary Si), “Heigh Ho” is a testament to the fruits of laborious effort (dominant Te).  Something else particularly appealing about this choice is the variety of the dwarfs who sing it; although all of them, like all ESTJs, are hard workers, there is also considerable variety amongst personalities in the group (tertiary Ne).  

ESFJ- “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid

Most ESFJ Line- “I wanna be where the people are / I wanna see, wanna see them dancing”

Just like Ariel, for better or for worse, ESFJs feel a strong need to belong to some type of community (dominant Fe).  In The Little Mermaid, Ariel puzzles (often incorrectly) over what the function of relics from the human world are meant for, all with the intention of extending herself into that society (inferior Ti and auxiliary Si).  At its core, “Part of Your World” is beautiful and sweet, an embodiment of the ESFJ’s vivacious and determined nature. (Note: Ariel is not an ESFJ).

ENFJ- “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King

Most ENFJ Line- “I’m gonna be the main event / Like no king was before”

Much like the popular and respected ENFJ, Simba is keen to take his place atop the hierarchy of his kingdom.  He’s a bit mischievous but extremely charming, something that can also be seen in most people with the type (tertiary Se and dominant Fe).  Additionally, Simba doesn’t plan to rest on the traditions of his predecessors; he has a vision of the way he wants things to be and is unafraid to challenge the norms to reach that place (auxiliary Ni).

 ENTJ- “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid

Most ENTJ Line: “Now it’s happened once or twice / Someone couldn’t pay the price / And I’m afraid I had to rake ‘em ‘cross the coals”

What a deliciously evil song.  Though she may hide it with her sensuality (tertiary Se), Ursula is unafraid to use whatever methods she can to get achieve her ultimate goals (dominant Te and auxiliary Ni).  What’s awesome about this song is that though it might be sinister and manipulative, it’s also undeniably fun; I have a feeling that, whether a villain or not, most ENTJs have a sneaky sense of humor that they pull out at the strangest times.  

- Damian’s the easiest to please, at least in your opinion. 

- maybe it’s because he still lives in the manor, or maybe it’s because he’s still a kid.

- Either way, whenever he looks a little gloomy a day after patrol, or when he comes back from school looking a little down, you just pick him up and stuff him in the car.

- “Where are we going?” He asks, perking up just a little bit.

- You just shrug.

- “Wherever you want.”

- After the first time, you just end up taking him to the zoo whenever he’s sad. 

- “Lion’s are so majestic.” You say, sometimes you think you’re enjoying this more than him. 

- “I mean, I guess.” He says in return.

- The lion’s are all pretty much asleep, and one of them just yawned. 

- This isn’t really what you had in mind.

- “You want to go see the new polar bear exhibit?”

- The polar bears are actually awake, and they love to show off.

- Damian’s glued to the glass window, as the polar bears swim by, their paws brushing against the glass every so often. 

- You think it’s adorable, and you always sneak in a picture when his back is to you. 

- “Did you hear that?”

- “No….You want to go see the elephants?”

- Whenever Tim has a bad day it’s really hard to tell.

- Because he always looks like he could use a few more hours of rest.

- It’s only really obvious whenever you ask.

- “So how was your day?”

- His eyes just kind of glaze over an he gulps.

- “F-fine.”

- Tim’s harder then the other boys, there isn’t really anything that obviously makes him happy. 

- “Hey Tim do you want to go to store with me? I could really use the help.”

- “Yeah sure.”

- He can’t ever deny you.

- You take him to one of those fancy organic stores that’s bigger then Gotham college.

- “So what are we getting?”

- “The house is out of coffee, so what type should we get?”

- He knows at this point that you’re just trying to make him feel better, but he’s also having a lot of fun.

- “Should we get the vanilla iced coffee, or the chocolate mocha?”

- “Get both.” You say, shrugging. “You can have whatever you want Timmy.”

- He doesn’t sleep for an entire week after that, but at least he’s happy.

- Jason isn’t as hard, but he’s a little crankier.

- He’s just kind of drooped over the kitchen table.

- “You want to talk about it?”

- He shakes his head.

- “Do you want to go to the zoo?”

- “We’re not all Damian y’know.” He mumbles.

- You don’t say anything for a few minutes.

- “Go get dressed in your best tuxedo.” 

- He looks up and your face is bright and full of enthusiasm, and he can’t deny you. 

- You take him to the nicest restaurant in town.

- “We have a reservation for two under Bruce Wayne.”

