queued: i am in hell

I just wrote the outline and over-all story in keywords, single pieces of conversations that flew through my mind and the first two chapters for Left Brain Right Brain and I think I might be putting too much effort into it.

But considering I`ve been thinking for half a year about doing it, it might be not so bad.

i need an advice scene.

where allura is up at the controls, she hasn’t slept in days, nothing Coran or the other Paladins say gets her to budge, she’s searching desperately for ways to find shiro, to find out what happened to him. She’s not eating, and Kolivan understands.

Cause they’ve all lost people. He knows what it’s like to have to be the unshakable leader at all times, to be the one to lead despite feeling the same immeasurable pain and loss from Thace, to Antock, to Ulaz, to His fucking home!!! (plot twist Keiths mother is his sister) everything he’s lost to the empire, and he knows what it means to have to lead, to have to have the answer, to not be able to rest until all those under your command are safe.

And he offers her words of wisdom, and counsel. knowledge and comfort in the dark of space that Coran cannot give her because he simply doesn’t know

and Kolivan becomes Allura’s confidant, the one she defers to during strategy meetings when she has to make hard decisions, when the crown on her head grows too heavy, her most trusted advisor.

I am in Rubberbrian hell

Imagine Ross goes through his whole Grump life knowing that he can get under the other’s skins but no one really affects him. Then Brian comes in and there’s this spark, like someone flipped a switch inside of Ross, one that Ross didn’t even know existed. 

There’s this weird energy between them, bright and charged and Ross doesn’t know what it is or how to deal with it. 

Imagine slow, slow pining where they met all those years ago but Ross was more starstruck by Dan than Brian, and Brian was still more of an abstract idea “Dan’s friend in London” than a real person to Ross. 

Then Brian comes to California and he starts being around more and he and Ross become closer and Brian attends the first Monday Grump meeting where Arin deems them a good match for Grum/pca/de and Ross shyly slides up to Brian and is like “Guess we’re going to film together soon, huh?” and Brian nods, and maybe Ross is nervous because what if Brian doesn’t fit? What if the episodes are bad? What if the audience doesn’t like Brian? 

But then the episodes are good and recording is good and Ross ends up loving filming with Brian almost as much as he loves filming with Barry (and he LOVES filming with Barry) 

Then all the sexual jokes start and the two of them are breathless and a real interest is stirring in them but neither will acknowledge that because they both think the other would never ever be interested. 

Imagine Dan seeing them grow closer, and he watches with muted interest as one of his best friends (Brian) and someone he’s so close to (Ross) have this palpable chemistry. It’s strange but it works somehow and Dan maybe takes Brian aside when they tour or travel or do shows to kinda try and bring it up. 

Then imagine they finally do kiss right before Brian leave for Oregon to sign CD’s for two weeks and there is no time to talk about it, and no way in hell can this be discussed over distance on the phone. So they both fret about it. 

Dan being like “So, Ross?” 

And Brian being like “I really like him, man.” 

“Cool, just…be safe with him?” 

“Dan, I’d never hurt Ross. At least not on purpose.” 

And Ross is talking to Barry and he’s a fumbling mess over

“He’s too good for me, too smart for me, why would he want me?” 

And Barry is like “You’re damn blind if you think Brian doesn’t want you.” 

Then they see each other again when Brian comes home from Oregon and Brian barely has an “Hey-” out of his mouth before Ross is kissing him fierce and complete.