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The Signs and Their Favorite People
  • Aries: People who they know they can mess around with and be themselves around.
  • Cancer: People who they know will love them back and give them the attention they give others.
  • Taurus: Anyone in general. They are not picky and will like just about anybody that doesn't get in their way.
  • Gemini: People who are kind hearted and funny. They don't care where you come from or what your story is, they will accept you.
  • Leo: People who will get them places. They want to rise as fast and efficiently as possible and take no shit.
  • Virgo: Calm intellects. They have a very small group they let into their inner circle and rarely seek out others.
  • Libra: More of the shy ones. They want to be the leader of the crowd so they seek out the ones to control easier.
  • Scorpio: Anyone loud. They love to be in a rowdy group so scorpios tend to gravitate towards those kinds of people.
  • Sagittarius: People who are creative and speak their minds. They're really into the sappy stuff even though they may not show it.
  • Capricorn: People who are interested in arts. They themselves are highly creative and functioning.
  • Aquarius: The smartest of the smart. They thrive off of people who they can bounce ideas off of and usually stick around for success.
  • Pisces: People who give them the utmost kindness and respect. Honestly, they take no shit. No harassment nothing. If they feel threatened, then good luck.