- Jason can’t help but feel like your smile alone would have gotten you in, there was really no need to throw Bruce’s name out really. 

- The entire menu is full of unfamiliar food, and it doesn’t do a great job describing the food.

- He’s sweating bullets when the waiter comes by for the order.

- “Can I have a garden burger, and truffle fries, and a glass of coke.” You smile at the waiter as he scribbles it down.

- “And you sir?”

- “The same.” He answers, and you just grin.

- “Are you sure I can’t interest either of you in some foie gras or the baked Camembert?”

- “Afraid not.” You say with a bright grin, and Jason can’t help but smile.

- Halfway through your meal Jason bursts out laughing.

- “I can’t believe we came to the best restaurant in town to have burgers.”

- You shrug and take a sip of your coke.

- “It’s what I wanted to eat.” You flash him a rather meaningful look. “It’s important to not let people push you around, even if you are intimidated.”

- He get’s the message wide and clear.

- Dick is the easiest to please out of all of them. 

- Whenever he’s had a bad day hi smiles are extra bright.

- Like if he smiles enough on the outside it will change how he feels on the inside.

- You just grab him and engulf him in the biggest hug you can muster.

- Sometimes you ignore the tears you feel on your shoulder.

- “It’s okay baby, you’re doing your best.” You murmur, rubbing circles on his back.

- “Thanks Mom.”

- Every once in a while, you have to take care of Bruce too.

- If it’s as Bruce Wayne, he comes into the bedroom with a stern expression on his face. 

- You come behind him and slip off his suit jacket, letting it crumple in your arms before placing your face in between his shoulder blades.

- You immediately feel him relax in your arms. 

- “Tough day?”

- “Something like that.”

- “You want to go somewhere?”

- “I would love to go somewhere.”

- You end up going to the pier.

- You both leans on the railing, he’s still in his suit, minus the jacket, sharing a bag of cotton candy.

- “Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, it won’t make a difference.” 

- “That’s not true, because you’ve already made a big difference to me.” 

- He can’t help but smile.

- If it’s as the batman, it happens every once in a while when he comes into your bedroom, and sometimes wakes you up.

- “Bruce?”

- “Go back to sleep darling.” He shushes quickly. 

- But just one look at him, and you know in your heart what has happened.

- “You must be hungry, let me make you a snack.”

- You sit in the kitchen, and you make him chocolate chip pancakes. While he tells you about all the bad things in the world at four in the morning. 

- “Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is really worth it at all.” 

- “Of course it is Bruce.”

- You flip the pancake onto a plate, squiring a good amount of chip cream over it.

- “It already means the world to me after all.”

- And on the rare occasion you have a bad day they’re all there in a minute.

- “I’ve set up the Netflix queue for us,” Tim says

- “I made us some snacks” Jason adds.

- “You can cuddle with Titus if you like.”

- “I got you some sprite on my way here.” Dick grins.

- “Why don’t you slip into some pajamas? I bought you a new pair you might like.” Bruce adds.

- You can’t help but smile as you sit on the couch, Titus sprawled over your lap, Damian is laying on the floor, Jason is on the arm chair, Tim is sitting next to you, while you sit next to Bruce. Your head on his shoulder, and Dick is sitting next to him. 

- Even Alfred’s here, sitting in the other armchair.

- “I really am the luckiest girl in the world.”

Bad Boy BTS AU where someone flirts with you


He sees the boy approach you, and smiles as he looks him up and down: the guy is no match for himself. He cocks his head to the side, resting his arm on his knee, waiting to see your response. He saw you shaking your head at the guy, and took this as his queue to enter the scene, looking at you with those beautiful eyes, and asking you out, right in front of the other guy, smiling triumphantly when you say yes.

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As per usual, Jimin is late to class, strutting in like he doesn’t have a care in the world, ignoring the teacher’s question. But the moment he sees the guy next to you grabbing your hand, he quickly comes in between you, smiling at him in a way which was almost too close to the way a wolf bares its fangs.
“It’s kind of cute how you think you have a chance with MY girl”

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He sees the guy flirting with you, and although you must have rejected Hoseok at least 3 times this week, he still believes he has some sort of claim over you, which you secretly begin to like. He walks over to the guy flirting with you, and shoves him away.

“If you go anywhere near Y/N again, I will make sure the tooth fairy visits you tonight, if you know what I mean”

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He didn’t need to do anything,people already feared him as it was. When he got told some guy was flirting with you, he just silently turned around to glare at the boy until he left, with his tail between his legs. You looked up in confusion, only to see mysterious Jungkook turning away from you with a blank expression.

