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Happy Halloween! And also happy anniversary to this blog, I started CaptainMazzic one year ago today :D

(This is not my original design - I found it browsing Star Wars bumper sticker clipart on Amazon and thought I’d give it a shot as a pumpkin carving.) 

I’m still on a roadtrip showing the sights to my folks, but I should be back to posting regularly again soon. 

  • Gumball:Where are the oven mitts!?
  • Darwin:I'll get a towel from the bathroom.
  • Gumball:No, there is not enough time! It has to come out at exactly 5:38. Not 5:37. Not 5:39.
  • Darwin:What are you going to do?
  • Gumball:[grabs the turkey out of the oven while screaming] Clear me a space!
  • Darwin:Where!?
  • Gumball:Move the oven mitts!

anonymous asked:

Could we get some MTT-brand kissing headcanons? 😉

MTT-Brand Kissing Headcanons:

- He’s definitely going to try to make your first kiss public, if you’re dating. There’s nothing the media loves more than romance, darling–but at the same time, he’s worried about the pressure that might put on the both of you, so he scraps the idea entirely for springing it on you in private.

- Sometimes, before or after smooching, his voice will end up a little warbly/glitchy.

- His favorite kisses to give are always on the cheeks, so he tends to do that a lot–not just to you, but also to his friends & sometimes even his fans. He’s very open to kissing, & just sees it as a friendly way to show affection.

@antosims Perfect Illusion

  • Unisex hair available in all 18 EA colours, 27 EA ombres,18 Pooklet Unnaturals and 18 Pooklet Ombres
  • Four files are available in the zip and can be used together.
  • EA Textures by semtexire. Salt & Peppers/Ombres are mine.
  • If you would like to donate, click here.

Download (mesh needed!!)

If you just want my retextures and not the ones that come with the mesh, follow this tutorial. If you want the hair only available for a specific gender, follow this tutorial!

Find my other downloads here.

‘Mundus vult decipi'—the world wants to be deceived. To live without deception presupposes standards beyond the reach of most people whose existence is largely shaped by compromise, evasion and mutual accommodation. Could they face their weakness, their vanity and selfishness, without a mask?
—  Abraham Joshua Heschel

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How'd Fell, Tale ans Swap Sans react if the first thing their SOULmate says to them is written on their wrist and vise versa and it's something super dorky like 'Stay back muggle! The professionals are working!'

since Monsters can use magic, & Muggles is the term for non-magic folk, i don’t really think they count


Wow, that’s uh…he has no idea what that means. & even in context, he just kinda blinks & “well, okay.” He doesn’t really get human culture, but if it makes you happy, then maybe he can learn to like it.


Stars–his SOULmate is a fucking nerd. That’s great, just what he wanted. He’s very quick to make fun of you for it, while also lowkey being glad that it was something stupid-sounding enough that he’d be able to pick up on it right away.


HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND??? HE IS A MONSTER, NOT A MUGGLE. BUT HE WAS SURE, IF HE WAS A MUGGLE, HE’D BE THE GREATEST MUGGLE THERE EVER WAS!! Mostly he spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to explain to you that he’s not a Muggle–because he doesn’t know what that is.


What even are they…

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How would main 4 plus Toriel feel about having a soulmate who wants a queer platonic relationship and not anything romantic

*chants aggressively* QPRs! QPRs!


He’s not sure what that is, at first, but after you explain it to him, he’s fine with it. There’s never any harm in making a new friend, after all.


He’s all for it. While he’s a bit disappointed that he won’t be able to reenact the romantic scenarios that he researched concerning how most humans viewed SOULmate culture, he’s very happy to just have a new friend to spend time with.


Ohmygod?? What the heck is that? Once she learns what it is, she’s pretty bummed out for a bit, but decides that–hey, at least she’s got a SOULmate! & she’s gonna be besties with you, just watch!


O-Oh…um, she might have to look up what that is, but–it doesn’t sound…too bad. It’s just like having a really, really good best friend, right? Yeah, that sounds good to her–even if she is (secretly) a little sad.


She is afraid that she does not understand what that means. Once she finds out, though, she tries her best to keep her restraints to what a QPR would usually entail, not really all that shaken up by the loss of a potential romantic relationship as she is made happier by a new friend.