queuedom hearts

anonymous asked:

1. is most certainly Melt Away, from Summoned. First image I saw of yours, (and I bought the shirt!) 2. is probably the image of Peter Pan and Alice, it's very dynamic! 3. is probably the image of Ginger and Cotton from when you were showing off your OCs (Those two in particular I'd love to see more of!). Maybe not the most instantly recognizable from a style standpoint, but they've all stuck with me for various reasons, and are thus the first I think of when I think of your art.

All of these are good choices!

I’m glad these are the ones you think of! I put a lot into all of these <3

Feels like it’s been forever since I’ve found out about them.

                 But…it’s only been a year.

           Still…it’s crazy how times flies by.

 And how little of it’s left to make everything right.

I might not be completely ready just yet…but just wait. Soon enough, I’ll be strong enough to take on whatever comes my way!

  So maybe the Keyblade didn’t choose me…But I know that my heart’s strong enough to let me wield it.

  And as long as I can…I’m gonna make sure I can protect my friends – and everyone else who needs it.

  Hang in there, Ventus. Aqua. Roxas. Namine, and everyone else!

  I’m coming to get you guys back.