╵ ⋆ Bishamon ⋆ 毘沙門天 as known BishamontenNoragami
               ↪ also known as Vaisravana, is one of the deadliest war gods. She holds a vehement grudge against Yato. Her most commonly known Shinki is Kazuma, but she has 8 known combat ready shinki in total. In addition to these, she has a veritable army ones who work in her temple, as well.

When You Wake Up With a Werewolf feat. Jongin

“Don’t get too hung up on work. Take some time to relax!”

You held back your sigh. “Alright, mum. I’ll call you again next week.”

Hanging up the phone, you fell back onto your bed and pressed a pillow against your face. It was lonely work here in the snowy mountains, building data on a new species of trees that your professor discovered last year. The days seemed too long and yet not long enough at the same time. Fortunately, you only had to stay here for another three weeks before the project ended.

A wet snout pressed into your outstretched palm and you peeked out from behind your pillow to see a big, black wolf staring up at you from the floor.

You turned over onto your stomach and stared back.

The huge wolf whined.

Pursing your lips, you imitated the noise. “Niiii, niiii! What are you always whining about?” You ran your fingers behind its ears. “If I had to give you a name, I’d call you Nini.”

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Do you ever just have simple goals for the day like, get up, make food, wash your hair, and before you know it it’s 1.30am and you’ve done none of those things because you’re crying and queuing 67 gifsets of two fictional detectives saying I love you to each other

anonymous asked:

It seems to be trend now, so can you do a gifset for most atractive for mc, man or ladies, whatever you like!

hi! oh i’m sorry i didn’t know those previous asks were requests :O i’ll make some but not too many because i have gifsets queued until march 13th lol

you can send me more of course but i can’t promise you i will do them all 

Do you think People In the Harem will begin to bow for kösem, after she have given birth to sehzade Mehmed, they don’t bow for Mahfiruze?

hi! it depends on whether ahmed made some sort of announcement following that last scene in episode 11 or not. but then again, mc doesn’t care about etiquette so it could happen randomly. i think servants will certainly bow to her, and some of the concubines- maybe those that like her more than rasha?

Why did Ibrahim pasha never bow for Hurrem, he did sometimes, but when i watch clips on youtube, he mostly didn’t bow for her???

mmh i don’t know, actually. i thought he bowed to her?? maybe those clips were from the episodes before the wedding. he certainly bowed to her after that!

anonymous asked:

that black and white 4 gif gifset of baekhyun (?) is now my favorite thing because in the first gif i thought it was V and by the fourth gif he had morphed into jhope and im just like "!!"

Yasss people are always saying how Baekhyun and V look alike! And now that you’ve mentioned it, the fourth gif does remind me of Jhope, like something in the way he acts omg.