CTY Horoscopes
  • Aries:gets yelled at by Kivo Man
  • Taurus:the ultimate squirrel mom
  • Gemini:chugs hot sauce at passionfruit
  • Cancer:sits in the back of adams auditorium and actually watches the movie
  • Leo:is the first to yell "I LOST THE GAME"
  • Virgo:that one camper whom everyone's in love with
  • Libra:air-guitars during stairway
  • Scorpio:that person who thinks It's the End of the World As We Know It is over when it in fact is not
  • Sagittarius:back-stabs their best friend to win Blammo
  • Capricorn:MCs the talent show, gets booed
  • Aquarius:gets their ass slapped like 20 million times during BLT
  • Pisces:has the most bomb outfit on drag day
Everyone who has become ineligible for CTY is a forevermore, because nobody can ever really leave. CTY isn’t just a smattering of geniuses or a blissful community; it’s the part of life that makes the whole thing worth living. To all the forevermores out there: you still have a place in all of our hearts. You are CTY, and CTY will always be yours.
—  Realcty.org

Throwback to 2002, when we received a letter from “American Pie” songwriter and CTY hero Don McLean:

“I am pleased to be a part of your lives and I hope my song will not just be nostalgia, but a reminder to hold onto creativity and truth as you grow older and become less flexible.

All the best
Don McLean”