aelabee  asked:

Summer is a time where conventions and cosplayers are abundant. But because it IS summer, there's going to be a lot of hot weather. Do you have any tips for people (like me) who may be sweating in heavy/unbreathable costumes? Maybe how to stay cool or keep from sweating makeup off?

I live in south Georgia hahahaha….

(According to google) Applying baby powder, lemon juice, or corn starch can help reduce sweat, and wear a thick undershirt in case you do sweat. Wear a LOT of deodorant and reapply liberally. Same thing with sealant and makeup. Bring a bottle of water and keep it full (The last thing you want to do is get dehydrated! Drink water!) and one of those Japanese folding fans that you can get at the dollar tree can be a lifesaver. Hope that helps!