Sehun in EXO’s 2015 music videos

Hi everyone! I’ll post the full explanation of what happened under a readmore but long story short my original kristoffbjorgman blog was deleted by tumblr so I’ve had to start over from scratch with a brand new blog. 

If you followed me before I was deleted, I’m still here! Just on a new account so you’ll have to refollow. If you want to reblog this as well to kind of spread the word of what happened that would be cool too but don’t feel obligated or anything!

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so i have 2 gifsets queued, one of the kiss and one of jace playing the piano and out of those two, the latter was flagged as nsfw i mean…..tumblr wyd….


okay so update: the internet provider of my residence ceased its activity so i’m without internet for the next three weeks at best

sorry about the lack of updates on that blog in the meantime

however! if you want to help me make this blog a bit more lively, you can:

  • send me links of the gifsets you’re making! (for my fellow gifmakers)
  • send me gifsets requests! (i do the dceu, shadowhunters, the tudors and the man from uncle)

i’ll still try to drop by from time to time to give you some updates!