Was this boy ever going to talk to you?

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Rap Monster

He would wait until you are out of sight, before calling the boy over, ready to beat the crap out of him for flirting with his girl. The boy never talked to you again and suddenly you noticed Namjoon was a lot more smiley than usual.

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“Yoongi, why are you being called to the principal’s office again?”

“I honestly have no idea jagi, I promise it has nothing to do with knocking anyone out”

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“You must be new around here. That girl you just flirted with, yeah, well she is going to be mine, so I suggest you back off before I break all the bones in that little body of yours”

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A bunch of pictures of @thefoolishdeer’s visit. So many things I got to show her and we got to do. This girl is the love of my life, the reason I live and breathe, she is my entire world and someday she will be my wife. I love you, Sam.


Mark McEwen with George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, May 1997. Photos courtesy of iammarkmcewen.blogspot.com, and © Mark McEwen.

“We discussed Ravi’s music, his new album [Chants of India], why George thought it was so important, and then came the moment when I [Mark McEwen] brought up the subject I wasn’t supposed to bring up.
‘You were in the Beatles, the biggest band in the world,’ I said. ’ You met kings and queens and talked to movie stars and captains of industry. What was it about this man that made you stop?’
Georges’ eyes twinkled as he answered. ‘We’d met everybody and hung out with everyone and all kinds of people told us we were this and we were that. Truth was, I was tired of all of it and then this little man (and there he turned and smiled at Ravi) came into my life and made it worthwhile again.’
He talked about how Ravi knew very little of who the Beatles were. George talked about how special and unique Ravi was. He talked of how Ravi taught him to see the world in a totally different way. And more.” - Mark McEwen, iammarkmcewen.blogspot.com, 23 August 2015

Mermaid Reading

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The story behind this was me seeing a lot of signs containing mermaids lately. I thought it was a pleasant surprise but not until I notice the frequency increased. I see it in my dash/timelines/social medias. My friends made a mention of it. A few of them were going to aquariums and/or by the sea.I craved a mermaid deck so badly all the sudden (which was pretty serious and if you know me I’m not the type to crush heavily on decks unless it was, well, serious). Lastly (and most emotionally) I was watching the newest “The Little Mermaid” trailer and when the little girl said, “Because I have the heart of a mermaid.” and the titular mermaid said “Yes, you are!” something was lifted off my shoulders and I felt really light. I felt really giddy and happy, most of all, but the blissful kind I don’t generally get from watching trailers.

Conclusion: either I was a mad person (and you can stop reading here lol) or these events made me persevering enough to dig more of about the reason behind these signs. A legit sign or just me wishing things to align that way? 

Which is why you see this post.

@rosainoxia was generous enough to give me a mini past life reading (and can’t thank her enough!) and I got Six of Pentacles, Judgement, and The Lovers. Pri suggested that I was working in a mermaid community (Six of Pentacles) and was pretty high ranking (Judgement). And I got married too! To a prince merman (The Lovers)! Which is really, really cute. She mentioned that it feels strong and if you know Pri she’d never make stuffs like this up. Plus, she’s better in sensing energies than I am so I trust her! :D

While Pri provided an explanation for the tie in a past-life context, I was exploring the bond in my present life. So you’ll see here our readings would complement each other.


1. Do I have mermaid blood/energies? (Which might trigger the attraction)

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The Moon. I noticed first was the confusion/haziness of the card but I can’t turn away from the Moon’s obvious ties to feminine magic and the sea. It could be a very strong yes or, if possible, it’s not the time for you to know. Because I don’t think this card says a direct no itself.

I love how this card accentuated the Moon’s mysticism, the magic of it, the emotions, and the intuition. The girl in the card were expecting her ancestors coming over in a night of Samhain. She has a crystal ball and she was reading tarot. I believe that means this card knows it was me she’s being asked about. The ancestors part might mean I was a mermaid in a past life. Whiiich ties to Pri’s past life reading.

2. What ties me to the mermaid energies? (A more straightforward, general question, also serve as a replacement question if number one is answered “no”)

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Justice. Nightfury (My BOS: As Above Tarot) is a blunt deck of mine so there was little of the meaning she hid. If any, actually. So Justice was illustrated as the balancing of the world through the seasons. In my Justice, we see Persephone greeting (or saying goodbye depending on how you look at it!) to her mother, Demeter. A sharp divide between the light of our world and the untouched darkness of the Underworld divides the card.

