Not that anyone cares but the ultimate point of a virus isn’t to kill of its host. The point of a virus is to “live” (for a certain value of living). A virus which kills off its host too quickly will fail to replicate effectively.

Which isn’t to say viruses want us to live forever. As long as they can spread to other hosts and don’t kill off their host population faster than their host population can replicate, I’m sure they could care less.


AN: I want to thank captainodonewithyou for helping me expand this fic. She was the first person I went to with this idea, and she has helped me expand on it immensely. She is a very talented writer, so please go check out her work!I also want to congratulate & thank another very talented writer, my friend o-u-a-timer. She just completed her first multi-chaptered CS fic. You should all read Pieces of You (Make me Whole) It was AMAZING. (Also, gifs are not mine.)

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Summary: Killian’s job as a tattoo artist is all about handling sharp objects, various types of needles that work in tandem with his hand to create beautiful things on delicate skin. Does his profession provide him with enough experience to be able to handle Emma Swan’s thorns?

Chapter 2: Origins

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Supernatural gif game/meme

This are so much fun.

You’re suddenly thrown into the Supernatural universe, how do you react (Gif #7)?!

You discover you’ve gained supernatural powers and could be classified as a trickster. What’s your first move (Gif #11)?

You stumble across the Winchester brothers. What’s your reaction to Dean Winchester (Gif #2)?

How does Dean react to you (Gif #6)?

And your reaction to Sam Winchester (Gif #16)?

Sam’s reaction to you (Gif #19)?

Castiel’s spidey-sense tingles and he’s off to save the Winchester boys from *le gasp* YOU. What’s your first impression of him (Gif #13)?

And his reaction to you (Gif #1)?

Turns out you pop up in one of Chuck’s latest manuscripts and are too valuable to kill, yay! How does Bobby react to the news (Gif #10)?

How do you make your exit (Gif #4)?

Crowley later comes to you with a proposition, what’s your reaction (Gif #17)?

And Crowley’s response to this (Gif #3)?

Death discovers you’ve been consorting with Crowley and pays you a visit, your response (Gif #8)?

Death gives you a stern talking to and you nod. What image of you does he walk away with (Gif #15)?

The Winchesters changed their minds and are now attempting to hunt you! What prompted this response (Gif #9)?

You decide to employ a cherub to distract them while you carry on with whatever you’re currently interested in. How did the cherub react to your plans (Gif #20)?


Balthazar wants in on the fun you’re having, does he get to (Gif #14)?

What now (Gif #12)?!

So I’m royally screwed? Damn.