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do you ever think about how vriska always wanted to be a hero? it’s 3 a.m. and i’m tired and this might not make sense in the morning, but… well…

she grows up killing other kids so that her mother could survive. at first it seems to be merely the trope of “abused kid is a bully who just wants to be loved,” but there’s another layer of complexity there.

she starts killing other kids because she absolutely has to, before she’s old enough to understand right and wrong and the implications of killing another being. and then when she does become old enough, it means that she doesn’t see her childhood circumstances as something horrible that happened to her, she sees it as a collection of horrible things that she did.

and she can’t stop then, can she? that night finally happens, when she looks into the face of a troll she’s about to kill and realizes “this is a person just like me.” but it’s not like she can do anything about it. her lusus still needs to be fed. it’s what she’s done all her life.

she can’t stop now.

it’s awful, and she knows that. she might not know that in the sense that she sits down one day and thinks “what i’m doing is awful,” but she knows it in the uneasiness in her gut, in the tiny hesitation before the final blow.

she knows that. she also knows it’s necessary.

one day, she meets terezi.

all terezi wants to do is find criminals and execute them, and when terezi and vriska work together, terezi will stand over the body that vriska is about to feed to her lusus and announce proudly that their actions were all in the name of JUST1C3!

vriska believes her.

she wants to be a hero.

terezi is the first one to ever tell vriska that she is doing something just, something right. terezi tells vriska that her actions are heroic. that’s what terezi means to her, after a while: she is the first person to make vriska think she is good.

and then there’s doc scratch, and make her pay, and the game, and everything happens all at once and while not all of it is vriska’s fault, so much of it is. and terezi isn’t supporting her anymore, she doesn’t think vriska’s a good person. she goes off to fight noir because, for once, she wants to be the hero.

terezi kills her. she doesn’t get a chance.

terezi spends three years on the meteor alone. everything goes to shit, it’s game over, everyone’s dying, and terezi witnesses the destruction of everything she’s tried to protect, and she thinks, you know who would have fixed this? vriska.

since when is vriska the one who solves problems, who keeps people from killing each other? i mean, vriska? really? i mean, come on. think about it. literally, there is no other character who wouldn’t break out into laughter at the mere idea that vriska could possibly be a viable solution to anything.

but terezi tells john to rewrite the past three years and the entire universe in the process in order to keep vriska alive. because she thinks — no, she knows — that vriska can be a hero.

how does act 7 end? it ends with vriska not making it through the door, with vriska being left behind, because she decides that if she has to die, she’s gonna die fighting and she’s gonna die heroic.

and, of course, terezi goes to find her, because she will always, always always always always, believe that vriska is a hero.


Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel backstage at the 2016 Oscars


“To start with, it wasn’t unusual for him and Temari to be alone together. Rather, it was common. In the past, he had guided her around the village, and they had gone to meetings for work together. He’d even gone outside his usual behaviour and asked her on a date.

Well, he said date, but in the end they’d done the same things as usual, talking about light things until they somehow started talking about work without noticing- but still, that time, they hadn’t been anywhere near as tense as they were now.

On the contrary, that whole day hadn’t been bad at all.” 

-Konoha Hiden Chapter (As translated by Cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata)

 Just a short doujinshi as my Christmas special for ShikaTema. I would like to thank my supportive followers despite my inactivity here on Tumblr. This year was very rough, nevertheless, challenging. Hopeful for a better 2017 and more ShikaTema of course. PS: Look at it from right to left.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -Midori Chan

Things I love as a lee

1. Tickles as both a punishment and a reward

2. Being a little shit so my ler gets me real good

3. Being chased (bonus if I get cornered)

4. Threats like “I’m gonna getcha~!” and “Don’t make me tickle you!”


6. Being called a lee (specifically “my lee”)

7. Being told to say something embarrassing in exchange for tickles (and then being told to repeat it dhdhdjdj)

8. No seriously like please chase and corner me

9. S i l l y  l e r s

10. Being told I’m a ticklish little lee

11. When my ler calls them self the tickle monster holy shit

12. When my ler says my name in a singsong voice omg, it’s like “oh shit, I’m fucked

Power Nap (Otayuri)

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Otayuri, lee Yuri) -  29. “I can’t sleep…” combined with Yuri on Ice!!! (Otayuri) -  3. “Why are you so grumpy?~” by another anon! Probably the last I’ll be writing in one night of speedwriting, but I think I broke a shameful writing record … x) #happy1yearanniversarytomyblogalright.

