When you’re walking aimlessly around Frankfurt airport, you look up from your phone for a second, and see this.


He stands on the edge, nothing can be done, to persuade Sherlock now. He can’t even run.
John is on the phone, so confused is he, as Sherlock stands there and says, “Keep your eyes fixed on me!”
He has finally decided, to do what is right, so he steps over the edge, and he starts to take flight. 
Roses are red, Sherlock’s blood too. There’s a pain in John’s voice, “He’s my friend, let me through!”
The flat is now silent, the place filled with dread. John stands by the grave and whispers, “Please don’t be dead…” 

Hello Everyone

I will be going on my first ever Disney Cruise in the next few days and won’t be able to post for a while although I have queued three gifsets. I will be back sometime in the next week and will post more pictures then. 

Till then please send asks and requests of what you would like to see 

-Mod Molly 

I am 457,95% sure all those queued gifsets of penny dreadful i already reblogged but penny dreadful stuff is something i just do not ignore, i might reblog the same thing three hundred times but i won’t just be able to ignore and scroll down