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I know this is a lesbian blog but I do want to make a quick shout out to my bi sisters:
Being bi isn’t a phase and you deserve better than someone who tells you that.
Being bi isn’t a “gateway sexuality” to being straight or gay and you deserve better than someone who thinks that.
Being bi doesn’t make you “more likely to cheat” and you deserve better than anyone who believes that.
Being bi doesn’t give you any privilege (no matter the gender of your partner) and you deserve better than someone who claims that.
Being bi is a good thing and you deserve someone who embraces you the way you are 100% and loves and supports you ❤❤❤

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how do the UT skelebros cry? crying hcs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- He can hardly do anything other than smile, you really think he can cry? Skeletons don’t have tear ducts, kiddo. But it’s pretty easy to tell when he’s upset. His smile droops just enough at the corners that it looks off, though sometimes from a distance it’s hard to see the difference.

- His cracks his knuckles a lot. Pressure builds up under his bones because of the stress, so when you just hear a ton of muffled popping, you’d know that he’s just Not Feelin’ It.

- The lights in his eyes flicker. They don’t go out unless he wants them to, but when he gets unfocused, they’ll fade for split seconds before he can get the magic back up & running. It’s overall a very worrying, chaotic reaction, & the easiest way to tell that something’s wrong.


- Skeletons don’t cry. Especially strong, dashing skeletons like himself. Physically he really can’t cry. But there are ways to tell when he’s starting to crumble emotionally. 

- His bones rattle. It’s one of the easiest ways to know that he’s emotionally charged in one way or another. His legs rattle when he’s nervous, his spine when he’s embarrassed, his ribs when he’s happy, & his arm/hand bones when he’s sad. It always makes a xylophone-y noise, so it’s actually kind of comical, in a tragic way.

- He’ll put his face in his hands when the rattling starts. He tries to keep a grip on his skull, because he’ll start grinding his teeth otherwise. So there’s two ways to tell: shaking arms & a creaking/scraping noise coming from his jaw.


Asher: “I don’t know what to do, Elena. I….I can’t breathe. This feels so unreal.”

Elena: “I’m so sorry. I….there’s nothing I can say to you, I know. But we have to go see your Mom. She’s down there alone with Chloe and Ethan having just lost her husband. We can’t leave her there to deal with everything on her own.”

Asher: “…….yes……you’re right. I…..I don’t think I can drive, though.”

Elena: “No, you’re definitely not driving. Let me get Bri ready and we’ll meet you mother at the hospital.”

Asher: *nods* “Elena?”

Elena: “Yeah?”

Asher: “I’m heartbroken.”

Elena: “I know, I am, too.”

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Mafia Sans and Horrortale Sans meeting their soulmate?

!!!! - M.M.


Oh. He’s…well. It’s a tough situation. He’s happy to know you’re out there (& alive, at the moment), but then again. His entire world is a dangerous one. There’s kidnap, torture, assassinations, turf scuffles, premeditated murders out the wazoo–how does love work into that equation? How does he know that you’d even work out? There’s a bad end to everything, even finding your SOULmate. But he’s willing to give it a shot if you are. You’ve become his everything the moment he found you, whether he likes it or not.


It’s…unfortunate that you had to meet in these circumstances. The Underground used to be a much nicer place, ya know? Everyone got along well, there wasn’t so much outright desperation & violence–no, it was much more subtle back then. Now & then you can find a glimpse of that old society, in a stranger’s smile or an unexpectedly kind word. He explains all of that to you various moments after you meet, never giving you a solid chance to talk with him, just to let you know why he’s so unsure of the situation. He doesn’t think you could make it. Not in this world, at least. But if you’re stubborn, you might just be able to convince him that there’s still something in him worth loving.