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Another! Pumpkin carving with Misha. 😁

“Misha, did you - oh my God.” You rounded the corner into your kitchen and saw your husband elbow-deep in a pumpkin with a wide smile on his face. As the wrinkles around his eyes deepened, you shook your head. “What are you doing?” 

“Cleaning it out!” His eyes widened and he took on that perfectly innocent facade he always seemed to have.

“I asked you to cut the tops, not shove your hand in them and dump the seeds all over the table.” You laughed and walked toward him cautiously. “Give me that hand.” Extending your arm, you laid your palm out for him to place his hand in it. He smiled mischievously and you instantly regretted your decision to get so close to him. “Don’t you-” You cut yourself off with a squeal as the inside of a pumpkin splattered into your hair and all over your face. 

Misha laughed loudly as your jaw dropped and you looked at him, strings of pumpkin hanging in your face with seeds dangling from them. 

“I cannot believe you just did that.” You shook your head, walking toward him again. Misha’s eyes grew wide as he shook his head and lifted his hands in surrender. “Oh no, too late to raise that white flag, mister.” You shoved your hand into the pumpkin and cringed at the feeling of the inside of it oozing between your fingers. Withdrawing your hand, you lobbed the handful of pumpkin guts at him. It landed on his neck and chest with a loud, wet splat noise, making you cringe again.

The next thing you knew, more pumpkin was flying your way. You returned the favor once again and before you knew it, you and Misha were in a full on pumpkin war. Once both pumpkins were hallowed out and the innards were strewn across your kitchen, you fell against the wall laughing breathily. Your eyes met Misha’s across the room and you instantly knew what was coming next. 

“Race you to the shower!” You shouted as you booked it down the hallway, Misha on your tail and grabbing at your belt loops. He pulled you back against his chest and wrapped his arms around you as he bent and whispered in your ear. 

“I’ll get the places you can’t reach.”

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Once he took control of his colors, he was finally able to have an impact on the world around him. It had its ups and downs, its experiments, failings, successes…

He found himself enjoying the life he was creating on his own, without really knowing who granted him powers of the kind or why, but putting it to good use nonetheless.

He wasn’t done on his discoveries, though… not at all. He knew that being gifted with this ability was useless all on his own, and perhaps…

He had to think bigger.

And it seemed like this second chance was willing to open his eyes a second time.

[Part 5] [Part 7 //yet to come//]


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