So I figure I should make a proper post about this!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed my spotty activity on the dash recently, which I apologize for. I’ve been preparing for Sakura Con in Seattle for the past while and it really got down to the wire in terms of completing my outfits (as well as the first real prop I’ve ever made ahah what a learning experience!!) and making sure everything is all in order.

I’m not sure if any of you guys will be attending the convention this weekend, but if you are, feel free to try and find me! I’ll be wearing Touko/Hilda from Pokemon White on Friday, and then Trey from FF Type-0 on Saturday. I’m not sure about Sunday yet, but it’ll be one or the other ehehe.

With that said, I’ll be away from Thursday evening until some time on Sunday. Thanks for understanding, you guys, and I hope I’ll have some stories and pictures to show you guys! Provided you even want to see them LOL