I think my mermaid senses that I’m out of balanced and in need of an assistance to bring balance in my life in a way that’s as compassionate and as gentle as possible. I tend to be very hard to myself and stubborn, which made me tense, rigid, and anxious. I understood examining my emotions, going to the deep, and letting go to the flow usually made me a lot more antsy. 

Reconsidering what I found with Pri, I think it’s still going to make sense. The Lovers indicated an acceptance of the parts of ourselves that we rejected, an appreciation of the wholeness of our balances in the spirit of unconditional love. Six of Pentacles is also a card of balance between giving and taking. Judgement can either be too harsh or healthy/functional enough for me to use it to bring balance to myself.

Note: It should also be noted that a lot of planet will go in Retrograde Aries the following week eep. Aries counterpart is Libra, the sign of balance and considering the things outside of the “self”

3. What can be learned from this? (The reason why it happened from the first place)

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Eight of Cups. I might not go with the usual interpretation for the card for this kind of reading. The Eight of Cups I see is more of a wisdom card. Kind of like the mature calm after the storm. My card is illustrated by a woman brewing something in her cauldron, being watched over by eight water sprites. This woman is said to be Ceridwen, whose cauldron gives birth to the magic of this world. 

I take this as a regenerative queue for me to not burn myself after intense period of stress and anxiety. I think myself in need of an immediate break of how I use to think, so it also means an imperative stop to any kinds of toxic ways of thinking/coping. Which might be where the compassion of my mermaid is needed because it’s a sudden, clean stop to what I used to cling to.

Note: I didn’t have the strongest feel for the Eight of Cups because it has a soft energy of withdrawing our attention? Nightfury’s Eight of Cups’ are more of the patience of watching something to brew, which kind of feels like Eight of Pentacles but more nurturing/loving.

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1. Favorite soundtrack from a show/movie/video game/etc.?

Pacific Rim, yes, and also The Book of Life.

2. Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

New Zealand. … Dharma, please stop stealing my answers before I can use them. (I actually lived in NZ and I want very much to go back.)

3. Favorite historical time period?

I’ve kind of been through all phases. Worked my way through most pantheons, the World Wars, and for awhile was obsessed with Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt—we had a set of books that talked about how the first farmers grew crops and I read them cover to cover easily a dozen times.

4. What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?

Any which way as long as butter is involved. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew. (I’ve had proposals over my mashed potatoes, man, they’re legendary.)

5. What type of mythical creature would you be?

Absolutely a dragon. One that probably hoards cats and yarn, let’s be real.

6. Do you have any allergies?

I am deathly allergic to penicillin. How do I know this? They gave me a penicillin shot when I was a year old, and I went into anaphylactic shock, slipped into a coma, and had to be flown out of the New Guinea bushland to the nearest hospital and apparently it was a very near thing.

Also I’m allergic to tangerines, my mouth itches when I eat them but I’m not really too fussed about it.

7. What were your childhood hobbies (sports/instruments/etc.)?

Flute. I played the flute all through high school. I also played softball—I sucked. But I was a good flautist.

8. How many social media accounts do you have?

Uh. ~counts~ AO3, here, FB that I never use, and a Twitter that my agent is always on me to use more (sorry, Saritza). That’s about it.

9. Favorite ending to a show/movie/video game/etc.?

I loved the way Mad Max: Fury Road ended. Just so satisfying and hey look, a white dude and a white chick and they don’t end up together, what are the chances?? I also loved PacRim but in that case I did want them to kiss. But lol fuck racism, amirite

10. Do you have a favorite teacher/professor?

Mr. Clark. 7th/8th grade geography and history teacher. He was British, tall and lean with a dark beard and a sharp, dry sense of humor. Everyone was terrified of him because his snark was lethal. I adored him, and I was his favorite because I always got his jokes.

11. Favorite holiday?

I actually really enjoy Christmas. The kids have fun. I have fun. I look forward to the lights and the food and the presents and just the general happiness of the season.

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“You’ve experienced the way I can manipulate the emotions around myself, Bella, but I wonder if you realize how the feelings in a room affect me. I live every day in a climate of emotion. For the first century of my life, I lived in a world of bloodthirsty vengeance. Hate was my constant companion. It eased some when I left Maria, but I still had to feel the horror and fear of my prey.”