Summary: Yuri is tired enough to be in need of a power nap, but can’t get himself to sleep peacefully. Otabek finds that tickling him is the solution: it’ll either wake him up properly so a nap won’t be necessary, or it’ll give him the final push to fall asleep and rest. Now which is it gonna be….

Word Count: 1235

“Beka… Turn the volume the fuck down.” Otabek raised his eyebrows and looked down at Yuri who lay in the corner of the couch, only a little bit away from him, curled up like a kitten.

“Say what?” he asked in a calm but low voice. Yuri only made a grunting sound and waved his hand angrily at Otabek who sat in the other corner of the couch, the remote in his hand as he watched some silly comedy show.

“Why are you so grumpy?~” he asked, earning a cushion in his face. This had been Yuri’s only support for his head, and Otabek chuckled when Yuri turned on his back, squirming uncomfortably with both his hands covering his eyes.

“Hmh tired. I can’t sleep… Beka. Turn it down,” Yuri sighed grumpily.

“You shouldn’t be able to sleep. It’s noon,” Otabek replied, but he still did as he told and turned the volume down a bit. Yuri still didn’t seem satisfied since he turned back onto his side restlessly, his knees pulling up to his chest as he curled up. Heh. Otabek wasn’t returning that cushion either.

“Mrmph. Need a power nap,” Yuri mumbled. Otabek rolled his eyes but still smiled. Yuri could easily get up and retreat to rest in bed, but he chose not to. Otabek knew he wouldn’t, since on relaxing weekend days like these Yuri refused to be in separate rooms. It was funny and cute how Yuri was being grumpy but affectionate at the same time.

“Still can’t sleep.” Yuri continued to complain, sigh and filled the room with negative energy. Otabek found himself torn between being disapproving about sleeping so early on the day, but then again he thought after such a tough week of training Yuri did earn some rest. Oh, but he knew how he could get him to sleep without tucking him into bed right away.

“You know what works better?” Otabek finally asked after a lot of uncomfortable turning and squirming from Yuri, and the sleepy guy opened one eye and looked at him with a frown. 

Otabek extended his hand and motioned he should come to his side of the couch. Yuri first sighed and closed his eyes again, ignoring him and too lazy to move, but then after a short moment he reacted. 

The Kazakh grinned when Yuri crawled closer, and he allowed the smaller teen to curl up against him. Rubbing his head against Otabek’s chest, Yuri made himself comfortable, wrapping his arms around his middle as he accepted his boyfriend’s invitation. 

Smiling, Otabek lowered his hand and rubbed Yuri’s back. He then grinned and hooked his fingers under the hem of Yuri’s sweater, lightly trailing his fingernails along his bare waistline. He could feel Yuri tense up against him and he felt warm and tingly with mischief at the thought of what he would be doing to him in three- two- one….

“Whaahahaha Bekah! Fuck no!” Yuri’s angry giggles filled the room at once. Otabek used both hands to scribble at the skin of Yuri’s waist and lower back, then slowly moved up further under his sweater to tease more of his skin.

“Otabek no!” Yuri warned before collapsing and letting his beautiful laughter loose. 

“Hahaha-how’s this waha working better!?” Ah, Otabek hoped he would ask, enjoying his own little excuse to tease his sweet sensitive boyfriend with tickles. 

“Tickling you will either wake you up completely, or make you sleepy enough to get to that power nap straight away. It will just work either way,” he said, his voice calm unlike his fingers that moved rapidly all over Yuri’s sides and back. 

“You bahahastard!” Yuri squealed and twisted, holding tightly onto him but also making desperate movements to jump out of his grip at the same time. 

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