queued: i might be online

fucking post limit owned my ass Again

anyways i’m tired as hell. earlier my mom and i screamed at each other because she wouldn’t leave me alone while i was trying to do homework. i’ve just had a horrible past couple of days. my bpd ass thinks everyone is ignoring me and i need to go away for a while

i’ll be online for a while right now (first hours of april 2) but i’m gonna try taking a break from tumblr. i’m also going to uninstall skype. if i like a post it’s because i’ve queued it or it’s a personal. i might come online to post updates or for IM but i’m going to try not to.

at least i finally got one of my essays that was due two months ago done. i still have a metric fuck ton of work to do and i hope that a break will force me to focus

i love you and thank you